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  1. I love the combat on Black Desert. it's super flashy and fluid. I like the questing on them kindom come skyrims and fallouts, divinities and all that, digging through storylines. I like them shooty games like grand theft auto. such a riot. beautiful. Guild series is fun. Wurm is great, i can make stuff.
  2. I love that i can show up on a beach, find a spot, make it my own - modified to my liking - build a house per my desires, fill it with random clutter (on an ever improving system) and actually base an entire section of my gameplay around this house. Only one game really gives me that, and that is Wurm. i really like my house on black desert, but it is neither a player home nor anything really type game. 4th i loved what i could do at my house on archeage. 3rd ark/derivatives come in second, for me. really though, that list is flawed. i vote against whoever made it. Sonuvatroll
  3. I like this idea, most games offer this as a 10$ service ezpz why not people behave poorly regardless of what we call them, and shouldn't be a reason against this idea.
  5. Rammstein, always a favorite, always awesome videos! Years later we find that what kept them rocking so hard was the metallurgy grind.
  6. I've a bottle of whiskey for the first one to show up wearing green. Dont' turn my carpet green in the process. Happy St. Patty's, ya filthy animals
  7. Why not just any group of insanity path members would begin to mass hallucinate. so if 100 people were in local, 20 were PoI, there would be 20 people experiencing a very different event than the rest of us! exciting. +1 I don't have path of insanity because my reasons, i'm down for hallucinations but man that'd bother me if my choice was taken away. p.s.: I like that suggestion that hallucinations should follow you around. i didn't read the thread, just the url. I immediately thought of Donnie Darko!
  8. Wet t-shirts and dry-wall You haven't changed at all man, awesome. i liked Mystrix's suggestions. slow moving webpages and non scrolling are the front pages of the future.
  9. That sounds hostile. I'm glad the GMs are working to fix this. Probably the best outcome. Good for you Druanie Now share some pics of the road once it's fixed
  10. I'm by no means a rules type of person. is it possible to divert around them? is it possible to work on it regardless of them? it seems like the greatest chance of success typically comes from doing something yourself. whatever motivation they had working on it, seems to be gone. At this point, after a year or three, honestly, that highway doesn't route through their deed. That's too bad. You haven't spoken with them personally, either, go give that a try. people usually behave responsibly when confronted in a neighborly fashion, especially when you're offering assistance accomplishing the request. make it a neighborhood project ;) Good luck!
  11. So.. mend

    ? ? Let's put this in perspective... Yeaboi! Get ready! Lawd I said LAWD
  12. Spell request

    haha genesis Do it!
  13. Idea: Item description field, however many characters is limited to a tweet, functions similar to rename function, but more letters. Better idea: Using some tool from the list of imping tools for said item, based on skill for letter amount available for input. Additional: throw in this suggestion so we don't have to examine the item for enchants or list them in the rename field like some kinda mouthbreather. [You see an inscription on the blade: "I asked for the sword of Rambo, I was not dissapointed"] Maybe ql/damage would hide letters similar to a creator tag.
  14. Basically Challenge existed after complaints changed Epic to the mess it is now, from its origimal announced purpose as a short term scenario game. ?
  15. The world is not too big for our small community. I can hardly sail for an hour in any direction, any server, without passing one let alone numerous people/active settlements. This is good and bad. This proximity is annoying for loners, so a fresh island opens new land for new players and people looking for a reset as well. Dat fresh shtart. As a mariner irl, i can sail for hours along long stretches of coastline or even open ocean and encounter people. The gulf of alaska feels too small with one other boat running gear... Edit.edit. New servers should be considered carefully. Imo, climate specific servers should be considered. Island based maps, large landmass, river maps, tropics, northland, desert islands. Make the current cluster the temprarate european map cluster... then spread the environment out. Hunting servers, home servers, etc. Basically, if we make new maps, lets have cool maps.
  16. That is good for the soul. Happy little hell hounds.
  17. Thats really my arguement in favor. Bridges are awesomr and mad kudos to those who have built these colossal bridges to wherever. I wont build them. Not yet. I have bridges planned but would never want an island connected to shorelandia. What i want is more interaction for transport... having horse teams to pull boats thru caves and these crates sound great for itemizing and transporting livestock. Things like that. Basically if qol>=+1, i vote yes lol. Functionality. The true func-shooey.
  18. Animal crates. Can they moo? If so then +1 Otherwise how are we mooving these cattle?
  19. Bless two altars in my name and i will appear. True story. Which dieties are you lacking?
  20. I am very animated. Maybe I can help? I am going to miss the leafy mess... but this is a nice change. Dead wood second best wood. @Retrograde
  21. The day the Earth stood still.
  22. This all reminds me of a certain cheat's personal light switch.