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  1. Not sure, but the network driver is from 2010?
  2. lamp, speakers, headphones on my desk, and some others that aren't turned on. Would it be interfering with the signal?
  3. I switched to wireless, and it improved a small amount, not enough to fill the gap between phone and computer. I will look into the other solutions.
  4. Are there any differences between desktop internet and android phone internet? I have a strong suspicion that if I just solve a simple problem I would have internet on my main computer.
  5. Something is seriously wrong with my internet. it's been very bad the last few years, so today I got a new router and hooked it up - now my internet is nearly NONEXISTENT. At this point I know something is wrong. My cellphone gets 25+MB/s, and my computer gets 80KB/s. I have no idea what do do for problems like this, anyone know what I can do?
  6. 9J at north end of the small lake is my deed called D'ni.
  7. I have no idea what you're talking about, but I'll post here anyway. lol
  8. If a unique spawns near my deed, I am going to move mountains to have it killed... Not going to just abandon it (like I did with the first house I built).
  9. It's one of the original quotes by Notch shown when logging in. Also, I don't really keep track of the QA's. Did it cover if the uniques will respawn in their original places, or a random one?
  10. What happened to "We will never add dragons"? Looks like an interesting update though.
  11. Used to geocache a lot in the past. +1
  12. Last post! far.
  13. Why are they fenced in? Are they really worth that much?
  14. #17, is it a basic rug? Not fine, etc. If so I will buy. CoD to Sobek