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  1. Updated. Didn't add this as x26,y26 has no land within it. Wanting to make sure it was the correct place before it was added.
  2. Are you sure you can steal on Chaos? The wiki says theft isn't allowed. />http://wurmpedia.com/index.php/Server_Types
  3. Added borders to Makar and the Pineview area. Lemme know if they need tweaking. Will add more if they're a large deed or a close collection of smaller deeds. Just post a small map of the outline.
  4. They used to live by me, back in April. They just started out and were trying to learn the game in a rather hostile environment, (had 2 troll dens spawning 4-5 champs a day) so they set up just outside my place, since I had a guard/tower. I think they quit after a week, as I never saw their names appear in village chat (they set up outside my deed, I just invited them for a nearer spawn). Maybe they've recently come back and are re-learning the game. Maybe they are doing it to grief now, but they never did before. Either way, I think people are too attached to the land they don't pay to protect, especially without at least closing it off.
  5. Do you mean Port Tanelorn?
  6. Seriously, do you have ANY clue what you are talking about? I cannot bash a village mate's boat on my deed that is in a writ that I own. You can only bash your OWN boats and carts. Not village mates, not friends, only your own. And where the hell is this destroy boats in 2 hits coming from? Have you ever actually bashed something before?? You'll do like 10 damage per hit on average for a crap ql boat WITH the mayor bonus... Wouldn't that be because Chaos is a freedom isle and it's not allowed in the freedom ruleset? I've not played on a PvP ruleset server long enough to have a boat park on deed, so can't say for certain, but I'd wager that is the reason why. As for the 2-hit thing, perhaps he is basing it on wooden fences. I know I can 2-hit a decent ql wooden fence, even without using the best quality maul nor the highest strength. Not that far-fetched to assume boats would have similar tolerances, being made of wood.
  7. Is there no visual effect for those of us with no sound / no hearing?
  8. Funnily enough I recently gave a noob a temporary invite to my deed, just so he could build his boat safely. I fed him, gave him the logs, rope, lock and anchor to build his boat and some 20/25 potency healing covers and cotton incase he ran into trouble. He ended up finishing the boat, then running off with a few cartloads of things from my bsb / unplanted lamps I had spare. I guess this leads me to think that there should be an option to disable looting on deeds. Maybe then more people would help the new players, as there would be no risk to their possesions.
  9. Troll King

    So 10pm GMT? I'm in no matter the time though.
  10. Looking to buy a fountain pan or two. On Exodus is preferred, but will pick up at your leisure.
  11. Haha sponsored by GAME. The one place where you can't actually buy any games, because they only stock Call of Duty.
  12. [19:36:08] A small serious gnome stands here ready for christmas. Ql: 5.7129607, Dam: 0.0. [19:36:09] A small serious gnome stands here ready for christmas. Ql: 5.7129607, Dam: 0.0. [19:36:10] A small serious gnome stands here ready for christmas. Ql: 1.9800999, Dam: 0.0. All been that QL since early January. One in a field on deed, one in a field off deed and one in my house on deed. No idea how to get more "decay".
  13. Aggro spawns have actually increased for me, at least for spawns of note. Went from many packs of wolves and deer last month, to packs of trolls and lions. I'm getting around 4 champ trolls a day now, and maybe 20 greenish lions and a hell hound or two. It's brilliant, at least I think it is. Most of the NW Exo folk don't seem to like the constant spawning of sly / champ trolls and have been looking for the lair to bash, which is proving very hard in a densely forested area with many high points. Although, at my second deed, I was only visited by slow dogs. I'm guessing a bear lair has spawned though, as I've been getting black bears over the last day or two. I put it down to the promise of Exo being a harsher place to live, but perhaps it has got too hard. Still, it's nice to see more champs around. I have even seen goblins!
  14. Because if we made every single thing optional then the whole game would be a bunch of checkboxes for you to decide how you want to play. It'd take you a month to get through them all. Being able to customise the GUI isn't a bad thing though. I'd gladly take a month to get the GUI how I like it, I simply won't play a game where I can't stand looking at the HUD. It's not like the change improved on any apects either, it just made things worse. It looks out of place, it displays pointless information (favor for a follower, really?) and hides useful information (constantly yellow food bar, even at 99% nutrition).
  15. Is that supposed to be in the water?
  16. It was added in the last update.
  17. I recently made 3 meals of around 16ql, each weighing 1kg (3 filets of meat and a potato). Didn't touch any of them. One meal took 60~ damage in 3 days, a second meal took 60~ damage on the fourth day, while the third meal had no damage. No salt used, didn't remove them from their frying pans, pans had different levels of ql / damage (the lowest ql pan's meal taking no damage) and all left inside the same forge in my on-deed mine. Took a bite out of the no damage meal on day 4, otherwise they were all treated the same way. Could mean it's better than a barrel, but I'll err on the side of random is random (or seems random to those observing without knowing all the factors).
  18. The option to use the current menus, as they are - no slight tweaks (I'm looking at you classic!). I hate change.
  19. Seems a lot of people forgot about the recent "bugfix". Run out of stamina while swimming? Log out for 6 hours and you'll be full again.
  20. Whoops, guess I added it on the wrong layer