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  1. you are clearly "special", but its ok. Admin hasnt checked the alts IPs obviously as he will see all the alts were made in canada.its very easy to check as ive done it before.This server with the way the admins are, is trash, have fun
  2. you obviously didnt check the IPs on any of them, if u go and look ull see logic and bobbytarantino, which are my only accounts have logged on thru my IP and steam ID , go have a look, i dare ya .....also im in newzealand , and they are in canada/usa
  3. you literally said my account is my responsibility and codeine isnt my account on ur server
  4. CHECK THE IP! u can use someone elses name on WU if that name hasnt been used on the server before? are you new to the game? this isnt WO where u have separate accounts, its just a name you cant keep ur name if someone else has taken it, you dont own the name like on WO. so on your server codeine has nothing to do with me as its not my account, its a name i use, but someone else has taken it
  5. i was literally banned for nothing, those logs aint evidence enough for a ban, how can u ban someone for not wanting a discord group? then u wrongfully think im making 30 alts logging them in without checking Ips? dont join this server the GM's specially that kaycha one is super angry who will ban you for not wanting a kingdom group on discord
  6. i said i have esp, eggs sausages and peppers and thats bannable evidence? lol
  7. Logging started 2018-03-18 [14:55:15] <Spirit templar> I'll take care of old horse! [14:55:15] <Spirit templar> I'll take care of old horse! [14:55:17] <Spirit templar> I'll take care of old horse! [14:55:17] <Spirit templar> I'll take care of Raffeh! [14:55:18] <Spirit templar> I'll take care of Raffeh! [14:55:19] <Spirit templar> I'll take care of Raffeh! [14:57:28] <Raffeh> turn esp off [14:57:33] <Logic> na [14:57:35] <Raffeh> lol [14:57:39] <Logic> its gucci [14:57:42] <Averagejay> its ilegal [14:57:42] <Raffeh> cmon man we got it [14:57:47] <Logic> same [14:57:47] <Raffeh> but we turned it off for fun [14:57:58] <Logic> i can literally see you [14:57:59] <Raffeh> i mean if we all playing same playing field with or without [14:57:59] <Spirit templar> I'll take care of Averagejay! [14:58:03] <Raffeh> why does it matteR? [14:58:03] <Logic> wtf does it matter? [14:58:11] <Raffeh> because u can see us [14:58:12] <Averagejay> lol [14:58:13] <Jonos> turn that . off [14:58:13] <Raffeh> when we approah [14:58:14] <Jonos> jesus [14:58:16] <Averagejay> you need cheats.. gg [14:58:17] <Spirit templar> I'll help you with Jonos! [14:58:18] <Raffeh> or fire [14:58:22] <Logic> the guards literally run towards you? [14:58:30] <Logic> oh they coming from there [14:58:31] <Averagejay> you can see us attacking [14:58:36] <Averagejay> before you should etc [14:58:39] <Logic> lol no ###### i have eyes [14:58:41] <Averagejay> exactly where we are [14:58:43] <Averagejay> fking idiot [14:58:45] <Raffeh> fair [14:58:57] <Raffeh> i just want to play bro [14:59:01] <Logic> why u so mad? [14:59:03] <Raffeh> if u aint got it on chillen [14:59:05] <Raffeh> no mad bro [14:59:08] <Raffeh> this is cool [14:59:08] <Logic> im sitting here with 10fs and a great axe [14:59:12] <Raffeh> fair1 [14:59:12] <Logic> come at me brah [14:59:15] <Raffeh> with 10 gaurds [14:59:18] <Jonos> lmao [14:59:19] <Averagejay> LOL [14:59:20] <Logic> and ur crying esp? [14:59:20] <Raffeh> do you think we are any better? [14:59:26] <Spirit templar> I'll take care of old horse! [14:59:26] <Spirit templar> I'll help you with old horse! [14:59:27] <Logic> pffft [14:59:28] <Raffeh> just want to make sure u aint got it [14:59:34] <Logic> i have esp [14:59:53] <Logic> eggs sausages and peppers [15:00:09] <Spirit templar> I'll take care of Averagejay! [15:00:09] <Spirit templar> I'll take care of Jonos! [15:00:12] <Logic> ez boyz
  8. you was me was yes in local chat when was asked if i use esp, when the enemies asked, of course im going to troll them, ur admin team is wack
  9. i have the logs and can post them here, 1 sec
  10. so an enemy in local asking if your using ESP and i just say yes? is enough to go off? is sarcasm not allowed?
  11. this isnt true, my normal name is codeine but someone else logged it in as a alt and i got banned for it, look up the damn IP's before u swing the ban hammer
  12. This is awesome and all, Hi my player name was Logic, check my IP to the alts? i have nothing to do with it, also i was banned for not wanting to be put into a kingdom group on discord? how is that fair?
  13. 10/10 also i hear there are super rare named drops too
  14. [22:19:33] Bipolarbear slain by Mootred [22:41:38] Tclunatic slain by Bipolarbear Had some fun, got caught by 4-5 mobs on me with a slow bull lol looking forward to some more pvp