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  1. I was so fascinated by this news I actually feel a need to post for the first time in months. Epic was suppose to be story driven, that was the whole idea when Rolf's announced it, a completely different way of playing from Freedom or Chaos. Then you enter a bunch of whiners and end up transferring one of the main Epic concept to Freedom like the missions appeasing said whiners and kind of making Epic just a faster grind. Now you make skills transfer....faaaacinating. Good job on screwing over people who worked for it separately or better paid for a separate account. I don't even play Epic or pvp and I'd want to kick your asses. And so OBVIOUSLY this was needed based on the big numbers playing...oh wait... When are you gonna do something about the player base? New wall types are incredibly fabulous and screwing over some group of players in the game is nifty but what about the player base? I thought when Rolf stepped down, back, where ever the hell he went there would be an effort to get the Wurm name out into the real world. One interview in Massively what 6 years ago, doesn't cut it. How about you remove your head out of your collective butts and start polling what the players want and HOW. I know you don't have that abi- OH WAIT YOU DO.
  2. As titled I am selling a deed located on Xanadu, 5 minutes from Vrock. This deed is beautifully landscaped and yet practical and includes a pile of features, read below... Upkeep is 3.83 silver per month, no guard. Price: 20s OBO to contact me PLEASE LEAVE A FORUM MESG. I will check a few times a day. Please included your GAME name. Silver or paypal accepted. Features: Iron (multiple), silver (multiple), tin, sandstone (multiple), lead viens. Complete functional orchid including grapes, cherries, oranges, apples, camilla, maple, etc. 30 animal pens, 2 double ended for chickens Gold Vynora Alter Farming area of 15 x 38 Full landscaped deed, assorted trees and bushes threw out, including a small sitting/meditation garden. Beehives 70 and 80QL. 1 Main house, 2 large cottages and 3 laborer houses all in timber style. Each includes a small private yard for a couple of animals or cart storage. Multiple ovens, forages, stills and larders of 70QL or above. No direct neighbors - complete and utter serenity. Food stuffs included; barrels of wine, honey, maple syrup, beers, eggs, sugar, etc Bulk Bins with assorted materials including but not limited to hides, iron, copper, etc ranging from poor to high QL. Imperial Lighting 50QL. Close to tar, 5 minutes to water and surrounded in a peaceful cedar forest. Starter horse (1-3 traits) Hota Statue Bison VS Wolf (approx. 5s) The deed is move in ready, just need to clear the farming area of trees and grass. A few pictures but there is much more...
  3. As someone who bitched for years (TO ANYONE AND EVERYONE, ENDLESSLY) about the cool ingredients in the world and uber lame ass cooking... You did an AMAZING FRIGGING JOB. This is about 500% more than I'd ever dreamed of, might even prem JUST to cook. Best improvement of the ....well EVER.
  4. I just knew something was wrong within the darkside. I could feel pain...all though some of it was me cramping I could feel fustration...and that was partly trying to find the Midol So I hopped on over to Wurm forums and saw Protunia's Thread in recent posts... Protunia you are not without hope, some of the cool and obnoxious people are correct. It's time you leave the worlds of Freedom, embark on a new adventure of Chaos or Epic. Hunt, raid and defend. Also if you go to Wendys I'd really like a large fries without salt and a cheese burger, no pickle or onions. Might I suggest joining The Bird aka Emoo. He's good fun and Aussy so what's not to like? There is also that nice Gumbo, he's a bit spicy but wise! All though the suggestion of adding new skills and some events isn't so ridiculous.
  5. 250 + a tax because you're worth it and the reputation of your awesomeness.
  6. Protunia needs more respect because a lot of the ideas posted in this forum are just as stupid as he suggests they are. So I think we should have Protunia as a God, I'd pray to him. He could be more evil then Libia but he is still more intelligent then well most of the people posting...or even talking. I also think we should have teddies bears and Protunia dolls to cuddle with before logging off into a bed for a further 5 minutes per 1 hour sleep bonus gain. Who doesn't sleep better with cuddling, YOU ALL DO. I also think we should have Protunia Avatars that kill with a huge agro range to remind you that you are LESS THEN HIM. And I still think we should have the ability for clam digging and clam chowder, because Protunia would prolly like that too. I also believe that Aetherwalker is smarter then most of us and should also be shown the proper respect, with his own fashion line of tabard. I suggest a bright paisley. Ok Aether doesn't like that so we are going with tartan, suck it up. And I think we should all have to pray to him twice per day or risk being killing by a Champion Smurf of Death. Looks JUST like a smurf....but it's a champion so it can REALLY hurt the disobedient and ignorant. Battlepants is exempt from all this, because he is also above most players. A few others are too, but I'm too tired to list your names so "hugs".
  7. Fascinating read, for some of you it all comes down to key words: "lava" and "hell" as to whether charcoal is an acceptable drop. Decided to Google hell and do some research, I started with maps, I'd always thought hell was somewhere magically beside Florida just invisible. Hell, MI, United States - doesn't have lava, but I did see a nice lake. Hell's Kitchen, New York, NY, USA ‎ - also no lava but a delightful Mexican Dinner Menu http://www.hellskitchen-nyc.com/apps.html I then felt a need to see if there was any pictures of hell, thought that might clarify it for us.. http://evangelicalmystics.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/hell-fire-1.jpg Pretty sure that's hell and that sure looks like lava, I bet the steam is excellent for your pores. Then I moved on to the most important source: Wiki " Charcoal is usually produced by slow pyrolysis, the heating of wood or other substances in the absence of oxygen (see pyrolysis, char and biochar). It is usually an impure form of carbon as it contains ash; however, sugar charcoal is among the purest forms of carbon readily available, particularly if it is not made by heating but by a dehydration reaction with sulfuric acid to minimise introducing new impurities, as impurities can be removed from the sugar in advance. The resulting soft, brittle, lightweight, black, porous material resembles coal.[1]" Strange thing is, wiki does't mention lava animals or hell animals....apparently you get charcoal from science and NOT fantasy monsters...shocking?! So after my research I've come to the conclusion it doesn't much matter if it's a hell hound or a lava hound or a trout. +1 for more useful drops no matter what name they come from
  8. I was all prepared to troll, but I've been defeated by a good idea. +1 Actually I was too lazy to read 2,4,5 and 6 but 3 was impressive.
