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  1. I need a 100 tiles long Lasso to fish down those mountain cliff climbing animals.
  2. The answer is no Delakar The Kickstarter concept is ment to help new developers with their first game. Kickstarter is not ment to be a social wellfare for old games that allready have established themself on the market. And Rolf have been opening new servers almost 1 new per year right, this is not what u would see from anyone applying for a kickstarter. Is almost like saying that Notch is unemplooyed now after selling Minecraft for 2.5 billion dollars and need to apply for a kickstarter =) There is allready a ton of other Sandbox wannabe lookalike games on Kickstarter that are just dying to get your money. Just dont be angry if u throw your money away on a thing that will never be fully developed. I you dont believe me, look up what Totalhalibut / Totalbiscuit got to say about it on youtube.
  3. I have had a bug on freedom Xanadu server where players nickname have remained in the Local tab permanent, even thou they clearly was not left in my local. Happen more then 10 times since Xanadu launch and on several of these occasion i have double checked by chatting to the player, to confirmed they was 1000's of tiles away or even offline.
  4. I will +1 this coz it would create a market for rare beds, outside the current market that only exist of Fab5 fans
  5. it's funny to hear Kyara residents complain about this performance change. The only town defence Kyara have is the lag ?
  6. holy moly Busted that was a wall of text right there, but u r right on all points =)
  7. Just to share my story why i voted No, maybe it's not that uncommon. When i ragequit wurm i bought world of warcraft lich king, and played. I had 10 chars, one of each class at max level 80 at that time, okey gear and alot gold. Then i got bored of WoW and ragequit that. 6 months later i see a mail from Blizzard that say ur char transfer to another realm have been paid for. And ofcourse, even thou i had not played Wow for over half a year, somehow my account got hacked, got no clue how. And not only was all my gear and gold gone, apparently the hacker had sold my account to someone, that also had paid to move a char to another realm server. I had the orginal info so I took back my account. So im mad at Blizzard, im mad at some random hacker, and im mad at a random shady account sellers on internet. I bet if u would look up any random account and gold seller site, their organisation numbers (if it even exist) and have a background check, i would not be surpriced if they dont pay Taxes, and they have a criminal record. And like Markeedragon have clearly pointed out years ago in his youtube videos. When u get involved with thicks as thiefs like this, u can for sure expect when they dont get what they want, they will make u suffer, ur servers will get DDOS'ed by them.
  8. Call up his old friend Notch and invite over for a Lunch, and ask if Notch wanna be part of Wurm again. Someday Notch gonna get bored of being a billionaire and wanna use his creative mind for something awesome.
  9. oh well let me first say that this is not any overpowered way, its very time consuming, so the high skilled metallurgy and coalmaker player would maybe deem it inefficient to gather high ql steel the max ql item i smelt is between 70 and 80ql, and it for sure hurts to smelt a 80ql plate item that u know u can sell. but u use the lump u get from it to craft more items to 80ql that u sell. with a high ql smelt pot u 100% of the time get the max ql lump smelting 90-95 ql items for a lump is not good, since that high up u should know how much fails and lump tries it is. The refining up method only works when u can get hugh ql increase between the times it needs a lump click Lets say i have a 60 ql item and click one time a lump. If im luck this item can go all the way to like 70 ql before i need use 1 more lump. then it maybe goes to 75 before next lump, and then to 80 and i smelt This method is also good when u r grinding skill in PAS, since u recycle items and get more lumps to work with for a longer time.
  10. my info is not coming from wiki. im 92+skilled plate armor smith i use clay pot alot to refine up my steel QL. I smelt down 80ql steel items just to get a 80ql steel lump i made 50ql myself claypot. Traxx helped me and made a 70ql and a 80ql and a 90ql u lose 10% of metal weight of item, and clay pot ql * 1.4 is the max ql lump u can get
  11. aha, true alec. is just that im so used to see players in the WTB and WTS section on this forum, and they seem to trade in ratio 1:1. But i guess to be able to sell silver, they must be cheaper then wurms own webshop. But lets say 80 euro. If i bought the cheapest beans and pork meat and some healthy massproduced vegetables, i bet u i could live 1 whole month on 80 euro =)
  12. If it was up to me I'd give them youtubers like Emoo, MIlosanx a temporary GM or godmode char on that new server, so they can use it to fly around with and make cutscenes to upload.
  13. I would solve this by introducing more value in the current trades. Make them sell new stuff. I got no example of what moneysink, or pay2win or cosmetic, or user friendly stuff it could be. All i can say that it has to be alot of new stuff to make the trader worth the 50 silver cost. Dont forget that 50s = 50 euro. And for that amount you could buy alot of stuff for IRL.