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  1. Sure, I'm working on PST so let's say if you get them in Saturday morning around 10? In the meanwhile I'm trying to send my own "diplomatic" suggestions to those who have come up with turns to keep the momentum going.
  2. Most turns are in. I'd love to do a turn but as a student I have to have priorities. I'll try to get one done by the weekend. In the mean time, things are really heating up keep up the excellent interactions amongst yourselves. Extend trade relationships. And if you can't get enough, feel free to start your own game. Back in the day we had three of them going at once, some were wurm themed, others post-apocalyptic.
  3. Just a note: things that are more of an action or a verb or a physical thing that you are doing, should be sent to me as a private message as your turn. Anything that is communication or something you are saying can be done wherever.
  4. I'm going to try and get a turn out tomorrow. Some countries haven't responded to the last turn and I'd like to give them a chance. Also I'm fairly busy this week. Keep up the diplomacy!
  5. According to, when comparing sheer numbers of ships, China is second in the world. It is only when comparing China with the absurdly millitaristic United States that it seems small. Similar story for aircraft. I mean if you want I could bring down China's army size but it doesn't seem to unrealistic and I won't be giving out huge advantages based on army size. The goal is always to play smart as opposed to big and your turns have been some of the best in terms of organization and creativity I've recieved.
  6. I agree that having an enormous army right away would be a great advantage. That's why I've tried to generalize army size into 4 categories; none, small, medium(average is probably a better word), large. This kind of smooths out the mountains and valleys in a sense where all large armies are treated equally. I'm pretty sure China's other armies still fell into the large category. Also, if anyone can think of a better system they are welcome to propose one.
  7. Summer, 2012 The United Nations applauds what has been named the ‘Season of Elections’ for its fine show of peaceful government change-over. The world climate appears peaceful and prosperous with few concerns. Outrageous wildfires are burning throughout an impoverished central Africa and many are left homeless and without food, foreign aid is suggested. UNITED KINGDOM (Pink) Docterchese HEADLINES: Prime Minister Docterchese Elected New Military Commissions Economy Status: Prosperous - strong and steady Relations: Germany, Netherlands, United States, France, Belgium, China, Ireland, Norway Industries: Machinery & equipment, ship-building, aircraft-building, vehicle-building, metals, chemicals, coal, petroleum, food, goods Millitary Army: Large Navy: Medium/Large - Growing Airforce: Large The UK takes a strong moderate approach to its economy resulting in stability. Globalisation is encouraged and the UK may see foreign trade relationships open shortly. Four new attack submarines are commissioned along with six destroyer warships, the cost of which is easily absorbed by their steady economy. SWEDEN (Navy Blue) Che HEADLINES: Prime Minister Che Elected Economy Status: Prosperous - steady Relations: Germany, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Finland, France, UK, Russia, US, Belgium, China Industries: Iron, steel, precision equipment, wood, food, vehicles Millitary Army: Medium Navy: Large Airforce: Small POLAND (Orange) Polan THE HEADLINES: President Polan Elected Nuclear Power: Is it Safe? Hurray Volleyball! Economy Status: Prosperous - growing Relations: Germany, Russia, Netherlands, Italy, Czech Republic, France, China Industries: Machinery, iron, steel, coal, chemicals, ship-building, food, glass, beverages, textiles Millitary Army: Medium Navy: Medium Airforce: Medium Poland finishes construction on a nuclear power plant, somewhat freeing the country of its dependency on coal. The safety of nuclear power is called into question, comparisons are made to Chernobyl but the general feeling is positive. People trust the new technologies. Unemployment rates are improved thanks to government incentives and scholarships in needed careers. Volleyball is declared the new national sport of Poland! National pride is improved greatly. ITALY (Green) Wiro THE HEADLINES: Italy’s New Renaissance The Homeless Youth Italy At It Again Economy Status: Prosperous - insecure Relations: Germany, France, Spain, China, US, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK Industries: Tourism, machinery, iron, steel, chemicals, food, textiles, vehicles, clothing, ceramics Millitary Army: Medium Navy: Medium Airforce: Medium Italy’s new government invests significant amounts of money into the fine arts. The spending is compensated by cutbacks in social programs, particularly in housing. Housing costs rise briefly. Many of the country’s youth are left homeless, having been kicked out of their homes in favour of more mature renters. Festivals and parades are held in public parks to welcome a ‘New Renaissance’ as the newspapers are calling it. The homeless youth remain in the parks after the festivals, forming communes. Some criticize the forming divide between the generations. Southern Italy’s agricultural