  9. /me takes a bowl added 75% Wurm and 25% Pokémon. Stir vigorously! Wurmon.
  10. bump because this thread needs more attention
  11. I have a feedback for you also. You understood my point, whether you appreciate the heavily laced sarcasm that I employ is preference alone and yet even my sarcasm offered a point: "Moral Perception" but we'll get back to that.. You suggest I accomplish nothing with it, yet you yourself just proved that is not so in understanding me. CA's, GM's and Dev's are not infallible. Assumptions were made about my posting that were incorrect (See the first 3 letters of Assumption?), I am frankly on the fence about the OP's suggestion, I but offered a prospective that when you come across a subject like this, it can snowball. "but have to get half the readers and a CA 'insulted' in a attempt to amplify your valuable contribution" Another assumption. I did not make an attempt to amplify my contribution. I attempted to make you all think about the main issue in this thread: Morality and Perception. Perception is EVERYTHING. What you or the person beside you or your neighbor or the guy who lives 3200 miles from you thinks is fair, obscene, gore, fun, dull, etc won't ever be perceived the same by all of you.(Unless you're in some weird cult maybe or a yuppie discussing sushi and bmw's...come to think of it they might be a cult) I'm not against the OP, nor am I for them. I am pointing out that to try and change Wurm to people's moral code and perception of such could become extremely tiresome if not downright impossible. Again I say: It's starts with blood being too gore, then it's butchered corpses offending the sensitive and animal rights supporters, When does it stop? Even worse you're trying to combined morality with perceptions. No one wins in a thread like this but I did have a darn good time. Good luck. PS: "Haven't given that a thought already. Good suggestion to include that in the 'kid friendly' No gore option. Butchered corpses would have the same graph of the non-butchered animal." Your reply to my first, another assumption. That would be the last thing I'd suggest. I'm a realist when it comes to children, I believe they hear worse on TV, at the playground or reading one of those foolish woman's magazines that fills them with fluff about how they should look, act and talk. Far more damaging then little Timmy or Beth playing Wurm and it being explained it's a game, not real and what is acceptable for fantasy and reality. If people are so concerned about their children, don't have them on internet, many things that go bump in the night surf the net - including cults and yuppies. *shivers*
  12. Let's make a list of stuff to remove or change that may be offensive or morally incorrect: The blood The butchering Horses that are used in 'slavery' to carry people, killed during pvp, for leather products or because of unsuitable traits, potentially starved, to make fuzzy PETA friends happy. Meat for vegetarian players Eggs for our vegan friends. Let's get rid of religion so as not to offend anyone who might see it as a mockery or slight of true religions in real life. We should also remove the recently added banners on people, as it might suggest gang affiliation Cows & deer's are next, DOWN WITH LEATHER and all leather products Any animals that produce fur as it's needless, you DON'T need sleep bonus. Also remove all carpentry, it shows a shocking lack of concern for the environment and could offend budding young tree huggers. Then fish go, resources aren't endless, it could give children irresponsible ideas. After that the forges, campfires and ovens, playing with fire shouldn't be shown as fun, it's SERIOUS people. Mountain lions are also endangered in real life, Google it, yet the game portrays them as suitable for hunting - that's very irresponsible , BAD ROLF! Then yes by all means language and forum content. Then we can also take sensitivity training with extra group hugs so as not to be judgemental or negative but offer valuable, supportive critism or alternatives.. Or maybe, and no judgement here, that parents could be responsible for limiting the content their children see with programs that they feel is unsuitable: http://www.netnanny.com/ You're welcome. Also (and again no judgement) just a suggestion, you could take yourself over to something visually and morally suitable to your needs or that of your child: http://worldofsolitaire.com/ http://www.hellokittyonline.com/ I could of just asked "Where does it all end?" But that wouldn't have been NEARLY as much fun.
  13. Serious question to the OP: The blood bothers you but the butcher corpses don't? "Eww red spot, how icky" "Oh look dear how sweet, half the dead pig's face is skinned...." Not a fan of the blood either, but I'd think the butchered corpses would bother a sensitive person more...
  14. @Atndy I didn't know anyone could make a reply that mundane, I was nodding off by the second paragraph.. Congrats. @ Protunia I say do it. Plenty of pointless things have been added. Pinks ponies couldn't be any more useless (at least to me) then personal goals, achievements, karma, epic being all quest driven (especially now that freedom is epic or is epic freedom?), the new farming system, the whole "rare" system in which the same person can create 4 in a 24 hour period (dictionary anyone?), exo - anyone remember why exo was added? I do. Even add some complexity, say you take a forest green horse and a red and breed them, that's right, PLAID....I could use a 5 speed plaid horse. I'd consider paying for the game again for that.. Not realistic? Neither is wogic...a steampunk bartender, a 60% price increase for beta... (call it Wurm 25.1...still beta) +1
  15. Won't happen, because it would be...you know...useful...fun....'good'.. But I voted yes anyways.