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  1. wasn't it going to be released a bit later? or maybe i got that wrong...
  2. My plan: after being away from the game for 6 years i plan to run around like a headless chicken... At least this time around i will not try to kill a pheasant fresh out of the tutorial... like I did back in the day. After that, who knows
  3. oh yeah, thunderdome was the name of the desert deed we setup. those were the days...
  4. Hey, Is this the same Object I founded Kraken's Wake and then moved to Pristine with?
  5. Vyn can pack but not cultivate i'm always stuck with having to do it with another account
  6. If we already have the Seryll armours from the loyalty program, does this mean that we'll get a new type of ore to mine in order to create the above?
  7. Please add: Artanes 59y 36x Almus 60y 38x additionally Almus has a mailbox + guard tower Thank you!
  8. Hey guys, Now that we have lawns has anyone tested if they are viable pasture for grazers? Do horses/cattle even graze on lawns? Any feedback is very appreciated! Bat
  9. Oh yes... forgot to name the poor alt you can sign in Mordur