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  1. Rares

    @TheRedReaper bloods sold @ammarmerch sold and @Rolandthelm sent ty
  2. Rares

    @Psalamonaround 10 dmg pn saddles. And offer for lanterns , did not get a price check yet
  3. Rares

    Got Pricechecks from 5 to 10 s want to see what offers i get while I sell the other stuff, I will keep you in mind thanks
  4. Rares

    That is what I did Snorlax sent to Rabones too
  5. Rares

    @Egard 81 and 89 QL, coded tyvm
  6. Rares

    @Soilthis was not done from a bad intention, just did not notice due to the large amount of stuff to sell and in the speed of writing things down. If you PM'd me could have talked mending options no need for this ^. I apologize either way