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  1. i will take rope tool, ql 85.26 w77 c83 large shield ql90.25 c79 please mail to Junkkmann
  2. How do you pan around in deed planner in 2d view? I can do everything in 3d view, just cant get it to center the map on what I am currently working on.
  3. Can small or large crates be mailed? filled ones that is?
  4. love to see this. Seen it incorporated in WU but hasnt filtered back yet.
  5. add the memorials to the starter deeds, that way they will be protected forever.
  6. is the wurmpedia page current for nahjo priests? i let mine lapse when the debate started on the abilities and favor items and went to look and see what had changed because i was considering re-prem'ing him. it looks the same and the spell list looks the same. is there changes and if so what is it please.
  7. i just used finished low rope fence, still looks good at the docks.
  8. cool, thanks and doh for the no bridges in mines
  9. I've been playing on and off since exodus released. I never tried the round of 10 pigs and fight them all without a weapon equipped to get shield skills. currently my shield skills are like below the 20s and just in the 20s and i have 71 fight skill. So training in the wild is not very helpful for shield skill increases. Shields are one skill that increases very very very slowly. I think we would all appreciate this being looked at, but it has been brought up many many times and so far nothing has been done about it.
  10. so can you have a house thats on the surface and in the mine below have another house below that house(like sharing footprint or overlapping footprints)? and can you build bridges in mines?
  11. how about religious themed banners and flags, like fo flags and banners?