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  1. maps don't bother me at all drop me anywhere in wurm and ill find my way out ive played long enough o know the lands it would be nice for newbies but i agree with the no you are here marker and don't show deeds just a map of the terrain would be fine. that way people can just look around and see oh there's a lake to north a mountain to east and a ocean south i must be here like they did in the old pioneer days.
  2. I'm all for Chulirac's location I've been there in the past and it's set up great for an impalong
  3. maybe not the game right now for android but a server chat program (dont mean irc actual server chat) or who's online program linked to friends list would be nice
  4. i could see that but its happening on our other deeds too and some of them have 30 and 40 ratio. our main deed doesn't even have 1/10th of the animals and it happens there too and its ratio is like 40 or so. and its the same size deed. I think its just broken they should change it back. was wondering how many are having this issue.
  5. were losing both male and female of all age ranges there's no real sense to it that we've noticed all are in their own pens so not getting disease.
  6. ok i have 7 deeds all of them have a good animal ratio according to the token yet every day i log in animals are dead and when I'm playing they die for no reason. All the animals range from young to venerable but their all still dieing daily. Has anyone else noticed this issue. The tile per creature ratio of this deed is 15.521428. Optimal is 15 or more.This is a good figure. yet things still drop dead for no reason there are no diseased animals and thier on enchanted grass and fat. so no idea why they keep dieing. Help would be appreciated.
  7. what their saying is it will stay 10 silver but the price for silver will go up as well so price of 10 silver will be same as price of 2 months time the only thing upsets me about it is the update for epic it sucks can get the dragon eggs and stuff for doing missions there but they totally neglect the pve servers there should be a way that the same rewards can be earned on the PVE side as well, I mean we got to deal with all the bugs and nerfs from them adding stuff to epic but we get none of the perks lol.
  8. i think making uniques re-spawn at random so always some on servers I've had alot of newer players tell me they'd love to see a dragon or kyklops or such or experience the fight with on but with them all dead and gone on most servers they never will. and for gods sakes make them unpennable make them destroy walls and buildings to get free make dragons able to fly to get past walls its so dumb that you can put up a wood fence or build a house around it and it will just sit inside forever waiting to be butchered. in all my time i saw 1 dragon and got lucky to join a fight and it is one of my fondest memory's in wurm but now no new people can experience that I ran into troll king and kyklops before and those were also memorable experiences. In game craftable Map would be nice to make it easier to find your way around even if deeds weren't listed we have paper so why cant we use it can even be a map skill maybe go to an area with your map click ground and choose cartography or something and it adds deeds and stuff in a radius higher skill more it adds. A revamp to combat or to the tutorial would be nice i know alot of people i meet don't understand the combat and some kinda explanation in tutorial would be nice maybe have them kill a wildcat there or a pig. Was gonna suggest the better way to equip but i saw a post where their working on that already and i think its a good way to do it as they plan with the doll model to equip items on. Also as stated above there's a lot of bugs should be fixed first before any contents added
  9. I tried at zglandos to break the wall with catapult then tried some more on my own deed shooting at my house and still had no luch from any 11 tiles. i fired 11 cranks to 15 cranks each multiple times and shot just vanished with miss also never found any leftover shot on the ground. in the past I've always found at least one or 2 after 10 shots.
  10. well most think you need to mine to get first armor but i prospected a rock or 2 made a needle then turned few cows into leather but i agree some sort of woven armor or some other woven items would be a nice addition.
  11. any ql can always get them imped but say 50ish im wondering because of the rarity with all the dragons gone\\"Sry if double post pc acting laggy"
  12. just wondering how much these are going for right now just the chest
  13. R.E.A.P.

    ok My town of Boppingtonville is trying to get at least 100 oak sprouts for the replanting as well as a few hundred of other tree types if we can. We will also bring a Fo to help wild growth. If someone would be willing to make a FO alter there and donate some 50+ QL locks for sacrificing then we can get any other FO to help cast wild growth and grow the forest in real fast. If the Enchanted tree thing works enchant a few of the oaks and they will repopulate the area as well.
  14. Ill add a daytime photo when suns up lol