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  1. Recently leveled a Mag to 100 faith. Performed a ridiculous number of sermons to get there and much to my surprise, my PREACHING skill is only 7. What? I have reached 100 faith, so there is no reason to keep doing sermons. Shouldn't there be some usable preaching skill now? [09:13:42] Preaching increased by 0.0914 to 7.322 Look at the skill gain while still only level 7. Ridiculous. Do I want higher skill gain? Not really. What is Preaching used for? To help a new follower's starting faith be just a tad higher than zero? Pointless. Example: Follower starting faith is the priest's preaching skill/5, so in my case, I can get a follower to... 1. Hmm, let's see. So I just saved a new convert all of 20 minutes of praying cooldown timer? Can't really change the skill gain rate of preaching, because it would be unfair to all the folks like me that have run all the sermons they ever need, so only new priests would see preaching skills of any value. Even then, let's say you make skill gains massive and someone gets to 100 preaching. What value then? I can convert someone with a starting faith of 20, which can be reached in a week of just clicking "pray" a few times a day. No notable impact in the life of a priest or follower. So I say, just nuke that skill. Let the servers have a lighter load. snip out that code and toss it in the recycle bin. I certainly don't mean to get rid of doing sermons, just why have skill ticks on something nobody cares about, nor has a reason to care?
  2. this continued instability is going to really devalue horses and their equipment. Just too easy to lose a horse. Had to round up 4 of them yesterday and 4 a couple weeks ago. I got lucky. Let's hope I get lucky today too. 4 more stray horses I expect...
  3. From what I have heard, if you have animals hitched, they won't rollback to a random location it was in recently. I now always travel hitched when outside of my fences - this after having several horses wander off a couple weeks ago on another server crash. edit: and when done, leave them hitched for a day, before letting them lose in corral.
  4. Kicked out

    same here. I had accounts on pristine and release. All out and none can get in: Network error, failed to connect to the game server
  5. looks good. If the performance is strictly for the client and you can disable it, there is no reason not to enable rendering. As for the mine vision, being able to see things through mine walls, I love this "feature". Without, it would make mining in an old forgotten area quite a chore.
  6. Thank you for taking this on!
  7. What exactly is a battery priest? Sorry for the noob question.
  8. I like it. I would love to see highways with better accuracy than we see on the current community map (I'm Pristine) and would love to see a coordinate system where the cords are always listed below the mouse pointer, as you move it around the map. Would it be possible to capture the current map in a combined effort via individual clients? Some file we could all upload that would contain all our travels for the login period? Stich them all together to eventually make a complete, current and detailed map of the terrain? I have no idea, but would love a detailed map someday.
  9. I just signed up for photobucket, uploaded a pic to them, then copied a link they make specifically for forum posting, pasted in my text box here and it worked great. Prior to that, I was having some trouble.
  10. not any lag on Pristine yet. Loaded really fast this time