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  1. having tile boarders and housing would mean we could build a lot more, and if a few extra wall/door were added just for underground so we can build vast dungeons
  2. with the recent breakthroughs that the dev team have made with muti-level code I thin its time this was added to mines, mines have been the same for along time unchanged, its about time a few things we added for us underground people 3D mines and mine housing would be great for us to enjoy and create underground towns and citys whats everyone elses views on this??
  3. +1 I too wish they would bring these back as they were great round my forge. they could be called stone chest
  4. I have a roof patio and it wont let me build trellis's on it as it within house, can you make it so we can build trellis's within a house please can you fix this thnx
  5. the stone fireplace shows through the floor above
  6. the altars influence areas on xanadu are still turning on and off all the time
  7. +1 I fish everyday for an hour or so as I find it relaxing and I produce more fish than the alliance im in can use, would be great to store it till needed.
  8. the rare chance graphics, drumroll, and the new scentence that tells of a rare chance doesn't happen when fishing. I have caught lots of rare fish and it doesn't happen when successful either. I hope this can be fixed
  9. you cant create healing covers using the crafting window. I hope you can fix this
  10. Weekly Updates?

    yes I too found the weekly news to be something to look forward to and helped us all to feel more engaged with the devs. cant wait for it to come back
  11. +1 some creatures are so rare that they hardly been seen eg. tortoises, only 3 been seen sofar
  12. +1 but also would like to see names on offspring from unicorns as well please