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  1. Again, you have the strong priests. Its not like you're going to admit you have a huge mechanical advantage.
  2. @CipacadrinhoThese are some of the worst suggestions I have ever heard.
  3. in this thread the kingdom with the overpowered priests try to convince everyone they're not overpowered
  4. enchants is HARDLY a handicap when you have people that just make a WL priest alt. So sick of the poor BL has to balance against 3 gods argument. Its just tired and boring at this point
  5. looking for a girl who wants to spend time complaining on the forums about how overpowered lib is with me
  6. Yet again PvPers are punished. What else is new?
  7. New town?

    PVP is the exact opposite, its as many people crammed into as small of a deed as possible and i wouldn't want it any other way.
  8. Agree with groot but it would be cool if BL horses looked different
  9. This idea is cool. have to make it worth getting everyone together to attack tho
  10. Let BL be Fo mag and Vyn Let WL Be Lib
  11. weekly and daily rotating pvp based challenges unique to the player. "This week you must seek out and kill Wastrel" Lol
  12. I agree, especially because priests can just cross to pve and have no crafting restrictions. Priests should have pros/cons and not just be a straight upgrade. I like the idea of nonpriests being less sensitive to heals/damage.
  13. thanks ill take drain health as fo too since we are balancing
  14. what about a spell that turns corpses into food? like bones into... blueberries?