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  1. Hi, Please add Stadfesta to 58AV, kinda where the tree symbols are. Stadfesta, Aboreal Vale and High Hrothgar are all villages according to your criteria and all three are members of the High Vale alliance. Could have High Vale showing instead of the individual deed names? I like both styles of map, this new one is great as a map of what's where but I think I'll refer to the old one for any overland journeys for the more detailed terrain - keep up the good work DM it's much appreciated. Tomar
  2. On behalf of the small High Vale Alliance (who reside in the valley to the north of Eastern Outpost) thanks for this project, the Spider Wood has claimed us many times as we traveled from our homes to TD and back. Tomar
  3. Hi, High Hrothgar's main building is 46x, 13y in the bottom-right corner. My neighbour Bumblemore's deed - Aboreal Vale is 46x, 14y around the bottom-left. Many thanks for a wonderful project. Tomar
  4. Please Close

    Due to complete munty-flumpness please close this thread.
  5. Exodus Trading Post - Open

    Hey, I made an order a little over a week ago and it hasn't shown up on the website. Is there any news?
  6. Exodus Trading Post - Open

    Hi, Need an order of 350 stone bricks delivered to Tomar Land (shown on Lobber's new map and just around the corner). Do you do orders of 350 or would I need to order 300/400 instead? Regards, Tomar
  7. New Map for Exodus HERE

    Can you add Tomar Land at 16x 35y, it's position within the cell is NE corner. Great project, many thanks. Tomar

    My thanks Zaaphod and Silvirwolfe.

    Internet sympathy from stranger may not be worth much but you have mine. I'll check with those named to see if they're on.
  10. CLOSED

    Zaaephod - you're just around the corner from me, it's for my rowing boat so I want a cheap one to hold it in place whilst I skill up a bit imping it before I move onto bigger and better boats. Is it on a merchant there or would I need to do an in-person trade, if so what's your time zone? I'm GMT and will be about from around 11am GMT through to 4pm GMT
  11. CLOSED

    Hey, I'm looking to buy an Anchor, with a view to buying a few more in the near future. Please post price below or send me a forum PM. Tomar
  12. Avatar of Vynora

    Nice! Whereabouts is Shimmering Tree (co-ords) so I can have a visit? I'd not contribute much with a killing and probably die hideously but I'd certainly come along to watch from a short distance
  13. Exodus Trading Post - Open

    Great, thanks.
  14. Exodus Trading Post - Open

    Hey, If you've got any of those dredges laying around can you put one to one side and I'll buy that as well when my torch lamps are ready to collect. Thanks...
  15. ~Exodus Community Map Project~ ENDED

    Wow Trebor, I saw you scouting around but that's really really detailed. Thanks for doing my area