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  1. This doesn't work. I finally got it where it wasn't preventing me from starting up my server, but unfortunately, the Steel Portal still does not have Data1 or Data2 and when I choose a portal that DOES have D1 & D2, they simply tell me that the portal is closed. Yes, I am setting AuxData to 1. Any ideas?
  2. I'd like to add that with Wurm Unlimited, I don't think what you're trying to do is very ethical, nor practical. I wouldn't play on a server that asked for that level of access to my PC and was not also an official server. I have that opinion and I don't even know how one would cheat in this game other than some macro or whatever, which could be used without any interaction with the client other than the mouse clicks. If there's some other level of "cheating" you see, then I don't know to what you're referring, but if you want a server like that then just slap a password on it and let your friends play and they can let you come over to their house and randomly inspect their PCs to ensure they aren't "cheating." Not trying to sound rude here, but jeez - we get enough invasive stuff with every other aspect of life. Leave it alone, man.
  3. To anyone having issues installing this and other mods, I wanted to say I struggled with it until I not only installed/copied the client mod launcher, but then you also have to throw the connection fix, livemap, AND the serverpacks into the 'mod' folder before it'll work. Maybe the instructions should be updated to reflect this? Or, instead of having those files separate, add them to the client mod launcher with each update.
  4. I know that I can't create missions using a 'creative server' that isn't set to Epic Settings, but I was wondering if that also prevents me from doing the HoTa - that of which I am not too familiar with anyway. If so, can someone link to a nice guide for me (the gm of the server) to get that started?
  5. Okay, but you're saying I still have to 'create focus zone' in order for it to work? Is there another way to level rather than going through all the CFZ crap? And if this is all the CFZ stuff, then it really is no use to me since I've been doing it that way since the beginning. . . . dang. I thought I had just found a quicker way. lol. They should remove encumbrance effects from the GM altogether.
  6. Okay, I know that I can 'flatten', then I can 'level' from there, but my leveling is only working if I have enough dirt in my inventory (and only if I'm not raising above a certain 'slope'). If by 'level' I am bringing DOWN a tile, it only will allow me to do this until I'm encumbered (about 14 dirt), then I have to unload the dirt. You say here that setting AUXDATA to 1 gives instant, infinite, leveling?? How? How does that work? I know how to create focus zone - flatten, but that's so damned buggy with the NW offset that I typically would prefer to do it one tile at a time by hitting 'level' and raising the next tiles. So how does this work? I've set my AUXDATA to 1 and all it does it create sand! It also levels in the exact way I've been leveling before, where I'm restricted by my inventory and can only raise above certain slopes (assuming digging skill is what dictates the level). How is this different?
  7. AHHHHH. That's probably it!!! lol. I'll give myself 21 BS and see if that enables the option. To all of you that posted - thank you SO much.
  8. So, I used to play Wurm Online and we could 'bash' our fences. But I'm running a server with Wurm Unlimited and one of the members of my server isn't able to 'bash' as there is no option for it. When right-clicking, there's only 'examine', 'no target', and 'emote'. We've unchecked 'faith' to allow going against God. We tried being 'unlawful' but it says we'll always follow the law. The fence is on her deed, and there is an option for 'destroy fence' and it's allowed. What's up with this??
  9. I guess the only other option is to place a tutorial within the world and offer a door upon entry to the server, in case they already know how to play. Blah!! C'mon - let's hear from some devs on this!!!
  10. I'm going to create a small tutorial on my server - I've been getting a lot of very new players and am having to walk them through just about everything. I want the tutorial area to be a 'created' island in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by impassable mountains, fences, or both. What I also need, however, is a way for them to be able to access a portal that they can either go through at the beginning of the tutorial (thus bypassing tutorial) or the end of the tutorial, which will put them either in a random spawn location or a location I set later. Is this possible with Creative 'home server' ? If it is, how?
  11. I guess I don't understand what it is you're wanting from the devs with regard to a simpler launcher. It seems very simple to me, but I agree it could use some updates! "that make switching from single player to multiplayer . . . " - are you referring to a way to bring your character from one server to the next? I think I could get behind something like that, but they should make it where the skills are lowered, based on previous work, based on the skill gains of the other server being switched to. But I really don't quite understand what it is you're asking as a whole. I think (and call me a fanboi if you'd like. lol) that the setup is decent enough, but I would definitely suggest a few changes.
  12. That really sucks, man. Very sorry to hear that happened. I would like to formally invite you to my server - Taking Without Consent Dedicated 24/7 I have established a website as well as a forum! I won't be shutting the server down. My wife and I are the GM's of the server and we've loved Wurm for YEARS! You can check the site out (granted, it's bare-bones at this point, but it will be updated regularly): - and don't forget to check out the forum: . We currently have 5 members that seem very long-term, and we're all putting in a hand to create a hub city - TWOC City. It is centralized and will house traders, merchant shops (from other players), and basically anything else you need. Currently deeding is free, but once we get the city up'n'running, and an economy is burgeoning, we will implement upkeep and deed cost. But don't worry, you'll be able to earn plenty enough to maintain a nice-sized deed! Hope to see you very soon!!
  13. Okay, we figured it out!! Apparently there is a buffer zone when anywhere close to a deed. It seems you have to be quite a ways away from any deed in order to drop the tent!! Sweet.