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  1. Looks like it is time for a field trip (most) of the way to the south coast .
  2. Nope, not unless the roles are reversed and the committee can fire Rolf.
  3. Griefing is whatever Rolf says it is which may change 5 minutes after one of his chat buddies whines about something.
  4. Kicking Werm to the curb.
  5. With the changes to enclosures I expect that PVE is dead. You will have Full pvp servers and pvp light servers. You can count me GONE!
  6. *Adjusts tinfoil hat* What's wrong with a little paranoia?
  7. I am all for making the interface as easy as possible. And maybe bumping up the failure rate or cost of failure to compensate.
  8. Tell it of all the Deed holders on JK Home when it went PVP over night.
  9. not sure why everyone thinks every player is gonna gank you... Its not that PVErs think everyone is a ganker.. but that PVErs say "Gank, not even once."
  10. The biggest, easiest exploit available at this time seems to be a support call.
  11. The flat area around the station is finally expanding level with the station.
  12. Looks like MadDoctors original post caught a bad case of the flue. Might be joining soon as I can clean up a few things and figger out how to get there.