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  1. This was the intent of the suggestion to begin with, thank you noticing that. Obviously the stronger/older characters don't "Need" something like this, and no ultimately none of us do. There are oodles of perks and things that can help older characters and provide benefits for having reached mid to later game. But what about the new guys? You know the ones who can't ride anything, maybe has a small cart and can't even bash a wall. I speak for the F2P and New Players alike with this suggestion here. As far as this rarity thing goes, I would not restrict it only to rare backpacks/bags at all. That defeats the purpose of the suggestion entirely! If you want rarity to matter, cause the rarity to be what reduces the load weight even more. Don't base weight reduction on the QL, a backpack is a backpack regardless. Leave the QL to it's own decay rate, unless we set this up to be on an incremented level or something. But certainly do not require a backpack to be rare+ to actually provide a weight reduction.
  2. From a personal perspective I can understand someone else's "need" for alts but at the same time I also can't understand the "need" too. I am guilty of queuing actions with an alert notification via Wurm Assistant for my 1 character I focus on and in the meantime either browsing forums, watching Netflix or tending to house-hold chores in the general area of my PC. Having a Priest Alt is understandable in the terms of Priest restrictions, except it also eliminates that need to seek an outside source on an economic level too. If you've a Priest or multiple Priests of each religion you have no need to outsource what your priests can do. If everyone did this, there would be no market for priest casts and abilities. So from my perspective here, those who Alt priests to the larger degree are only hurting themselves and other priests on the Economy side of things. Priests and their Spells are typically a highly sought after thing, but they become less so when everyone can just do it themselves. Which is why the Priest Restrictions were put into place in the first place, was it not? Now I'm not necessarily saying that if one plays a priest you've screwed yourself simply because of their restrictions, but it does encourage more so that Economy and Community interaction because of that choice. Priests are also still able to do quite a bit, which of course does vary on which Deity they're following but that doesn't render them completely useless outside of spell castings either. I'm seeing a lot "Join someone else's community" mentioned to the new players who are coming back with "I can't afford a Deed!", but this is the same solution to those who also want to say they use multiple alts for massive projects too. Community is what drives projects and economy. Alts not really, it creates a separation and a stagnation of that Community and Economy whether one may realize it or not. Multiple Alts to terraform/mass craft vs Village team-work or Hiring outside Laborers. Given this is a sandbox everyone is entitled to play as they please to do so, I cannot say that I could ever imagine participating in the "Alt" thing as others do. I do feel it's harmful to said community and economy no matter how you look at it. So I am torn on whether to feel supportive of this suggestion or deny it. +1 due to economy/community penalties -1 for trying to control how others play their game.
  3. Steam Client displays whether or not the Servers are Online too.
  4. Horse vs Croc

