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  1. Can you tell a bit about your computer specs? In steam minimun system requirements are made for my old computer. I can fire it up in 12hrs and test if im able to play. I used minimun graphs and all sounds and stuff off. I will be having 5 stars hangover but dat aint problem.
  2. COD Yule goat to Ulostemies Thank you.
  3. No Malena Wurm Online doesn't need more NPC's. I dont even understand why most of your posts is about Ultima or what you have done. Are you advertising yourself or what? Keep in mind Wurm has own dev's and this game aint Ultima re-make. This forum has sections for Wurm Unlimited and you should speak there about your mods and so on. I really hate to say this but im a Wurm veteran and i like what devs do, but in my eyes you are Wurm noob with too much spare time. You can send your angry PM's to me written in finnish because im from Finland like you.
  4. Guess the song!

    You're beautiful by James "not so sharp" Blunt
  5. Plans ?

    90 puppeteering and 100 yule goats
  6. We live on a planet where most of the population lives on third world countries. For example if you live in Thailand, you got to have wealth to buy premium and coins from wurm shop. Less is more, think about it.
  7. Using human feces as fertiziler makes you very very ill and can lead to death. Sewage treatment plants are bit too new inventions for this game. I could continue this but ill just say -1 to this idea.
  8. Two handed sword, iron QL_90 Nimb_91 LT_94 CoC_94 MS_94 7.7s COD to: Ulostemies Thank you.
  9. Sold out, can close (:
  10. I have 12 sleep powders for sale 1s each but if you take them all price is 10s. Pickup from Deliverance server, i dont deliver to other servers.
  11. Players pay VAT when they buy silvers from the shop. 25%, 12%, 6% in sweden. Export VAT is 0 in Europe according to Wikipedia. Silvers are way too expensive in wurm shop for sure.
  12. "Mine fantastic diamond" - Sorry but that item doesnt exist ingame. Even fantastic gem is mission impossible "100 000 actions" - I have 99 farming for example "Kill another player" - Yeah right on a PVE server List is endless.