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  1. We are having issues with Golden Valley, resulting in issues with connecting to the game and severe lag on all servers. Please hold on while we apply CPR to the server hamsters! from top of the forum
  2. Hopefully the attitude you had there is also old news.
  3. Just please, no more ideas like this one.
  4. Asks for suggestions, likes a suggestion, then tries to turn into their own idea... lol Memorial sounds good, maze/castle done before, alot.
  5. If some douche is going around picking into pens to slaughter animals on freedom, they should just be banned, at the very least it's being done to cause distress to the players, ie griefing. Breaking rules you agree to is just unacceptable, a temp ban at the least for people doing such crap. "ignorance of law excuses no one"
  6. Bump, back in business. Any suggestions regarding prices are welcome, just drop a pm and we'll discuss it.
  7. Shush, you're ruining it!!! Even with the old "macroing" technique it was still a chore, much like other "features"
  8. I assumed you was thinking it was that slow because of this change, when it's actually now even slower because of this change. My bad
  9. No, the reason it's like that is because the skill is tedious and slow and hard to grind while hunting. This is why everyone who wanted skill in shields tended to use the tried and tested method of sit in a pen with a pig. Yet now that's impossible, see PingPongs post and wait 2+ years of regular hunting to get 90 skill
  10. Can I have my euro signs on unstable back please? #eurohate
  11. Sermon group

    Boobaby is looking at starting some up around Port Onody area
  12. Another skill to grind? haha, way to go.
  13. Although my interactions with the guy were so limited, few chats, few trades, every interaction was great. Fun to chat to, all round generous decent guy. Sad to hear of his passing, may he rest in peace.