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  1. Only 3 of the speed traits matter on a vehicle first of all. 12.24 with Bison on a supreme transporter is no different than horses. 17.28 with Hell Horses. Still without shoes involved mind you.. I don't understand why you are so against Bison taking second place in a shoeless environment here.
  2. I'm coming for this boy right here, don't you sell him off on me. I've been trying to get back to you on him. This one too.
  3. This was one of the main reasons I had suggested the Bison's boost be expanded. To the "Large Transports" Creature Transporters and Ship Transporters are heavy, slow moving transportation systems and I never understood why the Bison didn't get their boost for these vehicles like they did for Wagons.
  4. I want to point out for everyone here: "I can't sell horses/hell horses! They need more colors!" was totally not a thing... Nor was it a thing when it was decided that Ebony/Molten coloring for these creatures would provide an additional "speed trait" either. I wish folks would stop looking at these sorts of posts as "Solutions" and continue to vote/contest them as if they're meant to be a way to "fix something". Did we need hitching posts for animals when fences work just fine? No Did we need more colors for horses/h-horses? No Did we need different tapestries, or tapestriest at all? No What about Rugs and Animal Rugs, did we need those? No But you know what, we have them anyway. Most of you use at least one of these things anyway. Stop looking at threads as a means of a Need or a Solution to a problem.
  5. Except it isn't a major speed boost by any means. That's what you keep missing. You also apparently miss that Hell Horses STILL trump Bison even with their existing Wagon Bonus. I'm NOT asking that to change! These are not suggestions in terms of making them more market-able. I don't know why everyone keeps referencing the market when it comes to the Bison. That is no where near what this thread is about or for. So just because no one else has done it before, Wurm shouldn't do it? That's just ridiculous reasoning.
  6. Using the exact calculator you reference, with top QL, top Enchants, a Hell Horse Wagon moves at 30.24 and that's with normal shoes. If I bump those shoes up in rarity, lets go all the way to Fantastic, because we want to get an idea of what the Maximum possible is for our Hell Horses here. That's all 3 traits of pulling bonus, Molten, 99QL Shoes, 99 Cast of WoA/BotD AND they are Molten Horses. That's puts our wagon at 36 km/h. Which a Bison cannot possibly come close to. Even with all of it's 3 Speed Traits to pull a wagon, that Wagon caps out at 18 km/h with full traited bison, simply because they cannot even wear shoes... Giving Bison the ability to ride and or their bonus to other vehicles in no way is going to hurt anything in existence already. Horses and Hell Horses are already winning to competition because of the ability to wear Speed-Increasing equipment that the Bison cannot. Not to mention that they are by default faster than Bison too. Bison at their bare minimum aren't any different than a Horse at all on a Large Cart. Horse: 17.28 km/h (only traits, non-ebony) Bison: 17.28 km/h Remember, this purely Wagon checks. So this is a Bison's Wagon speed bonus it's getting here. We take that away and the Horse and Bison perform the exact same on a Large Cart. Which is where having Bison is NOT worth having at all, because the Horse can easily surpass the Bison. As it is right now, Bison are useless in their current state. A Horse can easily overshadow the Bison with proper gear, simply because the Bison can't be equipped with shoes.. And nothing in this suggestion thread is asking for shoes. No Wagons were runed or had any rarity with anything in this calculator experiment.
  7. Okay so you wanna use a calculator to compare things, let's do so at base values. No gear, no traits, no extra bonuses. Bison Max Speed with a Wagon is claimed to move at 12.96 km/h That's stock bison, no equipment, no traits. We do the same things for Hell Horse, that's Wagon at 15.84 km/h. Non-Molten (which is the ebony equal) even. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1t5WXPVGCLBNzM1bmRPPU1mzRcvKBqChpMngDt2Rtfrg/edit?usp=sharing So tell me, where giving the bison their "bonus" to other vehicles would kill Hell Horse market? Especially considering that even according your Calculator Tool there, Hell Horse is still better to use than the Bison on a Wagon. Now lets for giggle look at the comparison on a Large Cart: Bison: 11.52 km/h Hell Horse: 16.56 Pardon me, but I'm failing to see where and how this bison is going to overshadow your Hell Horse somehow. Especially when it doesn't even do that now with the Wagon Bonus it was "born with".
  8. Thank you Oblivion for pointing that fact out. Hell Horses would still trump a Bison, but with even half of these changes it would make Bison more valuable and viable for other situations than just the wagon. Which was the entire point of this thread to begin with. Not to mention those of us who would prefer to see our "fluffy cows" get a little more love, flavor and usefulness than just a Wagon Bonus. They allowed Horses and Hell Horses a few extra skins and then applied a shader to them, why not simply allow a shader to be applied to the bison too? What harm can a few more colors do?
  9. Enchanted Grass doesn't last forever Despite Bison having that bonus on a Wagon, not many folks use Bison on that Wagon either. Horse still dominates the playing field for many players, Hell Horse faster or not. I don't see many folks using H-Horse over Horse simply for that speed, and because Bison are at their negatives with food consumption, still opt for the horse instead. Bison are rarer than both of these creatures, allowing them to gain the same speed bonus on pulling larger transportation vehicles isn't going to change that by much if at all. As you've stated already, Bison are harder to come by, despite there being breeders out there. Yet still more people use a Horse over anything else. Granting Bison their additional Speed Bonus to pulling larger Transportation methods should put them on-par with a shoe wearing Hell Horse, as Bison are not suggested to wear shoes at all. I don't see this happening, considering that "Hell Horse > Horse" and yet everyone still uses Horses, don't they? Whats more, aren't Unicorns actually the top-of-the-line? I don't think I've EVER seen anyone use a Unicorn Whether or not the Bison is given it's bonus to all transportation or spread only to the larger modes such as Ship Transporter, Creature Transporter and NOT large-cart. It would still be nice to see the Bison get a little more love than just their Wagon bonus. It's hardly a fair trade-off for their rarity, food consumption rate and so forth. In the end, the Bison need a little more than the short-end-of-the-stick they've been given. Whether you feel that their "one and only color" is because "realism" in a video-game or not. Bison CAN be in other colors, that's simply evolution. And to restrict a video-game feature because of "realism" is ridiculous, especially in Wurm.
  10. People will still use Hell Horses over Bison for other reasons.. I certainly don't use Hell Horses just because they're faster in the long-run than a Horse. Each creature has it's perks and it's downsides. Are you saying Bison shouldn't get their buff expanded simply because "I won't be able to sell my Hell Horses!"? Hell Horses bite, attack and get aggressive if not tamed. Not everyone wants to bother with the taming of a Hell Horses. Hell Horses also have a limited hitch window too! They also "eat less than a Bison" does, you said it yourself. So tell me, how would giving Bison a little more love as the power-houses they are, kill off the desire to have Hell Horses exactly? Video-game called: Wurm So what if "Real life" they aren't naturally grey. Hell Horses don't even exist. Same with Unicorns. Are you saying they should be removed because they aren't natural too? So does having a Troll, Crocodile, Hellhound, Bear.... etc; Always such the nay-sayer you are.
  11. pushing for more bison love!
  12. And what happens to any Deeds or Citizenship that these "reset" characters have? And why the removal of in-game coin? What if I also paid for that? Am I screwed in having that deleted from me because I choose to "reset" onto the other cluster?
  13. Thanks, that's what I get for trying to quickly get my fences done at the same time as writing this. Haha!