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  1. I call tower guards and despite the usual "I see ... " and "I will help with ..." nothing happens. They stand where they are and don't move. You can call them ten times, they answer, but don't run to help. Spirits are saying "I will take care of...." every few seconds, and nothing happens. They keep saying it over and again, despite there being other dangerous mobs right at the token of my deed. (Lava spider on the token, deed is huge). The spirit is not taking care of the mob he is spamming local with, let alone the ones on deed. I have had several lagging sessions, seriously lagging. I have been booted and crashed several times tonight. I have had an issue where I was booted off straight after connecting. This happened on three different clients. My animals are still not moving to graze, they stand in fields of grass on a pack tile as if they have a saddle on. When can we expect these things to be sorted? Thanks.
  2. I am curious as to why we don't get sleep powder when we purchase premium time in game? I sold a heap of stuff to get 10s together to buy premium and got no sleep powder. Why? Can we please get an hour of sleep bonus if we purchase premium time in game? Thanks.
  3. Wurm is not about realism or making sense. It is about having fun. There are a lot of things that don't make sense like getting glitched in mines, standing or carts, being teleported to the top of a house when you disembark inside...and so on. For this suggestion of the OP: -1
  4. I have noticed some graphic glitches that only appeared after 1.2 1. Looks like most people now have white hair. The beards and facial hair are still normal colour, but all hair on head is white. 2. All animals lost their colour overlay as to blue, green, red, yellow etc. 3. Wooden items decay and shows the decay. When you repair them, the decay goes to 0 damage but the item still displays the decayed graphic. 4. Smoke is teal blue. Spirit templars are blue too. 5. All fish seems to be white, no more purple/blue etc. fish 6. Horses are back to looking plastic and reflecting light in very strange ways. 7. Are oleanders supposed to look only slightly purple instead of nice bright pink? 8. It seems that piles of stuff in mines now break up into single items, you have to pick them up individually. So a heap of ores will just be a heap of single ores, not a pile you can pick up. 9. Dirt is acting strangely sometimes, when you put it in a cart it shows up on the ground in front of you, but you cannot pick it up from the ground as it is in the cart inventory. 10. Very strange shadows on faces of female players, it seems they make black edges and black cheeks, only the eyes nose and mouth sticks out as normal. There may be other glitches, these are not affecting game play so just for information to devs.
  5. I have been interested in some comments and ideas about the role of perimeters in Wurm, for the most part it seems that people are of the opinion that they are buffer zones and no man's land. If so, I have a few questions about this (note that these are genuine questions, since I do not understand the inconsistencies in the application of perimeter issues): 1. Buffer zones between deeds: If perimeters are buffer zones to stop people having wall to wall deeds, why can anyone build fences in them? You can build from the edge of the perimeter in your deed all the way around your property, so in effect, you can have wall to wall deeds, perimeter or not. This is a way some players use to take as much land as they can around their actual deed. This brings along some other questions. Since there is no way of ensuring roads are built through perims, every perimeter can be filled with fences, so the buffer zone is mute. If someone builds a fence and connects it to a one by one shack just on deed, the whole perimeter is a legal enclosure so cannot be passed or used by other players. If someone builds a wall right on the edge of your deed say the first tile of the actual perimeter just off your deed's edge, and perhaps encloses your perimeter on one or two sides of your deed, you cannot even build a road over the perimeter around your deed as someone else has made a wall (which in most cases has a house inside of it to make it a legal enclosure). 2. Protect future expansion rights: We all pay for a five tile perimeter, and can make it bigger still if we want to expand our deeds in the future. Say we only get the 5 tile perim: If someone else has a deed with their perim touching your perim, you basically are not paying for the future right to expand any more. You can't expand as you cannot have a perim smaller than 5 tiles. 3. Property in the perimeter of a specific deed: I am wondering why we do not have any further protection of our animals and property in the perimeter of our own deed. If we place animals there, it is clear that these belong to that deed as it is in that perimeter, especially if the animals are branded to that deed. 4. No man's land? Perimeters are referred to as no man's land, but someone is paying for it, right? I also know that if you have a tower on your deed and put someone on KOS, your tower guards will protect your perimeter also. The spirit will also protect your deed two tiles into your perimeter. If this is truly no man's land, why would they bother with this? You can also not have someone KOS if a highway runs through the perim around your deed, and you have a tower on your deed. In fact, then, it is not really no man's land. It influences what you can and cannot do on your deed. If fact if you own the writ of a house in your deed's perimeter, it won't take faster damage, and further the fences in the perimeter (any fence) do not take faster damage either. It would seem that the deed owner already has some influence about what happens in the perimeters, and it also influences what you can do on your deed as well. I would like to understand the role of perimeters and why they are needed or what the goals are, a bit better, in relation to the observations I have made in the post above. This post is in woodscraps because it has nothing to do with wanting to change current game mechanics, it has more to do with wanting to understand the role of perims.
  6. Not only do they look bad, shiny, and like plastic, they also move very badly. It is choppy when you ride, inside mines and with carts it is worse. I get stuck in fences because I get some one second lags while I ride. I am not sure how to fix my settings so this won't happen, I have already tried disabling shaders with now improvement.
  7. Lokitia builds any house at quality 70, and he delivers his horses anywhere. He builds towers and fences too, basically anything you want. Bought cottons from him over 80 ql, for the same price as low level ql stuff. Big bump!!!