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  1. I can sell you a clean, low ql, rare willow longbow. PM me an offer if you're interested.
  2. Private buyout recieved. Thank you for your interest in this bow
  3. The wurm wiki, plus I have tested it a lot on Epic where I had a supreme bow as well.
  4. Auctioning off this low ql rare willow longbow. Great to use as a training bow for extra experience at the archery target if you decide to leave it at low quality. Otherwise, once improved, this is a great weapon that misses less and hits harder than its un-rare counterpart. The Auction Info Starting bid - 5s Minimum Inc - 0.5s Buyout - 10s Auction ends in 7 days from this post Must be picked up from NE Deli by the buyer. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me here.
  5. Lowered the price of the last rare willow longbow to 7s!
  6. Just selling some stuff that has accumulated in my bank. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rare Willow Long Bow (1 left!) Rare bows hit considerably harder and miss less than average bows. This bow is also impable to 50QL upon buyers request. -7s Yellow Potion 80c (Other offers welcome if I don't recieve an offer for 80c) Bouquet of white-dotted flowers (1x) 14.01QL Feel free to leave offers here or PM me for this. Delivery All items that are mailable can be mailed CoD at the buyer's expense. The Bows are not mailable however, and need to be either picked up from 41x10y on Deli or delivered for a fee. I will not deliver to Chaos.
  7. I'm trying to reach my grand goal of 90 bowyery but what's the point of continuing in my favourite skill if high ql bows will be worthless in a few months... +1 Please revert and stop nerfing archery
  8. Last day left! Don't miss your opportunity to win yourself a superb bow for hunting or shooting your enemies off their horses from a great distance.
  9. Selling this rare willow longbow that I got in my training to reach 50 Bowyery. I can improve it to 50ql if the buyer wishes. Otherwise you can leave it at low QL for extra experience at the archery target or seek one of the many master bowyers to improve the bow. The Details: Starting Bid - 5s Minimum inc. - 0.5s Sniper protection - 1 Hour Buyout - 12s Transfer of the bow will be arranged after completion of this auction. I would prefer the buyer to pick it up however. (With the removal of gift wrapping there is no longer a way to mail longbows, sorry!) The auction ends in 3 days, so Happy bidding and good luck
  10. [Reposted]

    Yep, I'll change the starting bid when I repost this later.
  11. Sorry, I was too excited rotating my awfully positioned guard tower to explain my posts. That statement was posted on the Wurm official news page and the news page that appears once opening the client. There you go Also, just a word of warning, it appears that if you rotate your guard tower the guards will not respond to your call for the next few minutes.
  12. They appear to be bugged though as guards do not respond to calls after I rotated my guard tower. EDIT: Just had to wait a bit and it worked
  13. Creators of Guard Towers may now rotate them <33333 you Rolf and Dev team