communities continue living largely unaffected, in fact foreign interest in Italian wine spikes due to its artistic image. Many artists flood from around the world flood to Italy to take part in the cultural revolution but many Non-Europeans are turned away due to strict immigration policies. CHINA (Red) BjornYngvar HEADLINES: Paramount Leader BjornYngvar Elected Fusion: Fact or Fiction? New Minimum Wage, Change For China? Captive Tourist Comes Home China’s New Economic Strategy Economy Status: Prosperous - insecure Relations: US, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Germany, Australia Industries: Mining, iron, steel, aluminum, other metals, machine-building, arms, textiles, petroleum, cement, chemicals, consumer products, food, automobile, locomotive-building, ship-building, aircraft-building, telecommunications, commercial space launch vehicles, satellites Millitary Army: Large Navy: Large Airforce: Large In an alarming turn of events, China expels all foreign investors. Foreign media is viewing this in a very negative light, expressing concern for China’s return to its introverted past. Foreign investors are in a panic and looking for new countries to set-up cheap production. Within China, the new government is praised and there is a feeling of hope. What other freedoms will be allowed? However, many workers are left without jobs. China issues a new minimum wage and begins high-technology research. There is an economic transition period where the cost of goods rises enormously in response to the expelling of foreign investors but as people find jobs in the new industries they make enough income to purchase the goods. Anti-Corruption campaigns are started and with the country’s high morale, find great success. The United Nations is baffled by the sudden change and neglects to investigate what is being produced. The enormous population of China creates a very productive environment and new technologies are expected soon in Fusion Technology and Electromagnetics. BRAZIL (Teal) Sir Arowhun HEADLINES: Our Environmental Saviour! Drugs? What drugs? Economy Status: Prosperous - insecure Relations: China, US, Argentina, Germany, Netherlands, South Korea Industries: textiles, chemicals, cement, iron, tin, steel, aircraft, vehicles, vehicle parts, machinery Millitary Army: Medium Navy: Medium Airforce: Large Deforestation of the Amazon is slowed and practically ended due to high taxation. Machinery is still scattered about and some rare woods are harvested due to their value. Brazil’s efforts are applauded by American environmental groups as being a good decision for the long run. The economy is slightly insecure due to the reduction of a huge industry for Brazil and will need to be compensated for somehow. Tourism seems like one option. Taxes are increased on oil but people complain that they have few cheap options for cooking their food, since wood-burning is no longer a cheap option. Several high profile drug-lords are arrested, leading to riots in Rio de Janeiro lasting two days before settling down. Several other high-ranking gangsters are killed in the riots. RUSSIA (Purple) elite HEADLINES: New Rail-Line Constructed Shrinking Military A Good Idea? Economy BOOMS! Economy Status: Prosperous - Growing Relations: China, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Ukraine, Poland, India Industries: Mining, coal, oil, gas, chemicals, metals, machine building, space vehicles, aircraft-building, defense industries, ship-building, road and rail equipment, communications, agricultural machinery, electric equipment, medical and scientific instruments, textiles, food, crafts Millitary Army: Large Navy: Large/Medium Airforce: Large Russia sells its dated military equipment and lays off a percentage of military personnel and offers them high-pay in construction jobs. The rail-line is constructed in record-breaking time and offers rapid transport of the country’s natural goods to its ports. Innovation is encouraged by offering a reward of tax-exemption for a year to anyone with great ideas to generally improve the life of citizens. Several citizens try to take advantage of this with small ideas, creating a massive amount of paperwork for the country’s bureaucrats. An economic relationship with India forms, with them purchasing most of the extra natural gas and oil produced by Russia as a result of the train. JAMAICA (Black) KellyTxX HEADLINES: Hemp! Airforce Re-Vamped Economy Status: Poor - Growing Relations: US, Canada, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, Netherlands, China, UK, Norway Industries: tourism, hemp production, bauxite/alumina, crop processing, manufacturing, rum, cement, metal, chemicals, telecommunications Millitary Army: Small Navy: Small Airforce: Small/Medium - Growing Jamaica encourages the growth and exportation of hemp products. The increased growth of the legal hemp allows farmers to hide the illegal Marijuana within their fields. In some ways this reduces overall drug-related violence because Marijuana fields do not need to be protected with force, but can be better hidden instead. Some farmers are extorted and there still remains some violence. With the overall reduction of violence in Jamaica and the liberalization of hemp, Marijuana legalization seems like the next item on the agenda. However, Government corruption may play a role in