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  1. Still plenty of horses up for grabs! Unbranded with Lead and Unload Perms right on Deed! Take as many as you like, we have no limit restrictions per visitor! Currently no Bison left, or rare colors besides a few Pintos. Get 'em while they last!
  2. Emberwynn Harbor & Stables Harmony G9/G10 We currently have 8 Horses and Bison on deed that we're just giving away! There's not a Bad-Trait on the lot and many come with a single Speed Trait! We have both Males and Females ripe for the taking. A wide variety of colors to choose from too! Grey, White, Brown, Gold, Black and even a few Pinto and Bloods are up for grabs! While we do not offer Delivery on our Horses, you're welcome to come by Emberwynn Harbor and take as many from our Free-Lot as you please! There's no limit to how many you walk off Deed with! Supplies are limited though so it's a first-come first-serve deal, there will be no reservations made, no exceptions! You can find our Free to Walk horses located at the South-Eastern section of the deed behind a wooden fence. Feel free to come on over and have a look! Check out our other details here:
  3. The algorithm or whatever only checks the most recent page, so you'd need to delete the original with WMDELETE and do a new WMADD if you wanted to edit an existing something. Since it doesn't "Edit"
  4. This is great and all, but can we please keep in mind that not every Deed wants to be represented on a community map?
  5. So you have 2 animals on 3 tiles. You know recommended is 2 tiles per animal in the first place? This helps prevent the whole 'packed dirt' situation that often, since right now you've got a 2/3 chance of a fresh plant to wind up packed as opposed to a 1/2 chance. 2x4, that's 8 tiles. So a maximum of 4 creatures. You've over-crowding so no wonder you're getting illnesses. When you get 3 or more creatures on a tile, diseases start and spread. When you have more creatures per 1 tile, that tile is going to get eaten and "ticked" backwards a growth stage and thus packed dirt. I haven't noticed anything "more often" but I also put my creatures in bigger pens.
  6. Ros has been cast

    I think a lot of us are still working through those 10hrs we were given not too long ago though.
  7. Just a theory but could it not be done in a similiar way? Instead with two coordinates where it's written as a straight line. (as highways are straight lines, even at their bends) Something like this: And it would draw a line between the first and second coordinate? Where type could be used to indicate whether it's a Bridge, a Tunnel section, a Canal or otherwise which could be represented by a different color? Blue for canal, red for highway, green for bridge? Or something like that Just a thought.
  8. Out of curiosity will there be a way to add highway networks, towers and even edit existing markers?
  9. WMADD LatLng(425.262935, 268.875)=Emberwynn Harbor ; Market, Mailbox, Trader, Wagoner
  10. Only 3 of the speed traits matter on a vehicle first of all. 12.24 with Bison on a supreme transporter is no different than horses. 17.28 with Hell Horses. Still without shoes involved mind you.. I don't understand why you are so against Bison taking second place in a shoeless environment here.
  11. I'm coming for this boy right here, don't you sell him off on me. I've been trying to get back to you on him. This one too.
  12. This was one of the main reasons I had suggested the Bison's boost be expanded. To the "Large Transports" Creature Transporters and Ship Transporters are heavy, slow moving transportation systems and I never understood why the Bison didn't get their boost for these vehicles like they did for Wagons.
  13. I want to point out for everyone here: "I can't sell horses/hell horses! They need more colors!" was totally not a thing... Nor was it a thing when it was decided that Ebony/Molten coloring for these creatures would provide an additional "speed trait" either. I wish folks would stop looking at these sorts of posts as "Solutions" and continue to vote/contest them as if they're meant to be a way to "fix something". Did we need hitching posts for animals when fences work just fine? No Did we need more colors for horses/h-horses? No Did we need different tapestries, or tapestriest at all? No What about Rugs and Animal Rugs, did we need those? No But you know what, we have them anyway. Most of you use at least one of these things anyway. Stop looking at threads as a means of a Need or a Solution to a problem.
  14. Except it isn't a major speed boost by any means. That's what you keep missing. You also apparently miss that Hell Horses STILL trump Bison even with their existing Wagon Bonus. I'm NOT asking that to change! These are not suggestions in terms of making them more market-able. I don't know why everyone keeps referencing the market when it comes to the Bison. That is no where near what this thread is about or for. So just because no one else has done it before, Wurm shouldn't do it? That's just ridiculous reasoning.