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  1. Emberwynn located at 1622, 1107 (Inside Spider Canyon) Guard Towers constructed at locations 1674, 1111 and 1616, 1111 Large Clay patch located at 1787, 1077 Tar at 1723, 1123 Are there plans to add Isometric to the Map Types available?
  2. how much did you pay for your vote = reward mod?

  3. Emberwynn Status: Recruiting Our Merchant Ad Emberwynn is seeking new Recruits to help fill our roster and Deed. We are a small group of returning Wurmians to the Xanadu server and have been hard at work to prepare and rebuild at our newest location at M23. We pride ourselves on working as a unit, there is no "I" in Emberwynn and we focus on our Village Deed tasks, Land and Equipment as a Group. We encourage each member to pursue their individual interests, however expect all those capable to full-fill tasks that the Village may need completed as a whole. Sharing tasks, equipment, resources is a major priority at Emberwynn and resulting in hoarding or fighting over resources is not acceptable. Sharing Tools, Armor and other Equipment is strongly encouraged as it ensures everyone has the available resources needed to accomplish tasks. While we encourage our Village-Mates to pursue their preferred skills, we are not a skiller village! Rules We're looking for fellow team-members who are looking for a Village with a "All for One and One for All" mindset! If the idea of working as a single unit appeals to you, sharing and replenishing needs, resources and jobs with your immediate community sounds like something you can get behind. Please let us know! All applicants will be reviewed with current members and new members placed under a trial period with certain limitations until they have proven to be able to work as a single Village Unit and follow our rules. Send a PM to Daecie In-Game or post to this thread with the following: Your preferred skill(s) What you like most about Wurm What you hate most about Wurm Why you think Emberwynn is the best choice for you! We are New Player Friendly! Do not be shy to send us a message if you are brand-new to the game! We're happy to help you learn!
  4. Emberwynn Farms M23 About Us We are seeking to make a bit of coin in-game and willing to do just about any job. We have a variety of skills available, making nearly any job possible. We are a team of 3/4 who enjoy a variety of tasks with our own specialties and perks. We work as a unit, so any available member could be tasked to work on your order to provide the best quality for the fastest time possible. We have an easily accessible mine for stone, and live right next to clay. Many of us are skilled Diggers and quite enjoy the task so any nearby digging jobs we may even be willing to come help you clear/level out your land. Ships [Not available for Delivery!] Rowboat: 50c Sailboat: 1s Corbita: 5s Cog: 6.5s Knarr: 12s Caravel: 17s Bulk Items Bricks: Standard: 1k - 1.5s Rounded: 1k - 1.5s Pottery: 1k - 2.5s Mortar: 1k - 2.5s Planks: 1k - 1s Clay: 1k - 1s Large/Small Nails: 1k - 1s Ribbons: 1k - 1.5s [Inquire about other products] Blacksmith Items Weapons: Tools: 50QL: 15c Chain Armor: Horse Shoe Set: 50QL: 15c Leather Items Armor: Backpack: ToolBelt: Saddle: Livestock Coming soon! Delivery Charges We offer Delivery and Transportation Services to anywhere on Xanadu for an additional fee. We may choose to decline Delivery services for any reason we see fit, resulting in Pick-Up option only. Inquire with us about having a Delivery/Transportation service provided for your own Personal Needs/Orders too! Deliveries by boat/wagon are listed below. Any required travel in-land will cost an additional fee. [Any Non-Coastal Location [Ex: K23] will incur this fee.] North-East Xanadu: 50c South-East Xanadu: 50c South-West Xanadu: 1s North-West Xanadu: 1s Inland Anywhere [Map Quadrant] + 50c [Coastal only includes Coordinates sharing Ocean/Water Access] [Other Map/Non-Xanadu Delivery Charges Pending] More Information? Our Server: Xanadu Our Village: Emberwynn Located: M-23 Merchant: Yes In-Game Contacts Daecie
  5. Xanadu Community Map

    ADD Emberwynn at 6608, -4736 DISBAND: Chagrijnig has been disbanded at the same location. DISBAND: Whispering Island nearby has been disbanded. 6671, -4780 DISBAND: Moria-Two to the South has been disbanded. 6337, -5160 DISBAND: Highland Meadows to the West has been disbanded. 6426, -4715
  6. Vote Reward Mod

    This was a Mod I had to pay to have developed for my server. I'm afraid I can't justify just giving it out.
  7. It is already in jar format? o.O I did not have to do anything to the download to get it into .jar format and to function as it should as it was already ready to just drop into place.
  8. I'm getting this error in my console every so often:
  9. There wasn't. It's because Wurm itself has added the ability to show the horse + hellhorse colors on examine. It's a core-game thing now and this mod wasn't written with that in mind originally.
  10. Make sure you have client modloader and serverpacks on your client. Otherwise you won't see the new creature models and skins.
  11. Yeah that one works with little to no problems
  12. Seems everyone fails to mention there is a newer release within the thread's pages. They automatically assume everyone's gone through to find it. XD Glad you found it and got it up and running.
  13. For folks having problems with this mod, PLEASE make sure you are using the updated version for it. There is a link somewhere on these pages for a more recent version. DO NOT use the one in the OP!
  14. No, they do not bash through walls automatically. You likely do not have the required Body Control, etc; to ride a Drake.