keeping Marijuana illegal. Exports are mainly to the US but their drug laws cause some confusion. Canada and Europe express interest in purchasing hemp. New income is used to upgrade the country’s air force, and general security. SOUTH AFRICA (Light Blue) Sevoflurane Economy Status: Good - Growing Relations: China, Germany, US, Japan, India, UK, Saudi Arabia, Iran Industries: Mining, platinum, gold, chromium, automobile assembly, metalworking, machinery, textiles, iron, steel, chemicals, food, ship repair Millitary Army: Small Navy: Small Airforce: Small (All information taken from CIA world factbook and Any questions/concerns/don't like your colour/anything feel free to send me a message. Anything in italics is something that the player has affected. The forum thread is open to diplomacy/negotiations between all players.
  8. I'm begining to create the next turn. Please send in your actions ASAP. They do take a while and some people haven't sent me any actions yet so let's aim for in two hours? If we're still missing a lot of turns I might extend that. EDIT: We're still missing turns from about 3 countries. I'm going to give them a slight extension but if they don't send any actions we'll just do the next turn without them and let them catch up later.
  9. Some people have expressed confusion as to how it will work. This is a hypothetical example of how a turn will go: Example: Players will post in the World in Balance thread: Jimothy: I would like to be Madagascar and I would like to be Banana yellow. Albatrozs42: I'll be India. I'd like to be orange. Both players will then send me a Private Message detailing their first turns: Jimothy: I would like to begin constructing power plants throughout Madagascar with a focus on Geothermal, Tidal and Solar systems. I would like to begin a campaign to attract investors to the new "Green Energy" of Madagascar and try to discourage my citizens from wood burning and deforestation. I would like to inject money into the education system and offer incentives for free education with service in the police/emergency services. I would like to attempt to increase exportation of coffee and spice to the United States and Canada. I would like to encourage Tourism with Ad Campaigns throughout Europe featuring images of Lemurs. Albatrozs42: I would like to launch a naval attack on the islands of Zanzibar in Tanzania. I will attempt to negotiate peacefully at first but if they resist, I will use force. My goal is to capture the islands and from there attempt to take over the rest of Tanzania. If I must use force I will set up naval patrols around the islands and prevent anyone from coming or going. The Zanzibarians will be provided food and shelter and taken care of. It is to be understood that I am attempting to liberate Tanzania from its cruel government and I will distribute propaganda to aid this. At home I would like to focus on millitary research, naval and aerial. Their actions will result in the following example "turn": World in Balance [summer, 2012] An announcement from the United Nations: Federal elections in India and Madagascar have resulted in victory for Jimothy of Madagascar and Albatrozs42 of India. Jimothy appears to be favouring a slow and steady economic policy which appears quite promising. The United Nations would commend President Jimothy for his actions in bringing about an end to the political turmoil in Madagascar. India is showing signs of aggresion in its new leadership, which may discourage foreign investment due to unsound government. The Tanzanian government is confused and seeking foreign aid. Madagascar Jimothy Army: Small Navy: Tiny Airforce: Tiny Police: Moderate Economic Status: Moderate - Growing Available Resources: Food, Lumber, Unexploited Minerals Focusing on "Green Energy" Madagascar manages to attract several foreign investors. Safety in Madagascar is greatly improved due to rising numbers of new recruits. Some newspapers question the integrity of the police force and make accusations of corruption. Through negotiations with the United States, Duty-Free status is restored to Madagascar on the condition that humane practices are maintained, exportation increases. Tourism is improved somewhat, but due to a lack of holiday destination infrastructure it is limited to Eco- and Adventure-Tourism. India Albatrozs42 Army: Large Navy: Moderate Airforce: Moderate Police: Moderate Economic Status: Prosperous - Dwindling Available Resources: Food, Lumber, Minerals India attacks the islands of Zanzibar in Tanzania. Government officials are panicked and fail to respond to India's demands of peaceful take-over. India impatiently resorts to violence. The islands of Zanzibar are taken with ease, Tanzanian millitary officials retreat. Resistance comes mainly from the citizens of Zanzibar. One person is killed and several are wounded. India provides Zanzibarians with shelter and food but closes the borders and prevents anyone from leaving. India attacks mainland Tanzania and meets naval resistance resulting in 13 Indian dead and 34 Tanzanian dead. Tanzanian millitary retreats and India begins a takeover of the mainland. Foreign countries are shocked by India's aggresion. Some foreign investors remove themselves, others stay but remain weary. Neighboring African countries begin negotiating amongst themselves and with Indian Diplomats.
