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  1. First Official Update: Foraging has been Fixed! We can now Forage and Botonize all Tiles! Starter Deed In Place! We now have a Starter Deed in-place, located on the Mid-West Island. Located at coordinates: *405, 1946* This deed is set to allow ALL interactions by all players. Come and help build-up Spawn! There is a Trader and a Bartender in-place already. (Will be moved as Spawn is built-up by players) Guard Towers may now be built, and stick! Guard Towers were previously disappearing on Server-Restarts with lack of a Settlement on the map. This has been resolved with the placement of the Starting Deed. Severe Login Lag Gone! The following have had their timers restored: Grooming Imping Breeding Praying Spells
  2. Funny story, our Flags.map file was preventing us from using the Forage/Botanize options. Once we'd deleted that file and let a new one regenerate we were able to use the options again AND the CreateSeeds=true worked without error. For anyone else who may run into this problem in the future, it's an easy fix!!!
  3. We had to delete our Flags.map and allow a brand new one to regenerate in order to get our Foraging and Botanizing to work. Soon as we did that, all of our tiles became available!!!
  4. This was resolved by placing a Deed down. There hadn't been ANY deeds on the map yet, and as it turns out this can cause towers to vanish on every server restart. >.> Who knew?
  5. I'm starting to wonder if there's something wrong with the map itself... There's so many apparent problems that we can't find the source to, and no one seems to have any answers for these problems either. I'm certain if you check my posting history I've got several different threads open right now with several different problems I can't find the root cause to or a solution.
  6. I have built a guard tower, 6 different times now. With each restart the guard tower vanishes! I cannot for the life of me figure out why! Even towers that I've spawned in with a GM wand are disappearing on a restart too. I spent all day today rebuilding this last tower, several hours... I can't keep doing this! What could be causing this problem??? Any ideas?
  7. Ill accept that answer. Lol! Admittingly there are a lot of unexplained happenings with the server itself and errors etc; Thanks for taking a look and Ill let you know if something else pops up.
  8. It was showing up randomly on it's own. The funny part is, the only NPC in the world at the time was a single Tower Guard. No Deeds have been placed for Templars, there's no Traders (custom or otherwise), no bartenders, nothing.
  9. Server Map has been active 24/7 for a complete 7 RL days now (nearly) and we are still unable to Forage or Botanize tiles! CREATESEEDS=true Crashes the server on startup until it's turned back to false, so don't suggest it... I've tried. Sprouts are fine, the grass is even growing taller! But still not able to Forage or Botanize 99% of tiles on the map, and we've been trying! This is a custom map (not that it matters).
  10. I've apparently got 4 total server ID's in there... Had an issue with the server once upon a time denying old characters and forcing new character names in order to connect. So I'm certain that's what caused this to start with. My question now is, how do I go about properly fixing all of this mess without damaging data we're actually using? Is deleting the lines for the ServerID's we're not using safe and enough? How do I know what ID we are using? Where can I make sure that we continue to use the proper ID for the server information we have? (To prevent this sort of thing from occurring again??)
  11. I got a crash on my server and it looks like this mod might've had something to do with it? https://pastebin.com/HARed8Ck
  12. So I've got an error here, that I can't quite figure out what it's pointing to. It's the result of a server crash, and I'm hoping someone here can help me figure out what the problem may be. https://pastebin.com/HARed8Ck I am suspect of "Timed Pay" being a cause and the error may be hinting at something to do with our Foraging still not being available a week into the server... I don't know, I'm not that great when it comes to reading these things at all...
  13. So I'm aware there's a command that can be used: #rename <oldname> <newname> <SteamID 64> But for some reason when I try to use this command ingame, I'm given this Event message: [00:54:47] Not all servers are connected (0). Try later. This is an Error. There aren't any other servers.. I don't run cluster. I've tried this command both with the player Online and Offline. And changing the name manually in the database (either I missed a step or something) didn't appear to work as the new name was unable to connect at all and the old name wanted to make a new character. Can anyone help me out here on how I should go about doing this?