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  1. [Fixed] Valrei Scenario Reward - Wrong Kingdom

    Would love to know how code even allowed this to happen! Will Valrei ever be bug free?
  2. who wants a map reset for elevation

    I voted no and I still stand by that... But if this is going to happen please reduce map size, please allow Epic to Freedom skill transfers OR add Epic to the freedom cluster and remove home servers. We do not need 5 different PvP Servers and from what I have read it looks like pretty much everyone is asking for just 1 place to PvP that is relevant?
  3. who wants a map reset for elevation

    Current map is garbage, old Ele wasn't much better but it was the right size. I would have voted yes maybe 2 weeks ago but since then I have put way too much effort into my deed so im voting no. I asked the Dev's to do a map reset back when they were doing the freedom transfer and they said no but they may be open to do one further down the line. So the devs were happy for people to come over get settled build up deeds and then wipe the map, makes no sense at all. Should have been a fresh start for all but once again poor decision win again.
  4. WSA: Epic Skill Transfer time

    I have a concern which I was hoping there would be a last minute resolution to but it looks like the Dev team either didn't think about or just didnt care enough about however... If you are allowing skills to always transfer from Freedom to Epic but not the other way, where do you think all the Epic players are going to be sat skilling? Epic is going to be a ghost town with everyone skilling away on Freedom, even Fight Skill would make more sense to skill on Freedom as that will carry over anyway.
  5. Agree with some comments here myself. I don't think it should be full ownership but the ability to remove in xxdays. When you become a mayor you should get some setting/option where you can see all buildings built within your deed border. Obviously if you have ownership this wont matter but if you do not have ownership you should be able to give a eviction notice of x days then the building auto-destroys. This avoids Mayors being able to sneaky things but gives them the right to take their land back due to inactivity. Wurm Eviction Notice
  6. Zenath - The Beginning [PvP & PvE]

    Will be nice to have a managed PvP Server open again. Can't wait.
  7. Gender change - Payable in-game item!

    +1 but with a cooldown
  8. Mission page needs some updating

    Maybe get "missions" page to redirect to "scenarios" and have a mission header which shows what missions are and what different types there are or make the mission page a sub of scenarios and take out all the duplicate text and leave only stuff regarding missions possibly add more info like links to each object that can built etc
  9. Elevation Reset

    It doesnt say anything about removing F2P from home servers.... are you drunk?
  10. What does 'Wurm' mean?

    Not totally sure but I thought it had something to do with a dragon
  11. Elevation Reset

    What Proph said, f2p accounts have way more negative effects than positive.
  12. Elevation Reset

    Sounds good
  13. I nominate myself for GM - feel free to vote

    I was thinking the same thing.....