  10. I'm building a sample turn now. I will post soon. Just in case it caused any confusion, you don't need to create a dictatorship. I just meant that for the sake of the game, you make all the decisions.
  11. Please don't forget, if it's important to you, to decide on a colour. Otherwise I'll decide for you.
  12. Che will be playing as Sweden, he will be Navy Blue. I may do a sample turn because some people seem confused still.
  13. This is a game people used to play all the time and I thought I'd revive it. How to Play Pick a country, any country. This is your country, you get to do whatever you want. Every turn you send me a private message telling me what you want to do. This is the physical, tangible stuff. For instance, do you want to defend your coastline, with what? Do you want to invest in solar energy? Do you want to attack Chancellor Jim with nuclear submarines? Details count. The more you tell me, the more I know, and the easier it is for me to visualize your victory over the known world. That being said, I would like to set a cap at 1000 words maximum. I don't want to be reading novels, also consider layout when planning your turn so it's easy for me to refer back. Each turn takes place over 6 months. Now, any diplomatic strategy you would like to implement will be either within the Topic or through Private Messaging with another player, whether or not you want to CC me in the PM is up to you. Example: You want to declare that the warm embrace of Communism has graced your country. In your Turn you can tell me that you want to set up banners throughout your country declaring "Long Live Communism." You can announce within the topic "My country is communist!" Or you can do both or anything else you can think of. Every turn I will issue a general statement from the United Nations outlining concerns, giving praise, offering suggestions etc. Realism & Fairness I would like this game to be fun and somewhat fair. So realism may suffer somewhat for the sake of fairness. For instance I would like players to not have to pick the "Super-Nations" in order to compete. I think it would be nice to see Jamaica, through enourmous sales of hemp products, dominate the world markets for instance. Or at least to have a chance. That being said realism will be considered as well. Each turn takes place over 6 month periods. If one turn involves, implementing research, discovering a local wormhole, constructing a space shuttle, travelling to the Andromeda galaxy and returning with alien weaponry, you may be dissapointed. You would probably end up with a crazed ruler babbling about aliens and using resources on telescope construction instead. When considering realism note that by doing too much you may spread yourself too thin, I will consider your country's resources when determining what is possible within realism. I will decide what seems realistic and what seems fair. If you dissagree, send me a PM, possibly with some research if I've deemed it unrealistic, and we'll try to work something out. The Map The turns will be visually represented on this map: Trade If your country has limited resources it might be important to establish trade with other players, if you negotiate this I will need to know about it. If you would like to trade with a country that is not being controlled put it in your turn and I will act as that country in negotiations. You may also take over a parts of or a whole country to claim their natural resources. Example: Country A has uranium but not diamonds or fruit. Country B has lots of fruit and lots of diamonds but needs more uranium. Country B provides Country A with 25% of its Diamonds and 25% of its Fruit for 50% of Country A's uranium. How to Join To join, post which country you would like to play as and your prefered map colour in the thread, then PM me your first turn. Latecomers are welcome but they may be at a slight dissadvantage. I will try to make turns every two days, depending on participation and what's happening in my life. This may change based on how the first few turns go. First turn will be either tomorrow or when enough interest has been shown. If you have any questions, ask away!
  14. all horses are borned with their own names and people don't give them those names because they are born that way with the name they have