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  1. Emberwynn is back and has moved to #826, 2911
  2. Emberwynn has returned from a long break and is looking to recruit one or two additional members. In the past Emberwynn was a bulk-supply merchant with goals towards providing top-notch service for fair prices. We offered a very large variety of items in the bulk category to all over the Southern Isles. Sadly this became a lot to handle for 4-5 deed members with no-limit on order sizes and we each became overwhelmed in the long-run and disbanded from Wurm altogether. Since then we have separated into either our own Deeds or other games altogether. Emberwynn has returned with the goal to settle first for ourselves (myself currently) before making any attempts at rejoining in any regard our previous supplier/shipper status. A new, small farm located at P11 in the south eastern quadrant of Harmony with goals to supply well-bred horses and other basic items to start. I'm looking to recruit like-minded folks interested in the idea of a general quiet living on the farm with the possible idea of branching back out into the business later on. Emberwynn has always functioned as a "one for all" mentality, as a deed together we do everything for each other and the deed. That said, my breeding results are free-to-use (within reason) to all my deed-mates. It is expected that this same mentality is shared among members where support and assistance is provided among ourselves first. Emberwynn is not a skilling deed. Overuse of items/products just for the sake of skill-grinding is frowned upon and seen as wasteful. Skill will come easily with the work put into the deed and building up our Bulk Supplies for when we decide we are ready to return to market. If you're interested or wish to know more, PM "Ferrix" in-game.
  3. Except it isn't more convenient? I don't have "hundreds of animals" at the moment, but I still have near 100 animals and I brand every single creature I breed or obtain. This means I'm having to at the same time of a brand, edit each and every creature's settings on my Deed to avoid any accidental "walk offs" for animals that aren't intended to just be walking off my deed at any point. If I wanted folks to be able to use an animal freely or didn't care what happened to it, I wouldn't bother the time to brand it in the first place. Unfortunately I was not aware this change was made years ago and had an animal walk off my deed without my knowing until I came back to do a mass grooming session. When I tracked down the animal with the "Find Animal" feature, I raised a ticket and was told "Your deed allowed it, we cannot give it back to you" despite my staring at it in someone else's locked pen on the opposite side of the map. Needless to say I was furious that not only was I unaware of this change years ago, but I was met with "Sorry you didn't know, but you're SOL."
  4. I agree that this should be ON by default and turning it OFF should be the option to move forward with otherwise. Since Branding has always been "The lock" for animals and since the change was implemented became less so the case with this change. It wouldn't be so frustrating if this were the case with "all locks" and had been for a while, but it isn't. Branding is the "odd one out" in this regard.
  5. This isn't working for me anymore either. 3.3 R122 I thought maybe it was just me missing an update so I made sure to download any new version files I might've been missing but that didn't seem to resolve anything. Granger didn't update with anything in the Give Birth section for this mare.
  6. This is happening with donkey's as well, for atleast wild donkey parents anyway (I'm still early in breeding them) "an donkey `Mack`" for example. Pigs have it too "an pig `Hoggart`". Cows "an bull" and "a brown cow"
  7. I currently don't have anything with the frail trait anymore, and my donkey's are all wild but I am expecting a baby donkey any day now. Looking between 2 different horses and the cow I have here, "It has been bred in captivity" is consistent. I will report back when my donkey gives birth though.
  8. Well that's super comforting to know that this has been a thing since 2017 and apparently there must be no intention to change it. And it was an intended change? Would still like to know who and why they thought this was a great idea.
  9. I truly feel that the permissions access should result in the following pattern: Branding / Structure Lock Deed Permission I've yet to do any interactions with a hitching post, but I assume it's no different than say a Cart or a Wagon. So granting someone access to said Cart or Wagon to access the animals on said Cart/Structure would allow the release of said animals from said system. However leading the animal after the fact depends FIRST on whether or not the animal is branded (which should go back to defaulting to LOCKED), THEN whether or not the Deed allows leading of non-branded (or otherwise not permission granted based on Branding) animals. Branding is a Lock. Branding is Ownership. Why is Branding otherwise in many instances appear to not work this way in any shape or form.. The above order works for everything else in game. Buildings, Carts/Ships, Chests. Why are Animals the exception to the rule? What's more, the Permissions system on Animals never specifically states "Can Lead". The only options available are "Manage", "Ride", "Equipment" or "Deny All".
  10. Okay, and that's great. But why is the Brand defaulting to "Unlocked" on Deeds with Leading perms? Isn't the point of Branding to "Lock" a creature, no different than applying a lock to a Chest or Building Door.
