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  1. Hi sorry but I need to understand the request a bit more, please confirm :-) I can lower clay by using the level function but only to a specific depth for smaller boats. I can't lower clay with any other means? How about allowing dredging of clay tiles under water to lower the clay level to the same maximum depth as when dredging dirt?
  2. There has been some attempts but its kind of complex considering griefing possibilities of looking over things, clipping into caves and structures etc. Doable, but hasn't been a priority among all the other things the developers has worked on.
  3. I really like this suggestion, because it will help the beginners understand how improving items work. I do think it will not be for the seasoned player who has keybinds for all impings and batch up a number of similar items to be more efficient. If you can somehow invent something around imping that makes it more fun and engaging that would be even better :-)
  4. no news today

    Why no news Wosso? WHY ? W H Y ? /me sobs.
  5. Hi! Thanks for playing the game! Unfortunately restrictions of this type are there because setting this allowed will require alot of extra coding to circumvent the way the game server works in regards to the tunnel/cave openings. /Andreas
  6. Hi, do you have a bridge being constructed somewhere with the same character you are trying to remove the tile from the structure with? /Andreas
  7. @Audrel We need some more info - What message did you get when you tried to create the walls on that fourth floor? - Is this on a deed or on the edge of a deed or not on a deed at all? - What were your rights on the deed when you got the first error message 'Magical does not allow this.'? - What message did you get when you tried to replan the walls after they were gone?
  8. Sorry to hear about that issue, Arndell - thanks for reporting it! I'd like to know what you are trying to do in more detail and what exact message you get. The bug that was originally fixed was that there was no skill check on the actual planning of structures. This is a Carpentry skill (building the scaffolding). If you have sufficent carpentry to do the plans, then please let me know the message that you get more specifically, and I will look into it. Thanks Zcul
  9. It's a bug caused by yours truly, fixing it now, will go into next update!
  10. Sorry but I can not reproduce this one (UI #3) What skin is being used? Any specific setting?
  11. This is OsX only problem it seems. There is a problem with version of libaries as OP says. More tech info below: from StackOverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6154837/accessor-method-visible-under-windows-linux-but-not-os-x "Check if Apple's out-dated Java 3D version 1.3 is installed in System/Library/Java/Extensions/ on your Mac. Remove all Java 3D 1.3 related files including vecmath.jar (jar, jnilib), they are useless."
  12. Just a reflection; You can reinforce the floor with support beam to prevent the most new of newbies to ruin it. http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Support_beam
  13. The warning sounds like a good idea. As far as the whole rights system it has been suggested before and is on the toplist of user base wishes at least according to https://wurmonline.uservoice.com/forums/12046-wurmonline /Andreas
  14. MMORPG missed Wurm

    So out of curiosity how could the crafting system be tweaked to meet your high expectations? :-)
  15. Hi, What are you best tips and tricks so I can keep my cows, chickens, horses alive over a summer break of 14 days without internet? /Andreas
  16. I'm not saying no, just saying there are things that need to be accomplished first
  17. I attempted this a while back but you would end up stuck in the fences when falling down from higher floors, so basically this is pending on better collision detection. Best regards Andreas
  18. What would the effect be of adding hay? Much easier to keep livestock alive for a longer time without work leads more animal hoarding leads to less domestic animals around in the wild. Would crowding diseases etc mitigate this effect? What other negative effects could occur? If hay was as complex to make as any of current equivalent crops, it would be a no brainer, but then what is the purpose except the decorative effects?
  19. hey, thanks for your support of the game! It's because i did this and tested it and got repeatedly stuck in the fences. Needless to say true 3d collision must be fixed before this goes in. /Zcul
  20. Why should newly constructed buildings look old and worn?
  21. I'm sure suggesting new spells couldn't hurt, as long as there is balance in mind, across all aspects of the game Epic, pvp, pve, freedom, chaos etc. /Zcul
  22. Thanks for taking the time and writing your feedback, kaepora! It's greatly appreciated! We as devs tend to become blind to the obvious when playing and coding the game for a long time :-)
  23. A guess is there will be more advertising once the first five hours(1) stuff has been fixed. Best regards Zcul (afk) 1: http://wurmonline.com/tag/first-five-hours/
  24. sequoia for sure, recently visited Muir Woods, it was awesome. BUt then we need tree house support :-|