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  1. Hi, I am currently on celebration looking to buy meat and Fish. PM if interested in selling. Thanks, Edvin
  2. hey i could use some help with some digging and things on my palce next to rockhaven if your interested PM me
  3. stilll looking for work?
  4. WTB Full Set of Chain armor 70QL+ with AoSP also WTB 2 Long Swords w/ Enchants Pm me with offers
  5. Wtb Char.

    im looking for a over all good char PM me with offer
  6. i would like 1k meat and a mallet 90ql
  7. hey what is carp affinity?
  8. TY for the enchant i would like 12 more and 4 free!
  9. WTB 1G

    im looking for 1g for about 70euro or 100 USD
  10. WTB 1G

    Im looking to buy 1 gold PM with offer