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  1. spindle, oakenwood 80ql - 40c May I have one of these sent to Soleca please. EDIT: Thank you very much.
  2. The whole system needs a re-balance to make moving large quantities via shipping viable. I mean no one can offer a decent solution without being able to see the hard data the staff have on the economy which of course we should not be able to see. Honestly the best solution I can offer is for us all to crowdfund them to hire a good economist or a team of them to spend months working out what the economy needs to survive in a small community like this.
  3. That is grade A service and speed, thank you so, so much.
  4. I'll take a "rope tool, oakenwood 70ql - 30c" please if you have one, Cod to Soleca. Thank you kindly.
  5. Thank you, good work staff.
  6. I'll take the 81 Woa pick 40c please, if it's still for sale. Cod to Soleca. Thank you kindly.
  7. Any of the QL59 (72)'s please then, thank you.
  8. If you can cod "great helm, steel (74) Ql 60,13" to Soleca please that would be much appreciated Thank you.
  9. You stop leading should have a sound effect you can toggle off and on.
  10. Hi, can you please send: Iron pickaxe C83 - 35c Longsword - LT75C84Nim68 -1S To Soleca in game please, thank you.
  11. Name and Shame

    Assuming you mean "don't, this is stupid", then no it isn't. It stops all the unnecessary whining, reassures people about corruption and dodgyness of the game and nothing makes players start doing things the proper way than the risk of losing their account. Works fine in eve online where things are a lot, lot more cut throat and underhanded. If players keep choosing to be and that causes drama that takes up staffs time or paints the game in a bad light then harsh rules need to be instituted.
  12. Name and Shame

    Can it not just be made that all "traded" accounts, bought sold or "lent" have to do so through the forums officially with a paper trail, then ban all characters not shared or traded this way.
  13. Barring the kind of bad luck that seems to dog me, I'll definitely be there.