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  1. @BattaIsn't that the one that lets you create Concrete using just like... clay and something else? Some simplified recipe.
  2. Client helper mod

    I respect this author, despite being staunchly against bots and third party modifications/applications etc that allow such things. There were tons of people bright enough to do such things already and some can even pull it off pretty much undetected unless you literally log their exact keystrokes or other sketchy things. This unfortunately brings about an opening for a lot more lower-level botting but also the awareness that has to come with it. I've caught players using macros and scripts even on my very small server. A good GM will be able to determine something is far too suspicious and then monitor a player, and there are a lot of things you can do to catch these bots and automation. Though now I crave having something less cheaty feeling that could bring the same yields such a client hack as this provides. I want to have a mod that will allow me to set up a passive ore income, and a fetcher to grab the ore... and then one to smelt it and process it in to nails... hmmm...
  3. Hey, can I get a possible change to one mod between either Spellcraft or Server Tweaks that allows normal players to cast over 104 or whatever the cap is, scaling pretty harsh the higher you go, but still doable to get potentially 300 casts if you go absolutely crazy or manipulate Seryll's no-shatter and/or transfer orbs from Wyvern's items? Also, I'm so stoked to see what the spellcraft mod has in store for the future. Especially with these jewelry enchants. And the one enchant that looks to be related to another mod that may come in the future, right?! (Labouring Spirit)
  4. Hey Bdew, is there any way I can include other actions in to the timer fix mod so I can accelerate some things that seem to ignore my speed settings? I'm an impatient (man)child and some of these things aren't fast enough.
  5. I'm getting issues with the boatmod, now that 1.6 blew around. Server log excerpt is as follows: As stated here, I'm having a weird issue as well where when I delete the mods from my mods folder the server still manages to read them. Anyone have solutions?
  6. Since 1.6 I'm having these issues: and My server's definitely not happy about that and is refusing to start up now. I've tried deleting the mods as well but the server still keeps trying to read them and throwing the same errors even when they aren't there which makes literally no sense to me. Anyone having a similar issue?
  7. Any idea why this mod just sends my server on a restarting loop? Can't really tell, in the logs.
  8. Any ETA for when WU gets updated? I know there's a delay between developers shipping updates to Steam and Steam posting them, but I'm quite antsy to plant some new crops.
  9. I saw that you're able to bring faction towers over to regular Freedom servers, so I'm now interested in owning an MR Tower on my deed. Let me know if you've got the ability to make one and what you'll want to sell it for. In-game name is Skaggins, send me a PM there or on the forums. BOUGHT. Extremely quickly, even. Thank you.
  10. 50ql 54LitD = 1s ** 50ql 54LitD = 1s ** 70ql c70 = 2s ** No comment, this time, just take my money, coming to pick up. edit: strike one pendulum, i'll take this pickaxe instead. 2ql c74 = 2s90c ** edit2: Let's indulge a little! I'll take this shovel too before I get too far. 70ql c50 w74 = 3s40c **
  11. I'll take that last saw, 70ql c77 w62 = 3s90c, and hope that it's the chiselwinner. CoD blablablabla... You know the drill. [18:43:01] Skaggins stares at you with wide, chisel filled eyes.
  12. Fine! I'll change it up with the 70coc trowel! 70ql c70 = 2s [17:41:56] <Skaggins> You're killing me, Smalls.
  13. I must communicate, with a deep sadness in my heart (as it is not eligible for the 101 Chisel, since it's a newer item), my desire for the following Oakwood mallet: 70ql c55 w59 = 2s I will be picking up. Expect me. Edit: Okay! One more chisel! I swear, I'm not an addict! 70ql w84 = 3s40c