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  1. Our horse list a little bit outdated, but we had some new foals. Pop in for a peek.
  2. hello there. We might be able to assist, take a peek at our thread here We are 5 mins south of Freedom Market. Feel free to send a pm to us on the forums or contact us in game :-) Will help.
  3. New stables added, horses are being relocated to inside the deed (out of view, sorry!) until the new mid level stables are built. In the meanwhile, place your orders and we will see what we can do. Will deliver almost anywhere a horse can run on Independence. Keep safe, and ride saddled.
  4. Thanks to all who came around and visited, and made offers. We have sold it. Many thanks
  5. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Smog's End up for grabs! 41y 33x SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD 15x15 nicely arranged coastal deed near Freedom Docks (5 minutes walk to the Howl) 1 x forge, 1 x floor loom, 1 x bulk storage bin 1 x food storage bin 2 x sheds (1x2 and 2x2, both equipped with bed) 1 x large pen for horses 1 x unfinished row boat - direct access to the sea, - direct access to a mine, - farming space at the back - directly served by a guard tower (just off deed) - within reach of a 2x2 clay point 20s pre-paid upkeep (enough to cover the next 560 days of upkeep) Auction starting bid: 20s (including up) Buyout: 30s Minimum Increment: 2s 1 hour sniper protection SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD
  6. We are busy terraforming a bit, to make space for a new stable area to better respond with demand. Let us know what you need, and we will get back to you shortly. Prices are negotiable to some extent, so don't hesitate.
  7. Back online - we now have 5 speed horses available! I updated the list of horse: prices include free delivery to Freedom Market and surrounding area
  8. The village of Plattekloof presents: Meerkat Stables we'll bring you up to speed... 2014 ...are we having fun yet? =) On a more serious note, we currently have 9 horses up for grabs, from regular cart puller to 4 Speed+ Golden Studs Our 5 Speeds are unfortunately all reserved or being retained for breeding purposes but the price list goes as follows: Traits Price 5 Speed - 40c 4 Speed and 4 Speed+ - 30c 3 Speed and 3 Speed+ - 20c 2 Speed, 2 Speed+ and Old/Venerable - 10c 1 Speed/No Trait - 5c For more information regarding gender, colours, names and specific traits, visit for an all inclusive Horse list - Screenshots will be added relatively soon. To visit our stables on Indie, follow the Great South Mountain Road south from Freedom Market until you reach Shadowthorn. Keep walking south and you will find Plattekloof on the hill across the Guard Tower (there's a Templar on Duty should you bring unwanted visitors along To enquire, reserve or order your Horse(s), Pm Marlon or Meerkatjie or contact us on