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  1. I dont know if someone has already asked something like this, but here it goes: Im growing all 6 possible mushrooms in large planters and i thought i paint those like green mushroon = green large planter, yellow mushroom = yellow large planter. But it aint possible atm Yes i know large planters aint only for mushrooms but still more paint to the world would be nice
  2. Plague mask COD to Ulostemies, thank you.
  3. Helloust! My two hand rare sword needs some attention. I need COC+Nimb+Mind stealer+Life transfer. All atleast 90 power. Do you have time to enchant it?
  4. Awl, spatula and cap sended
  5. Wooden shield and needle sended
  6. [22:54:45] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to reach Siegfried in less than thirty minutes.
  7. SOLD

    Items sold. This can be locked.
  8. Hello, here we go: 3 sleep powders = 3s pick up at U16/Deli Port Sopor No private offers/messages.
  9. That 100 foraging could include word: branch, on that title God of branches, or something like that.
  10. Imo that apothecary is too similiar with 50 Nat Sub Apothecarist
  11. Hello. You forgot to mention which server. Good luck finding a right person