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  1. Whether it be for Christmas or someone's birthday there should always be the joy of gift giving to others!. +1
  2. So while I was playing today I got this idea of why don't we more forms of writing materials! My suggestions are to add in writing improvements such as books, pencils, signatures, and the ability to copy papers and books. This can add in a use for bookcases, gather paper, also more role-playing options. 1. Books(With Title and Author optional) - paper + leather **Also gives a purpose for bookcases 2. Pencils - charcoal + shaft **The ability to erase while the pen can not 3. The ability to make copies of paper/books so you can copy over the information (treaties and other important info). 4. The ability to add signatures, whether it is a custom signature(**deed signatures) or name signature. (Ability to trademark stuff. Ex: treaties, books, papers) **Number 4 would really add in the ability to make in game treaties possible and have physical proof.