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  1. This is nothing like what was suggested on this thread.
  2. Halter Rope

    QL of the ropes you are trying to use are too low, bringing your chance to create the Halter Rope to 0%.
  3. Bison are said to get a speed boost when pulling a Wagon, has been that way since Wagons were released. Bison however eat a lot and since they weren't exactly something that was already in well-off supply not a lot of people used them (or continued to) over time I think.
  4. This is correct, @Retrogradehas already confirmed on multiple occasions that regardless of whether you launch the game from Steam or from the current Website client and regardless of whether you choose to play an older server that currently exists or wait for the new servers that are to release at the same time, it is the exact same game. There will be no differences between them at all. Steam Release is just another way to launch the game is all, nothing more in the grand scheme of things.
  5. The only other concern I would have is watching someone with 4 cows pulling 4 small carts... 2 At most maybe, not 4. Maybe have said hitched small cart count as "leading 2" already.
  6. These would be perfect if even a cow could be used on a small cart. You're not riding it, it's just kinda dragging it right? So why not? F2P's can already ride the cow so it makes sense that the small cart that cannot be driven be provided as an alternative use for the one animal they can ride. Also unless you're a dairy farmer or something of the like, I can't say I've ever had a reason to really keep a cow. So a little more usefulness for that creature too.
  7. See that's where I misunderstood. I wasn't aware that these were "More SB Cap" rather than just "One time Bonuses" sort of thing.
  8. Well sure, but those are additives. Not something that you necessarily "Accumulate" but something that's "Added as reward" for doing certain things extra. You couldn't get 7hrs from spending time in a bed, is what I mean. If that bar was shifted to accommodate those 7hrs don't you think there'd be an awful lot of "I was offline for a week+ and my SB stopped at 5hrs! What gives? My bar shows I still have room to earn more! I should've been offline long enough to get all 7hrs, surely!" ? Especially with the Steam Release coming soon and all these new players that are expected to join in. I feel it would be a bad idea to change it just to adjust to showing these "Bonus Methods" ontop of what you can naturally get from doing "non-extra" things.
  9. That's because he's using a modified version of the mod, not the original version you find here on the forum thread. Messages using the original version have Discord names that look like this: <@Coldie> instead of <Coldie> (Dis)
  10. Thank you for that @Ayluin, it's nice to know I'm not completely crazy and am just not "out of luck" when it doesn't work despite having nothing else going on. Which apparently is hard for some folks to believe when you tell them that too. It's always a case of "Something else is wrong" as a way of making it your fault somehow. Not my first rodeo with incompatible software and it won't be my last. I'm not a newbie when it comes to mods, plugins and what-ever else you wanna call game-modifying alterations. I'm well aware of what can and cannot possibly be a cause. If the thing still don't work when it's the only thing there is.. Something tells me there's something wrong with that thing specifically. Considering there is nothing else that could possibly interfere with it. It is awfully interesting though that you went to Lyria to test for yourself and couldn't reproduce the insistent "It's working" statements previously made. Maybe the mod just simply doesn't like you or I directly since it works specifically for everyone else but the moment we try to get it to send to in-game there's nothing. I can't begin to explain that one at all... Not logically anyway. xD
  11. Considering that only CAHelp is affected in this way and no other channel the only other mod I could think that in anyway would cause something like this to occur would be ServerTweaks as that's the only mod I have that effects chat directly. #When true, will put players into CA HELP by default, instaed of requiring it to be turned on through profile. # Note: This method might not work all the time! # If you want a sure-fire way to enable it always, set PAWINDOW to true by default in your wurmplayers.db caHelpDefault=true Although considering that this is also one of Sin's other mods and likely another well-used mod for servers, I have my doubts that it would be the cause of the problem in any way. What do I know though?
  12. I could've sworn that Sleep Bonus technically caps at 5 hours and anything added ontop of that is bonus. So for it to show full at 5 hours would be correct, since this is the maximum you can earn via Sleeping in a Bed or with Powders. I mean, even when there's a server issue and we're granted SB for that down-time we're given 5 hours or sleep bonus, as is the "maximum". So unless that was changed at some point to be higher. I don't think that bar should show any differently just because you've added "bonus SB because of reasons X or Y"
  13. Well I guess Im glad it magically seems to work 100% in both directions for you and apparently a lot of other servers, and those of us who dont have 2 way CAHelp are just screwed on the matter.
  14. Okay, well Mine isn't for some unknown reason and neither is @Ayluin apparently. And you still haven't specifically clarified if yes "CA Help" works both directions. Since that is the ONLY channel that doesn't appear to go both directions: Ingame > Discord Discord > Ingame And yes, I'm 100% certain it's not a conflict of mods.. No "Conflict of mods" would prevent only 1 channel from not sending data in both directions, nor occur when it's the only active mod either. xD
  15. One can never be too certain. Had to be certain after the TimedPay vs Vote Reward confusion a few days ago. Yes, that's this Discord Relay. Still doesn't exactly explain why apparently your CA Help channel will display in both directions without problems, but apparently no one else's will.