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  1. Not essential so personally happy to wait for a week or two but would prefer to show the right kingdom if possible
  2. Thanks for looking at it Darklords!
  3. @DarklordsWill kingdom influence be present on the main land or will we have to tower push over the water from the starter islands? Asking for a friend
  4. Please leave this alone if possible. Underground deeds are awesome aesthetically and practically. Removing then would be an extremely drastic approach to a small issue. Rudie makes a good idea about draining a deed having an affect on mine doors.
  5. Why would you not just premote both? Nothing on a PvP server should be safe, everything should have some form of risk to be stolen or destroyed etc. I think a lot of people defending the Raid System don't understand how abusable it is. I don't think the people apposing it are actually saying raid systems are a bad idea necessarily I think its more the current one suggested is not well thought out. If you are backing the raid time's and don't understand how it can be abused then I suggest reading the entire thread. +1 for Raid Time's but only if it is well thought out and not abusable (which it 100% will be)
  6. On the Main FAQ they have crossed a line through their original idea and added "At this moment, we're aiming to launch both PvP and PvE at the same time." Fair to say its a offical
  7. Well they plan to release both PvE and PvP Together so you wont have any advantage. Pottery is good for pvp though
  8. I'm glad we have a time frame and hopefully you guys can make the pvp server release at the same time as the pve work which would be amazing. Just a couple of questions regarding the PvP side of things (I understand this is still being looked at). When can we expect to get more info on the PvP server, I feel like including the pvp community might be a good idea on certain aspects. My main concerns are: -PMK's will they be in or out? - Meditation, will this reflect the newer changes and removal of things like sotg? - Will valrie missions still be a thing, can you win items still and will there be spells etc? - Will there be hota and battlecamps again? Probs a bunch more other stuff would be handy to know but can't think of them right now.
  9. @Retrograde Is the PvP server being released after the PvE set in concrete or is this something that can be reconsidered if enough people share their concern? The reason I ask is because I think its a huge mistake to stagger the release. I think Borken's posts have hit the nail on the head, Raffeh has even brought up a valid point in regards to BL Followers/Priests as the PvE will most likely not have them so that would be a huge disadvantage? I also think PvE players are not considering a huge issue that at the start many PvPers are going to be land grabbing and then deserting places once PvP opens creating a huge waste of space right from the start. I am happy to discuss this as I have other points of why staggering the release is just not a good idea. If its because you are running out of time and the PvP server is behind then I would urge you to wait for the whole release in honesty.
  10. Will the new cluster server's have bespoke settings or will they mirror the Freedom Cluster or Epic Cluster? Please can the new cluster not have anything to do with player gods
  11. Yes Please +1 Also needs a PvP server
  12. Thanks Retro, Will give it a try this evening. Touch
  13. Hi, Not sure if this is something that has already been noted but I am fairly sure its a more recent problem. When linking Village Alerts to Twitter it requests you create an app in the development portal of Twitter, in the past this was straight forward and a simple process however due to Twitter's further restrictions to their Development Portal you now need to apply to be authorised to create applications. Unfortunately this isn't just an apply button, you are required to fill out an application form with sections requiring 200+ words. I haven't attempted this form at current but is there another way the Village to Twitter alerts can be done without this process? Thanks Touch
  14. Would love to know how code even allowed this to happen! Will Valrei ever be bug free?