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  1. can i ask how does rare effect toolbelt? extra slot?
  2. Pm me here or in game on Rayzer or Epson with price will cod Enchanted Saddle 58ql WoA 77 Horse Shoe Iron 66.96ql WoA66 Horse Shoe Iron 66.06ql WoA61 Horse Shoe Iron 66.69ql WoA57 Horse Shoe Iron 65.95ql WoA53 Pickaxe Iron 1ql 72coc Pickaxe Iron 1.60ql 41coc Non Enchanted Horse Shoe Iron 66.58ql Horse Shoe Iron 67.62ql Horse Shoe Iron 67.83ql Horse Shoe Iron 68.22ql Rares Trowel 79.82ql sold Studded Leather Pants 49.3ql sold 3 Sleep Powder 1.5s each or 4s for all must be collected (Xanadu P25) will deliver for a fee.
  3. steel hatchet 74coc 5.46QL 1s? coc Rayzer Please
  4. just sitting on private wow bc server remembering the good old days when the game was fun lol
  5. sorry to hear, seeing things like this happen is the only reason i live alone
  6. one 77 coc and 1 70 coc please cod to rayzer