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  1. stone chisel, iron 80ql BOTD88 - 1s15c pls COD to Mahngiel
  2. excellent pizzas. hit my affinity on the mark. will buy again.
  3. All orders filled. Stocks are down, any immediate orders will be on backlog. Thank you everyone for your patronage
  4. Thank you for your order. I will coordinate delivery with you in game.
  5. Hey Xplicit. Cheers for the posting. I am fully staffed atm, but I will keep you in mind when I have more orders.
  6. The wiki hasn't been updated since october, but it does say You wave at <Player>. This gives the impression that bridges can't be very long
  7. I'll donate at least 1k dirt. Let me know if you need more
  8. PlayerAuctions (and sites of their kin) break as many game ToS's as PirateBay (and sites of their kin) break copyrights
  9. Get your logic out of this thread! I admit, I was one of the first to call Rolf out for getting kick-backs. He has clarified that he receives none, and PA doesn't seem to offer this either. So this is truly about providing an option for his players to use an established service with processes to attempt to verify individuals. Regardless of what that site does beyond that is moot.
  10. There's no PR here, just a simple lack of caring. Call me morally bankrupt, but I don't care at all about what PA does and Rolf using them as an option. I understand what PA does, I don't necessarily like it, but the premise makes sense. And this is the awful attitude of many on these forums: Entitled. I've commented many times in this thread. This thread is for feedback from those who've used PA and general discussion and opinions are in the town square.
  11. He didn't ask for your opinion, he asked for feedback from people who used the service.
  12. Devil's advocate here... Rolf opened the PA Wurm Online Store and advocates game items selling for real world currency.
  13. They'll "show up" when they "realize" it's "lucrative" to pay for premium time, farm skills and sell their grinds to normal players... in theory, anyway.
  14. Let me put the whiskey down and retry my points here. 1. Understandably, anonymity is important on the internet. However, transactions that include sweat-equity items should involve some sort of verification of all parties involved out-of-game. "PayPal verified" is a common requirement for <gameItem>:<realLifeCurrency> transaction - indicating the need for 3rd party verification. This is why I feel people shouldn't have a problem with PlayerAuctions ( or similar services ) requiring the level of personal details that they do ( name, address, & phone number). The issue people seem to have with PA is that they service the blackmarket for other games. This is a legitimate concern if you look at the gaming space as a whole - but it doesn't apply to Wurm. What it does bring to wurm, is an additional methodology to perform secure transactions. How many avenues does a game company have for out-of-game transactions? None. 2. Watching the forums, people are outraged. Over what, I ask? Sure, Rolf is getting a kick-back. But what he's also gaining is an avenue to generate less headache due to his GM staff having to deal with up trades. I feel the community responds poorly with their polls and general negativity, and feel it contributed nothing to the conversation. I'm not a PA apologist, and I do not have a positive opinion of this approach. However, I do understand the angle Rolf is coming from and can see how PA's verification system can be an enticing avenue to protect his player base and reduce staff load.
  15. People want to skirt game systems. It's why sites like PA exist, right? How does a service provider legitimize itself and verify it's sellers & buyers to protect from scams? It does this by requesting legit details of its userbase. I don't understand how this isn't obvious, but 90% of the posts in this thread are people complaining about their lack of anonymity through registration. That, mr gnome, is fear-mongering.
  16. 6.35 with their fees. Says 120 delivery time, so idk if these gnomes are even in the game yet