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  1. Woop! Im coming Krampo!
  2. Hi Guys, I will be working on this thread in time to beautify it -- however in the interum i will be taking orders. What Services do i provide? Carpentry & Fine Carp Standard: All crafts come at 50ql Normal wood colour can be chosen +Delivery Fee based on your location Place your order today! Wagons: Wagon - 4s Standard Cedar Wagon - 5s Rare Colour Crates: Large Crates - 30c Each 12 @ 3s -- you save 60c More items coming soon...
  3. wtb clay

    Hey Trash -- Paratus here -- i can fill your oder Msg me ingame!
  4. Give us more tailoring options and clothing variations! Please
  5. Unlike any experience, come and join an active community! We are situated in n21 - with many perks! We will not hold you down to community projects however we will assign you to a village task to help contribute. We have an open storage place, over 10x guards and tons of resources to help you along finding your path in Wurm. Weather you are learning or just would like to hang with us on discord while wurming then you have found the right place! Current Alliance Size: 10 people We have Mayors around the lake taking part in an Alliance. Current Villagers: 6 people With Roads and highways linking to different settlments. If you are interested in joining us Message me ingame: Paratus or Steelioskontos See you ingame!
  6. Please move my deed: The Beaumont: incorrect current: 2958, 2728 -- this is the wrong co-ords correct current: 2872, 2478 --- this is the correct co-ordds And also please add Kinko's Correct current: 2878, 2512
  7. The Beaumont - 2963, 2731
  8. Silver Trading

    Silver should be allowed to exchange for real life money. This is the direction more games will take in the future and for me honestly, I think its great because i dont feel like my time thats invaluable is wasted and somehow an investment. Dont be left behind - make tracks to a cash economy game... look at project entropia.. they doing just fine.
  9. Hi guys, Roughing it out and trying to make enough for my very own deed Looking for any type of work, pm me IGN: Paratus
  10. Hi all, I currently have 3x sleep powders for sale. I want to sell at 90c ea. Pm me me!
  11. Hi there WTS [19:36:59] A passionately red ruby. Pm me offers: Sirevo
  12. Finally found a spot to deed and looking to recruit active players only. Active+Loyal ofcourse. Theres still tons of work to be done/ hence it is xana, so if you would like to join, give me a shout.
  13. [POLL] Xanadu Clay

    It only seems a lot because judging on the space and the size of the map im pretty sure its all calculated to an even amount that is fair. However the spots you are looking probly has tons!, whereso other spots have none
  14. Yea I cant play wurm got nothing to do im all packed ready to leave for xana
  15. Have you tried these: and
  16. same here
  17. i would like to partake in this event. As I did last time and it didn't go to well.
  18. Looks like they spawned 2 uniques close to each other...
  19. And if it stays rare after build ill bid 8s Edit* Thanks Niki!
  20. does this stay rare when finished and 16s pretty insane