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  1. Yup it's still the same. Mobs re-spawn quicker than you can kill them off in the north. Of course, I agree, it would be worse not to have any mobs, it must be super boring down south. But a bit fewer trolls would be nice. It's hard to do any work outside guard range because trolls are constantly attacking. Wherever you go up north it's not uncommon to have several trolls in you vision at once.
  2. No backpacks, they are too heavy. Satchel, waterskin and then just custom folders for tools, documents etc.
  3. I don't think it is that important to get things to make sense as long as it looks good What I meant was someone who is good at 3D graphics design.
  4. Put someone who actually knows what he/she is doing on the job of making new ship models and textures. Should solve this issue. As it is now it can't stay, I don't like boats any more. We need more roads!
  5. +1, but with a stamina hit. Between 25% and 10% depending on body stamina.
  6. >
  7. Well, it is kind of related since Saroman told us to use the highest rez textures to get nice ship graphics. Which several posters now have pointed out is not a real solution because it doesn't matter how good your computer is, you will get graphics lag from mem leaks, caching or whatever is the trouble and it will hit you sooner the higher texture quality you choose to use. Anyway, yes I agree. Let's get back to ship models and textures. Even though I think most has been said already.
  8. The difference is that on Chaos you can't do whatever you like to do. You have to join a kingdom and follow by the rules of the leaders or be killed. On Freedom you can do whatever you like without anyone being able to do much about it as long as you keep within the server rules. It's up to everyone to choose which environment they like best, it has nothing to do with peoples brain capacity, and most people on Freedom do not grief anyone.
  9. It might not be a memory leak, might be that it just caches more and more textures into memory the more items you pass by. They are not really leaked then, it's just that the cache grows. They could fix that by having a maximum cache size but that could lead to other performance problems in case those textures are actually frequently needed, all of them... Or, there is a leak,who knows
  10. 16GB Ram, GTX 770 Graphics 4GB mem, water cooled Core I7 4790K 4Ghz processor, SSD drives. I can run pretty much anything on this machine. But not Wurm for more than 30-60 min if I do some travelling in populated areas. After some travelling I get 0,5-1s graphics lag every 5-10s and have to restart the client. I have no problem running 2-5 Wurm clients at once as long as I don't travel around too much though. Sitting at my deed crafting, building enchanting with a couple of chars a whole evening is no problem at all. Processors are pretty much idle and graphics card at normal load.
  11. ok, I'll try that if possible, thanks.
  12. I'm trying to use the new staircases. They do look good but there is at least one annoying bug that I have encountered. The staircase with an opening doesn't seem to count as a floor tile when calculating if there is support enough for other floor sections. See screenshot below. I had to add a floor plan on a tile in the middle of my house to be able to bash a hole in the floor above to make room for a staircase with opening. But, afterwards I cannot remove this plan because the game thinks it would make the house collapse, "[21:49:42] Removing that would cause a collapsing section.". If I add a floor plan in a similar spot where everything looks the same except there is no staircase on the tile next to it I am able to remove the plan. I'm now stuck with this annoying floor plan that I do not want.
  13. stairs

    Screenshot of standalone stairs. Pretty nice looking It took me a few tries to figure out how to build it though. You need to plan a staircase with an opening, add it to crafting window together with a mallet or hammer. The "opening" part goes away when the stairs are complete.Recipe window says you need mallet/hammer + planned floor, which is not 100% correct...
  14. So, what you are saying is that the texture quality is worse because ships are large and the client picks a lower rez texture to be able to fit the texture inside maximum texture size? But texture quality is not just about resolution, I doubt that they will look a lot better in higher resolution because they are just terribly bad looking. Will test when I get home from work.
  15. Postfixes

    The patch notes indicate that maybe you can fall off a steep slope and in over a wall or fence since they are only blocking up to their actual height now.
  16. I think it is fine as it is now. An ugly winter now and then makes us appriciate the other seasons so much more
  17. My screenshots are at highest quality the game can produce. Everything (almost) else looks great, it's just the ships that look this bad. If you can point me to the setting that makes ships look better, please enlighten me, I'll adjust it right way.
  18. So, you mean that on your computer the cog doesn't look like in the screenshot in OP? Ok, OP doesn't seem to have AA turned on, but that should not affect the textures, only the model outlines. I have AAx4 and my cog looks like in the screenshot below. But it's not only the low QL textures it's also the sloppy design, there is no real thought to anything. And cannons, really?
  19. I can hardly get my wife to play the game anymore, she's sick of all the trolls in our area.Trying to do some building work is tiresome when you get constantly attacked.
  20. Just started building a bridge and I have to say the bridge building process is great! Very nice and easy to use GUI, bridge plans look good, stages with different graphics etc. The final result looks awesome too Great work on this feature dev team!
  21. -1 From me. I own a couple of traders on other servers but I don't miss them on Xanadu. I've been making money crafting and selling stuff instead, which is more fun and makes more sense. New players even buy some cheap lower ql gear now that they can earn some coins foraging or hunting.
  22. I can't get it into my head how they could release boats in this state. Pretty much everything else that they have done looks really nice, including bridges, and fits into the game (with very few exceptions). And then all of a sudden they release something like this?! Where did the design QA go? You have some pretty good artists in your team, they seriously can't see that these boats are just wrong? Boats are very important and they are big, very visible, objects in the game world. They need to look good, so yes, I think it is more important to fix boats than to introduce new features. It can't be more than a couple of weeks work for one artist to fix the 2-3 most ugly ones. About wood types. Yeah, it's really sad. But I think the devs have had good explanations for removing them. But removing wood types and at the same time making the item look ugly is not really acceptable. I think that releasing something in this sad state is not a good sign for things to come. I really hope it is just an exception and not a new trend
  23. I will hide mine in a cave until they at least fix the textures, those pixelated lines makes my head hurt if I move to close. Steeloxide, nice pic of an ugly boat, yeah I see where they got the corbita look from now They mimiced that one pretty good but with addition of way too low rez textures.