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  1. As the title says, timerfix not working after update. Has any1 else had this problem? is there a fix?
  2. Owner will take a look at on sunday to see which mods work and which ones dont. He will upgrade if the mods work.
  3. [N/A]

    lmao.. u need to reread my post I could assign titles to myself.. not other players. If i am wrong, then explain to me how the other new kingdom assigned titles the same day they made their kingdom. Wiki is not 100 % correct all the time, that is why u have the option to edit posts on wiki. *sigh Anyways i am done, yet again. Post what u want. Players will eventually see what u are all about because a leopard cant change his spots.. or a wolf for that matter.
  4. [N/A]

    *sigh another excuse.... You knew I could assign titles to myself . The prob is I couldnt assign titles to anyone else.. and also explain to me how one other seperate kingdom assigned titles the same day they made their kingdom. 2% applies to the cr bonus gained. Just another point to prove you are not experienced enough to run a server. @Haka ohhh so u are acccused of cheating too? lol Dont start your own server lmao
  5. *Note to all our current players. You will have to play in the "previous" version to get into game. The new update broke many of our mods and we will not update server until fixes are made to the mods. Shouldnt be too long I hope . Ago is pretty fast at fixing the mods and I m sure you would prefer to continue playing with all the mods we have working now. Thanks for your patience Game on ! Kat
  6. [N/A]

    Everyone will be the same on launch u say.. well, yur the gm. Who else is to know what u do? Unless u get another gm who sees u spawning rare items for your own player char or extra towers for your own kingdom. +1 for Thentias's first post. He covered the majority of what i would have said. Lemme just add a couple more reasons why not to join this server. Everything will be good when you first start. Wolf may even pay u a visit and change your affinity to one you would like. He may even get a good player base going but then the probs will start. If you have any personal game issues with your deed he will attempt to work on them but a month later it still wont be fixed. Oh yes he will give u many MANY different excuses but u will eventually start to get frustrated when u see him log into other games. DO NOT say goodbye to friends and leave his server for personal reasons or otherwise !! His anger, trust issues and paranoia will get you unfriended, banned and then the lies and acccusations will start. He may even tell you about another good friend he has lost (other than Thentias) because of Wurm. I wonder where THAT other friend is as im sure they have their own reasons why he is no longer Wolf's friend. You know Wolf, we could have worked together. If we had players that chose to leave our servers, we could have recommended them to try each others. But u chose to go on the offensive and make decisions that only hurt u in the end. Everything from actions in game to accusations on Discord to trying to sabotage another server. So u have made your bed and now have to lay in it. I however, still have hope that one day, while we will never be friends again, that maybe we will be able to live in harmony together and the flaming and backlashing will stop. One that note, I truly wish you goodluck on your server. Take care Kat
  7. Local is set to 40 tiles.. not the regular 80 so its a compensation for esp until a proper fix can be made
  8. Yup lots of glimmersteel and adamantite... that YOU gave permission for.. As for the magical chest, he was testing to see if it could be loaded in a cart.. it was destroyed after. forgot to mention that part? What about the halter rope u summoned for yourself and name it Leader? or the towers u summoned for other kingdoms? You may also want to mention all the players that he changed affinities for that you also gave permission for,,, is that all u got? seriously..your server goes down and now u want to trash ours... seriously... grow up. Im done
  9. @Moonpoppy Ohhh is that the new lie? Seriously? If he was spawning random items in game, why was he only banned as a gm AFTER we left the server? The only items he spawned were trees that the server needed, adamantite and glimmersteel (that he had permission to do so cuz those ores capped at 50). Of course Wolf wont tell you all the work that Dove did and the many suggestions he gave him to help populate the server. Wolf admitted he was not a very experienced player. And funny how all these lies and accusations come out after we leave THEN get banned from discord. and yes i heard them all cuz what he didnt know is I had other friends that were still on discord after my group and I got banned. All I know is I put in a post to say goodbye and Wolfs paranoia, trust and anger issues reared its ugly head. Every1 on discord has seen it. I was immediately unfriended on steam and then the lies started. I decided to leave the server for good reasons that i refused to speak of in discord when I left. Waiting 1 month for titles and banners. Oh yes i know he had bugs to fix etc but Im speaking about all the lies and excuses made for over a month as to why our issues were not fixed while he was playing other games..He also told everyone i was harrassing him everyday. Once a week for the first 3 weeks I asked how things were coming on titles and banners. after that , it was every 3 days cuz i was getting frustrated. The bottom line is we left, Wolf got angry, lost his high populated server, probably due to his anger issues, which then in turn added more anger. If he wants to be angry, then be angry at me. Im the one who left and took my village players with me. Dont lie and accuse my friends or family cuz your mad at me. Wolf has thanked me repeatedly for calming him down when he was angry when I was still playing. Now that i am no longer there my advice to wolf is he wants peace in his life, he needs to accept responsability for his own actions, and stop the lies and accusations to make himself look good or to get sympathy. I could go on and on but I think I have said my peace, clarified issues and Im much too old to deal with the bull anymore and will move on lol. Hopefully he can do the same We have a good server and hopefully those that read this post will judge Dove and hiss server by his true actions. We just want everyone that comes to have a good fun experience and learn to love Wurm as much as we do. You are more than welcome to join as we hold no grudges. The choice is yours. Have a great day
  10. Hello all Wurmians. I am here to introduce a new pvp server named Skullkingdom. Listed below are some details: 4k new map (ingame map working) 1 FULL pvp map, no cluster, no pve zones. No safe zones. 3x skill, 10x timers (praying is very fast) 70% aggressive animals No priest restrictions Priests can cast all diety spells. Adamantine and glimmersteel ores greatly increased. Many mods including hitching posts, bag of holding, bounty mod (coinage increased so u can get the money u need faster), sacrifice mod (2% chance for rare bone when saccing) and many more. Esp allowed (local is limited to 40 tiles), alts allowed, no cap on templars. No gm interferance. This is pvp. Got raided? Enemy destroyed your crops? Let your sword do the talking. If you are caught cheating, you will be perm banned. No discussion. No excuses. For more information please visit http://seizesoftware.org/SK/Wurm/. Click the link to find the Map, Mods, Client Mod Download and the Rules and why we created them. If your looking for a tough pvp server with all the bells and whistles, come check us out and maybe we can play .. or battle each other ! Our slogan. Death comes, Deal with it ! So come join us and lets have some fun
  11. Serenity is still down.. any1 know what the prob is and when it will b up again?