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    Warhammer 40.000 (Tabletop), Reanimated! Skirmish of the Dead (Tabletop), Miniatures rebuilding & painting, Shadowrun (pen&paper), Call of Cthulhu (pen&paper), Nice cubes, Wurm Online, My friends.
  1. > > Jump to 5:15 or klick me
  2. Instant canonization for reduced decay on deed ! Thanks for update
  3. Calvin Harris - Summer > Pleasant holidays Rolf
  4. >
  5. It does not matter what else is on the tile. Whether with lamps or without on tile, with carts, with barrels, with everything together of a tile or a completely empty tile. It will not create piles. He throws everything singly on the floor. Sometimes that happens right the first time, sometimes just the second or third try. Or I just remove an object from the pile. That works too. It does happen with each object. 100%
  6. Hello Since the server move, it is no longer possible to create piles on some tiles (on my deed). It does not matter how much I drop. Whether it are at the number 5 or 50 (50 are not funny). There are only certain tiles affected. I can reproduce it at any time. Are not created Piles. No matter what and how much... Thanks and greetings
  7. I do not believe that ! Have you ever asked yourself why worm has 3 moons...
  8. A good Darjeeling or strong Fine Assam. Self ground coffee with a teaspoon of sugar and a bit milk.
  9. All Wurmians Merry Christmas and happy hollidays... Allen eine gesegnete, glückliche und besinnliche Weihnachtszeit !! O/
  10. psst... Snowmantis No one is interested from the developer team. They are more concerned with new things to appear sometime in the next years. Who cares if some players only require a reasonable appreciation of their time they have invested in the creation of most lavish flooring. Show tomorrow at 6pm in the IRC and you know what any only interested. Who talks with all the upcoming hype about floorboards... But maybe I can help you ?! What about this sanguine answer.... Soooonâ„¢
  11. I did not mean the game.... I meant the comic book series from the seventies and eighties. They no longer exists. It reminded me a bit of it.
  12. Close to "Heavy Metal" style ! TOP