  11. I swear it used to be the case that Branded an animal instantly Defaulted to "Locked". This meant that if your animal was branded, regardless of where it was located it could not be accessed in any way shape or form. A brand meant the animal is locked, no leading, no riding, no inventory access by anyone who wasn't a member of the deed they were branded to. In the last year, after returning to Wurm Online I've learned that Branding doesn't work that way at all! I've had a Branded horse lead off my deed and clear across the Harmony map onto someone else's deed, equipment and all. Support at the time basically shrugged at me and said "Deed permissions to Lead over-rode Branding" and I wasn't getting my horse back, despite the Branding on it. Based on this information, I was specifically granted leading permissions on a friends Deed to come and "adopt" some of their unwanted Horses off Deed and brought them home. It wasn't until I reached my own Deed that I realized 3/4 of these horses were branded. I've confirmed that I've been able to lead these animals even after I've stopped leading them on my own deed. I cannot ride them, but I can hitch them to my wagon/carts. No horse has individual permission settings "per animal" set as frankly it's not something we've ever bothered with over the years. Since it used to be that Branded = Locked. Prior to this, they had brought me 4 horses (all of which were still branded, but I was not given deed specific leading permissions to their deed or those animals) and I was able to lead and hitch them just fine. It wasn't until I went to brand them myself that I learned they were still branded to my friend's deed. So the first set of animals I was given absolutely no rights to leading these animals. I've been told recently that individual settings per creature is needed to prevent animals walking off, despite being branded on a Deed with lead permissions. Now I haven't tested this yet, as I'll have to wait for my friend to log back online but I'm honestly skeptical if that's the case. Since I've also been told "Deed permissions over-ride branding". So logically speaking, Branded Perms on the "per animal" would be over-ridden by Deed's "Lead" permission. So which is it? Branding is a Lock? Deed Permissions over-ride Branding Permissions (except if it's Brand Permission to specifically say "No") ? Ultimately the Branded "lock" system being incredibly inconsistent with every other lock in the game is incredibly unclear and frustrating. If this is the case here, then why don't Pickup Deed permissions over-ride the item pickup in buildings? Why on my own Deed I cannot pickup, move or otherwise alter an item that has been planted/secured, despite being the Mayor of the Deed? So ultimately, is Branding basically "Apply an unlocked lock to my animal" and we're still required to set actual permissions on the Animal after branding? To prevent even wild, other deed or Deeds with lead perms, to prevent theft? And why is this the case, when applying a lock to ANYTHING else doesn't work this way? Since Locked is Locked for everything else. Why was this changed to work this way? Why is Branding no longer considered "Auto Locked" from non-deed mates? Why has the decision been made to keep it this way, and why was it thought it was a good idea?
  12. I'm having a problem with Granger not wanting to record Parents. (Who are still alive, by the way) Nor is it picking up all traits. This donkey was just born today, the frail trait is not added to granger. Neither of the Donkey's parents are added into Granger. However, my Horses have their parents added just fine.
  13. I've come and gone in between starting a deed and not-finishing a deed. So it isn't always the case of "Deed's Done" that's running out of things to do too. Wurm is a "Skillers" game, and it revolves heavily around community and community interaction. To make coins, you have to spend AGES hoping for good luck rolls in grass or praying or you have you have to get lucky in the Trade Chat. Not everyone is "community pro". Plenty of people prefer to keep to themselves and do their own thing, without having to "farm for someone else" and it's just not feasible in Wurm when it comes to the economy. You're either paying RL Cash for coins, selling to other players (mostly) or you're spending ages poking around hoping for rare coins. While I do agree that once you have that slice of land, and once you've got everything in enough order that the game itself becomes less "survival" and more "farming simulator" it does kind of get stale rather quickly. Especially if you're not one of those "community pro" kind of people. Lets face it, Wurm itself is not an exciting game. And that is OK. Unfortunately it's also not going to have a lot of retention for a lot of people simply because of that factor alone. "Timer Simulator" or "Netflix addon" are some of the best names I've heard for Wurm. I love Wurm, I always have. I catch up on a lot of my shows and I get to look at what I've accomplished in-game and go "I made that!" but that's about it. There isn't a whole lot more to it, despite Rifts/Dragon Slayings/etc; I'm sorry, but Wurm's Combat has always been lack-luster and it's hardly a "game element" I would put any kind of focus on in the regards to "game point". AKA: Mid/End Game
  14. Still plenty of horses up for grabs! Unbranded with Lead and Unload Perms right on Deed! Take as many as you like, we have no limit restrictions per visitor! Currently no Bison left, or rare colors besides a few Pintos. Get 'em while they last!