    Maybe this posting will inspire someone to try it.
  5. Horse vs Croc

    Wouldn't that be something?
  6. Horse vs Croc

    So I've seen this complaint come up a decent bit from the new players and I just want to put this out there. "Crocs can't run faster than a horse!" Oh but that is where you are wrong my friends! The standard "Wild Grey" has no speed qualities to it. It moves at best at a Trot if you were to relate that to the real world. A Crocodile is a very aggressive creature and can reach speeds (depending on species) of up to 11mph. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crocodile A Horse's Trot averages at about 8/10 mph. Walking speed is less than that (we'll call this our speed penalty friends) at 3/4 mph. http://www.saddleonline.com/blogs/content/how-fast-can-horse-run Now lets look at horses with their added Speed Traits gained from the Animal Husbandry skill, where our horses are now increasing from their Trot (8/10mph) to a Canter at 10/17mph. Certain Traits bred into horses can then increase this speed even further. Plus the addition of equipment. So unfortunately, in short.. No, a Wild Horse or a poorly bred horse is not faster than a Croc.
  7. So most of these posts are longer than I care to read in all honesty, but I want to point out that one of the first things mentioned on the Steam Store Page is the following: So, it is mentioned..
  8. I wouldn't go as far as to base it on QL of backpack. That seems a bit much, though it would provide benefit to carrying higher QL packs. "plan your load" and "no one wears plate" is both not a reason and not true. I wear plate. I'm sure PvP wears plate. I see no harm in giving a small weight reduction to items carried in a backpack that is equipped. I only use my backpack for cotton, healing covers and the deed papers. I never carry more than I need at any time as far as tools go, I use a cart any other time when I travel. However I do recall there being once upon a time folks were looking for something to assist in farming. Farms can easily cause you to be overweight depending on total harvests. Something like this can make all the difference when trying to carry in you harvest of foodstuffs or cotton/wemp in less trips. It can also be helpful to pair with that nice toolbelt you've got, storing the tools/items that will fit into the backpack away from the main inventory (if they fit in the first place) and enabling you to for general purpose, "set and forget". This isn't with the intent of a large reduction either. I'm not talking about cutting the weight in half of items in your backpack.
  9. So if you carry around a backpack full of heavy textbooks on your arm or in your hand it's quite heavy. We've all experienced this at one point or another when we were in school. Now putting that backpack on your back or even just over a shoulder made this feel much lighter and easier to carry, so rather than carrying a bag in our hand or looped over an arm everyone at least slung the backpack over their back. What I'm proposing is a reduction of weight, even just a little bit, for the contents in a backpack while it is equipped. Even if this weight reduction is only a 5% or so reduction to the entire backpack's weight (as well as it's contents) this would make backpacks not only more realistic in terms of allowing players to carry something efficiently on their backs, but also assist in dealing with heavier loads when on foot. After all, this is why backpacks, in part, were created the way they were. Isn't it? Of course a backpack in the inventory would not reduce weight as again "in hand" is heavier than "on back".
  10. # What happened I opened up Village Plan from the Settlement token and discovered there was not a possible way to view my entire Deed's layout plan. I was able to scroll on the N/S direction to view the entire Western side of my Deed but unable to Scroll or Move the image E/W to see the Eastern side of Deed. # What you expected to happen I expected to be able to see my entire Deed's plan on the viewer at the Token, whether it included a smaller scale view or allowing scrolling to view the entire layout. # Steps to reproduce Create a large Deed, mine is currently: The size of Emberwynn Harbor is 81 by 53. Attempt to view entire deed area/plan via Tokens, Village Plan option # Extra Notes I use a 32" screen with a resolution setting ingame of 1024x768 in Windowed Fullscreen mode. Dropping UI Scale down to 96% only allowed an additional tile or so to be displayed.
  11. I've personally noticed quite a few instances since the release of Harmony and Defiance where there are some players who are inappropriately handling certain chats or just being inappropriate altogether. It would be extremely helpful from a player-stand point to be able to simply right click on a name in chat and have a report option that would auto-fill the clicked character's name and the sent message onto a report. Currently reporting a player for inappropriate chat-based behavior requires either copying the line itself (which isn't bad honestly) or typing it into the report manually. Adding this option to the right-click would stream-line things a lot! The only way I could see a system like this would need improvement would be to allow using the same option multiple times with a report already open. For example if I were to report Player A a support ticket would open with the player name and the line of text of which was posted at that time. Keeping my support window open and doing this again for Player B would add more information to that ticket. This would be perfect for instances where a "discussion" was out of hand or out of place between multiple players.
  12. Emberwynn Harbor Harmony G9/10 Our Reviews Introduction At Emberwynn Harbor we aim to provide a more personalized experience with Market Trade. We aim to offer a wide variety of items and do so with both a Custom Order function as well as Merchant Sellers found on site. Unlike larger Markets who may produce in bulk and only offer their services based on Supply rather than Request, we're looking forward to working with each and every customer individually with their needs and requests. You are our Top Priority and we aim to make sure that you are not only pleased with your transactions with us and you are rewarded for your repeat business with our Loyalty program. View our Stockroom for our currently available Stock! Many items can be created upon request. Loyalty Program Our loyalty program provides Discounts and Perks to frequent/regular customers! Due to Merchant behavior we are unable to respect our Loyalty Program perks when Merchant Purchases are made. Merchant purchases are not counted towards our Loyalty Program qualification or rewards. Take advantage of our Loyalty Program by using our Discord to place a custom order request at a Discounted Price and Order Priority. Standard Stock Animals Horses No Speed Traits (Prices Negotiable) Grey - 20c Black, White, Brown, Gold - 30c Bloodbay, Piebald, Skewbald, Buckskin, Appaloosa, Chestnut, Blacksilver - 50c Ebony - 75s Bison Coming Soon! Leather-working Saddle - Coming Soon! Tool-belt - Coming Soon! Carpentry Fine Carpentry Wagon - Coming Soon! Ship Transporter - Coming Soon! Creature Cage - Coming Soon! Ships Rowboat - Coming Soon! Sailboat - Coming Soon! Blacksmith Tools - Coming Soon! Horse Shoes - Coming Soon! Improvements - 10c per 10QL increase (Over improvement will not result in extra charges!) Bulk (All item prices account for resources needed to craft at 10i per action) Nails (1k) Small - 1s20c Large - 1s34c Ribbons (1k) - Coming Soon! Planks (1k) - Coming Soon! Support Beams - Coming Soon! Fence Bars - Coming Soon! Bricks - Coming Soon! Pottery - Coming Soon! Rounded - Coming Soon!