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  1. Awesome, my blacksmithing and mining are both at 70. I will try to contact you in game asap.
  2. I will be returning to wurm and would be interested in joining your deed if there is still room for another.
  3. I would be highly interested in joining up with an RP village, would be exactly what I needed to bring me back from my Wurm break.
  4. There are a few accounts still kicking about outside the walls on GV last I heard.
  5. If you can put up with the occasional server lag spikes and the travel times due to the size of the server than Xanadu is a pretty great place to live. There are plenty of villages there that take in new people and provide them with tools and projects to keep them busy, you can even use the new in game village recruitment signs found at each of the starter deeds to find a new home if searching on the forum isn't your thing. Welcome back to Wurm and I hope you enjoy your stay!
  6. I have 7 spare I am looking to sell for 1.2s each delivered.
  7. How much are you buying them for?
  8. [Xanadu] Race Track

    If I remember correctly, horses are not slowed by moss or other terrain types. Perhaps some kind of large doughnut shaped building with fences in the middle to create a sort of "circular" race track. This seems like a pretty great idea and I will be happy to come and help out in the construction of the track in any way I can, if any help is needed feel free to PM me here on the forums or in game under Malicarth. EDIT: I am also happy to provide horse shoes if a blacksmith is needed
  9. Could maybe incorporate some kind of slight movement speed buff while your weapons are away to incourage the use of the feature.
  10. I will pick up 3k dirt if you are located on the coast of P14, let me know which time is good for you
  11. No kingdoms, no deeds full pvp sounds interesting but why stop people from forming groups and working together? If you follow that sword trail off into the shrubs and find yourself in the middle of a five man gank that is on you not the group ganking.
  12. Might be a good idea to reserve a spot in your plan off to the side or in the corner to build a mine, just need to dig the dirt down until you hit rock and you have yourself a mine, just make sure you leave enough room to build yourself a ramp to get in and out of the mine too.