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  1. Please add Calgar to the list, I have 126 recipes
  2. Neraka is Macragge and Heavy Metal Industries has been gone for years (SE Corner) 7156,7133 is Xanadu Highway Patrol
  3. Looking for Smoke of Sol - Paying 2 gold / 200 silver. Send me PM
  4. Do all this on the new servers and leave the old ones alone. We have already been through the circus and don't need to be cleaning up after everyone leaves
  5. Looking for a Smoke from Sol, 1 charge. Will pay via paypal PST
  6. WTB full drake set PM with color, QL, and price
  7. Looking for a scale set. Please PM with what you have and the price you're looking for
  8. Please take a look. Selling this character: Darkravager - He's SOTG with Blood of the Angels and Smoke of Sol Very high end account. Please message me with offers. No lowballers, I know what this account is worth. He also comes with a white drake set. Premium until Feb 28th Cheers, Calgar