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  1. Location Celebration. Buyer pays COD. Price for each cast: 1-49 power - Multiply by 0.50 50-69 power - Multiply by 0.75 70-79 power - 60c 80-84 power - 80c 85-89 power - 1s 90-92 power - 2s 93-95 power - 2,5s 96-97 power - 3s 98-99 power - 3,5s Example: Shovel with 70 coc and 70 woa - 60c+60c = 1.2s Mystery Gift 1s Gnomes 95c/ea Spyglass 4.5s Sleeping Powder 95c/ea Yellow Potions 5c/ea Armor Set - Accepting Offers PM Swords - Accepting Offers PM Seryll - Accepting Offers PM Location Deliverance.
  2. WTS mixed tools/armour/weapons [offers!]

    Needle (73c) to Thorne. Thanks!
  3. CLOSE

  4. Close

    Steel Hatchet (80c) Exquisite Rug (80c) Stone Chisel (c83w82) Trowel (c79w81) Scythe (w79) For Pickup. Please PM details.
  5. Gurrington - Currently not accepting

    I neighbor the other side and I can vouch for what Valdor has said. Excellent deed, good people, lots going on. There are a number of events that are being set up by the looks of it as well which would be interesting for any and all. Best of luck to you Guruen! \o/
  6. Celebration Map Nov 25 2013 To Current

    Can you please add: Twilight Vale Y17X19. It should be the west side of that map grid in the centre of the line. Thanks Validate for all your hard work!
  7. I'll be there whenever it is. PM me anytime neighbor!
  8. [Closed] Auction: Rod Of Transmutation

    Congratulations Pollo! I'll PM details. Thank you to everyone who bid.
  9. Rod of Transmutation turns any cave tile into an ore vein of your choosing with max quality and max quantity. Very handy for high quality crafting. Auction Length: 3 days from post Reserve: No Starting Bid: 29s Increments: 1s Sniper Protection: 2 hour Best of luck!
  10. [Closed] Auction: Rod Of Transmutation

    The auction is in sniper protection for 1 more hour. Now is your chance!
  11. A Bucket Should Be Used For Construction

    I could see something like a skid or pallet which sits on the tile and you have to equip to link it. Not sure of the coding involved though.
  12. Speed Chisel 96Woa

    There was a hidden reserve. I doubt you met it with the starting bid. he probably wanted at least another silver or two.
  13. Rod Of Transmutation

    Selling a Rod of Transmutation which changes any regular cave wall into an ore vein of your choice with 99ql and 10000qty. Considering offers, please PM.
  14. Rod Of Transmutation

    Moved to auction section. Link:
  15. Please Close.

    Contract Completed. (2 weeks ago) Odynn: Bricks 4500
  16. Please Close.

    My name is Thorne and I'm looking for any kind of paying work on Deliverance. I'm fast and friendly. Please post here or PM me on the forums. Thank you for your time. Currently on permanent retainer. No jobs can be accepted at this time.
  17. Please Close.

    Contract Accepted. Laerck: Digging 6000+ / Surface Mining Location Update: West Independence
  18. Rod Of Transmutation

    Ill accept offers in both formats.
  19. Lady Of The Lake