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  1. Hi @denullyboth updates made, thanks for reporting them!
  2. I like the journal pathing, sounds like a good idea to me. In terms of the bringing the community closer to the Development piece, having worked in Software for well over 20 years, I can tell you it works both ways. You definately want community feedback to understand if your ideas will hit the spot, but you also have a direction that you as the business owner have in mind to take the game. Lets be honest, when new community ideas are posted on here there is almost always a split of opinion with some very much in favour of a certain feature and some dead against it, its not like the community will ever be in total agreement, so the Dev team then have to make sense of that dilemma also. What is also clear is that you have to balance all of that with the amount of Development and Test/QA cycles you have available to you as a business, whilst also providing a sensible mix of bug fixing and short term and long term features. Add to this the work that has been done to move us over to a new host and the fact that Java isn't exactly a modern language and then you start to see a more complex picture than perhaps is apparant to those who have not had the pleasure of working in a software business.
  3. best of luck with this endeavour, looks great!
  4. Hi, I enjoyed reading your heartfelt and honest appraisal of your Wurm journey. I can definitely recognise some of this in my own story. I feel I have too readily focused on skill gain at times, rather than enjoying the game for what it is. I wish you well as you continue to learn about your own playstyle discovering more about what works for you given your own personal circumstances.
  5. Requiem of Wurm

    I am a sucker for server launches, its always interesting to see how they differ and how they are set up. Best of luck with the relaunch, looks very much like a labour of love!
  6. Hi @Steveleeb, the deed has been removed from the Exodus Community map, thanks for the update
  7. Hi @Wilussall those changes made, including adding the Virtues Bridge label, thanks for the details
  8. Exodus map dump updated accordingly
  9. Huge thanks to @Yagathe Exodus map dump has been updated In order to make the new dumps visible, the browser cache may have to be cleared!
  10. So the usual mix of "omg its so hard, please make it easier" and "omg you made it easier, the game is going to ruin" Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
  11. To track this. Faith 74, Prayer 54, with SB and Prayer Aff Meal Before today's update [14:07:51] Prayer increased by 0.0095 to 54.2967 After today's update [14:34:31] Prayer increased by 0.0059 to 54.3262
  12. At 74 faith I am currently getting Prayer skill ticks of 0.009 with a prayer affinity meal and sleep bonus at Prayer skill 53, and you plan on slowing that? Do I need to get to 100 faith before I see an increase in Prayer skill from these levels?
  13. @Broculesand @Ghostfaceall those changes are made, thanks for the info cheers Solmark
  14. Yes indeed they are, very much so!
  15. I am still doing map updates if anyone wants their own on an alliance deed/road etc added. Don't be shy!
  16. Love what you doing, takes me back many years to Inde, keep up the good work!
  17. Hi @Ekinothanks for the information, the map has been duly updated, cheers Solmark
  18. The Exodus Map URL is now accessible via a secure link as shown below since an SSL certficate has been added:- (links updated on the OP) Thanks to @Yagafor his support as always!
  19. Trolling

    Thread locked, this discussion has run its course
  20. I have removed the following deeds due to disband notices via the main Exodus Twitter account:- The settlement of Port Oakbrin has just been disbanded. - 12:11 AM · Aug 27, 2020 The settlement of Lakeview Mountain Retreat has just been disbanded. - 9:24 PM · Aug 26, 2020 The settlement of Arbor Vitae has just been disbanded.12:59 PM · Aug 26, 2020
  21. When you de-couple the Skills tab from the event window, can we lose the player count from the right hand side? this really isn't necessary as you can still see this in the main event window and it would save much needed space on the screen