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  1. Good opener, now slide into the DMs
  2. Nvm he is too shy, False alarm
  3. My friend Oreo told me to tell you "Hi"
  4. You really think thats realistic?
  5. this thread makes me feel so much better about selling up and cashing out. See you boys on steam
  6. You and Sme can probably be my friends again. You're still delusional but sometimes she posts
  7. Ok real talk Samool seems like a pretty cool guy. I genuinely wish him luck running this project. I don't have any friends left to play the Steam release with because they were all banned for 'toxic behavior' or something. I am assuming bans will carry over to this new steam version? I don't think I have any friends that aren't banned. I doubt ill play knowing I could get pinched at any moment for being too toxic. The lack of escalation of bans/warnings is whats really scary to me. No warning, no mute, no temp ban, just permanent IP bans as a business model. Yikes. retro isnt that bad
  8. Edited - Don't wanna be mean to poor retro
  9. Its okay Rolf, the pvp community is more than used to it.
  10. Yes. Except less Russian. When i bought into LIF i sent this dude money via Paypal.
  11. my group and I claimed 2 counties and 10 settlements. We have a nice little force going. As far as I understand, land selection went well, but it was delayed for months. Naval pvp and stealing packs from people was the most fun I had in Archeage
  12. Last Oasis is our next flavor of the month game
  13. WO Steam Discussion

    Pull the plug please. Put it out of its misery. Move on to WO Steam
  14. WO Steam Discussion

    I might play Steam WO. But only until Chronicles of Elyria comes out.
  15. WO Steam Discussion

    If the game is even 10% as popular as WU was. we will need multiple servers anyway. WE WILL GET OUR PVP SERVER BOYS
  16. WO Steam Discussion

    Just two two linked island like Independence and Chaos
  17. WO Steam Discussion

    Can you expand on this rolf? We have interested pvp parties involved
  18. WO Steam Discussion

    Use sklotopolis as a model for how the WO steam servers should be. Steal this kids ideas.
  19. WO Steam Discussion

    Agree. Steam PVP server +1
  20. WO Steam Discussion

    Can we please see a dual server released with 1 pvp and 1 pve server? I really like the idea of a steam server but you need to represent the pvp community too
  21. WO Steam Discussion

    I really like the idea of paying a sub to skill up faster after 20. The hardcap was always frustrating to me. I think this will be a really solid move overall for wurm. If it takes off and tons of people play can we please consider deleting/merging ALL the old servers and just starting over? Wurm with a healthy population on a fresh server sounds awesome. If you can't bring yourselves to cut the cord on the old servers, just keep them disconnected from the new stuff entirely. Also, you mentioned it would be a freedom server? does that mean no pvp at all for the steam server?