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  1. Rares

    @TheRedReaper bloods sold @ammarmerch sold and @Rolandthelm sent ty
  2. Rares

    @Psalamonaround 10 dmg pn saddles. And offer for lanterns , did not get a price check yet
  3. Rares

    Got Pricechecks from 5 to 10 s want to see what offers i get while I sell the other stuff, I will keep you in mind thanks
  4. Rares

    That is what I did Snorlax sent to Rabones too
  5. Rares

    @Egard 81 and 89 QL, coded tyvm
  6. Rares

    @Soilthis was not done from a bad intention, just did not notice due to the large amount of stuff to sell and in the speed of writing things down. If you PM'd me could have talked mending options no need for this ^. I apologize either way
  7. Rares

    Sent to Shydow and Yag. Rangepole can't be mailed
  8. Rares

    -97QL pelt 90coc-1s -89QL chisel 79botd-80c -70QL compass 82woa-3s -90QL leather knife 81 botd-1s -98QL whetstone 97coc-2s -94QL whetstone 85coc-1s -94QL whetstone 84coc-1s -silver ring 6QL 89nolo-1s -oils of armoursmith x7 -86 average QL -oil od stonecutting x2 -potion of woodcutting 95QL =RARES= -rare chisel 96QL 41coc 93woa-9s -rare trowel 87QL 92coc 85woa-8s -rare needle 58QL-5s -rare ropetool maple 65QL 84coc 97woa-7s -rare ropetool pine 93 QL 84coc 88woa-6,5s -rare oak spindle 79QL-5s -valentines pottery-1s -fireworks x3-80c each -spyglass 70QL x2 -snowlantern x5-1s each -2 dragon skulls-9s each
  9. as topic says selling two drake sets though blue might be sold i just need to find out if buyer is still interested. Leave me a PM if interested. 85e/s P.S these dont come with caps but i do have a 90ql open face seryll helm ill sell for an extra 10e/s.
  10. As title says selling a set of Blue and White Drakes sets, looking to get 85 euros for each set. You can message me here or send me a PM if interested. P.S. Both sets are around 90ish ql
  11. the two sets of drake and rare items/armour/spy glasses items are all that is left.
  12. Srry Kyle going to auction them off next week if cant sell them for at least 80 and no srry wurm the plate and seryll aren't rare.
  13. Bump pm me if your interested in anything forge both knarrs and lantern sold
  14. Leave a message below or pm me if you cant reach me in game ill be back in a few hours.
  15. Anything that doesn't sell will be auctioned later. Im not done playing wurm, I just haven't had time to play lately. Im selling these items for euros or USD only. Willing to sell everything posted for 450 euros or 500 USD for the lot. Supreme forge 70ql = sold supreme saw 91ql woa89 99coc = sold Supreme hammer 96ql 67 woa armor smith imbue 83 bs imbue 78 coc 96 = sold Supreme lantern 90ql r-g-b 226 = sold Blue and White drake sets = 100e for blue 90e for white, cap not included in sets 2 Rare Knarrs = sold Supreme Huge Axe 94ql = sold [13:29:50] A huge axe with a heavy head and a wooden shaft. You'll need to wield it with both hands. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It could be improved with a lump. [13:29:50] Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [86] [13:29:50] Life Transfer has been cast on it, so it will transfer life to you when harming enemies. [87] [13:29:50] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [82] [13:29:50] Mind stealer has been cast on it, so it will steal knowledge from non-players. [77] Selling these rares for 80e for everything. Rare butchering knife 91ql 80coc sold Rare rake 89.85ql 72 coc 75 woa sold Spyglass 70ql x3 Seryll open faced helm 90ql rare dredge birchwood 89ql sold rare trowel 84ql 84woa 92coc sold plate armor average ql 76 Rare ropetool 93ql pinewood 88woa 84coc Rare ropetool maple 65ql 97woa 84coc Rare chestnut ropetool 89ql 80coc 68 woa Rare file 90ql 95botd sold Rare spindle 79ql oak Rare stone chisel 81ql 88woa 77coc sold Rare small anvil 82ql Rare file blade 40ql Rare file 76ql Rare needle 58ql Rare hatchet 89ql botd 91 imbue 9 Rare carving knife 68ql botd91
  16. Same thing happened to my finances sister today she sold him 3g and her paypal account is also negative