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  1. More languages would really help Wurm to grow, yeah. Atleast some big European ones like German, French and Spanish. 1+
  2. I do agree with this idea. After many years have passed, the servers are quite terraformed. If the ground would change and the dirt move, it could, for example, change roads from very super flat to more realistic, and at some point unpassable, and thus roads wouldn't be too easy to make and maintain. This could happend at winter, as it happends in real life for example. Also terraformed, decayed deeds and other flat areas would become realistic again which is good thing. This could apply on off-deed areas only so deeds which needed two years to build and has some epic 297 slopes wouldn't get messed up so easily. 1+
  3. You are quite right Aeris, they aren't the best thing there is but I have time to spare to listen the songs once a year. I found many songs fun to listen and I will definetly listen them in future aswell. Finland wasn't so great in this Eurovison (it rarely is), yeah. Many people here said it was very bad aswell, even though we were afraid that the kiss was very bad thing, not that our song would suck. Regardless I found it better than normally though. For example I cannot believe how Malta was better than we were, it was so bad. Maybe it was so bad that it was good...
  4. The ending kiss wasn't that bad and shouldn't ruin the song. Even Sweden didn't give us any points...
  5. What you think about the Eurovision? Which one was your favourite country? Denmark was quite clear winner and my favourite one. But someone tell me, why Finland was 24th?!
  6. Good times? The best memory of Wurm was when I logged in first time and was amazed by the game. I walked about hour - 1,5 hours to the cave, lived there for a week, built a house. If only the CAs would have said that the weight of the casserole feeds you more, not the ammount of berries inside the bowl. Currently I have seen Wurm and I know what kind of game it is. I will never get feeling like that again.
  7. Grattis på födelsedagen!
  8. Really depends about the monitor you are using. I have two monitors, my main one which shows colours much better than my second, smaller and worse monitor which shouldn't reflect sunlight. I can see in all conditions and weathers of Wurm with my first monitor, but it's impossible to see with my second monitor at nights even with a lantern.
  9. The title says it all. Being able to create different chat channels, for example, for village or for certain group would be very handy. There is team chat function already, yes, but that won't be easy to make if your buddys are otherside of the server. It would be nice to create, for example, chats for your village beside the current village chat like other talk, elder, or chat for certain group of players, regardless if they are other side of the map. These chat channels would be saved after the players log out of course. If it's too "risky" to add these otherwise, the channels could be max 20-25 players f.e. and the "moderator" could be the creator of the chat channel. The responsibility of talking within rules would be therefore with the creator.
  10. This has been suggested many times before. There is no reason to put it to Steam. It would only affect negatively to Wurm. If it would get accepted to Steam, there would be thousands/ tens of thousands of people who would try out the game. We do not have big enough servers for that ammount. Also, when (most) of them notice that Wurm takes a long time to do things, and it isn't like Elder Scrolls where you get dragon shout right away, they quit and say that Wurm is bad game. Only small ammount of those thousands are able to play and want to play game like Wurm. It would cost, Rolf would get smaller ammount of money, the development would get slower, casual players would think Wurm is unfinished and bad game and would spread the word, the servers would get full, the ammount of lag would raise... Just no.
  11. At the time of Wurm, there were only English names at Great Britain area, no elsewhere. As far as I know Wurm world isn't located at that area. I'd say most of the players of Wurm come elsewhere than English spoken countries. Having only English letters at naming is a bit weird solution IMO, and Wurm is a fantasy game, which generally do have other letters aswell. Even one of the early kingdoms Lómaner has "illegal letter".
  12. I was looking for mighty name, so I choose Dragon. Plain dragon wasn't good enough, so I added mob after it. My alt's name, Medriv, came from WoW. It's the name of my dwarf hunter.
  13. I didn't think about the deed naming, it would be very nice to have this apply to deed naming aswell.
  14. Hello, as the title says once again, I'm suggesting that there would be more letters at renaming. Via these letters I mean different languages, and letters like ä,ö and å. This would enable much more interesting names and being able to rename items with your own language. This could affect to tools as well as ships and houses. Now I cannot even put my own name on tools, which would be Lohikäärme in finnish. You will most likely say that it makes finding a lost item more difficult if you cannot say the rename of it, but this would be fixed if you take photo of your tools with the name showing. Of course, you can always rename them. Another thing is the bad language you might write in different languages. This is pretty much the mainly thing why it isn't possible to use other letters yet. Only solution to this might be that players would report these names which are offensive and tell how they are offensive. I do not see this very bad risk though, Wurm has mature community and doing such childish thing will get you nice ban. Dragonmob
  15. I had my old iPhone for 1,5 years till it got broken without any explanation. (the locking button got "stuck" and locked the phone after ten seconds all the time.) It had both phone and screen covers and I dropped it maybe five times in that whole 1,5 years. I do agree that they are fragile. I should have started using my old Nokia again. (but I still bought another one)
  16. Fishes who are looking for deers statues should make their own thread FYI.
  17. Hello, as the title says, I'm looking to buy HotA dragon statue(s). If you have one or more for sale, pm me and we will talk about price.
  18. The desktop is messy and most of the files are Wurm related. Not good.
  19. I'll look forward to this game, I have never played AoE before.
  20. You said earlier that the auction will end at 8 pm GMT? Did Jacob buy them with buyout? In case you calculated wrong ( ) I will bid 25 silver for each, 1 and 2. There is still 24 minutes of the auction left.
  21. Sometimes they even make an infection to the wound. Damn sharks.
  22. You had to do the buyout at the last twenty minutes?