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  1. Hey Ago, Why don't we remove the last 3 traits for now. so far I only got a max of 7 traits made anyway and that way we should actually get the right traits going so that colors will show. Thanks
  2. Hey Ago, I did a bit of testing with breeding and it seems like all my offspring gets trait 8,9 and 10 every time. I can't seem to figure out where this is coming from
  3. I keep getting the ritual of rain quest. but every time I try to do this I don't get the option showing. I have over 10 faith so thats not the issue Anyone know how this works?
  4. Yeah think I'll try to get those in again soon
  5. On that one its actually the black bear fur inverted and then I made some adjustments to it but yeah the base is just the black bear. Some other animals I have used a picture of a real animal and then just adjusted it to fit the game I guess another good way to do it would be to make a new brush in photoshop to make the pattern
  6. Hey,

    I got 70s for ya for 70E if you want it.

  7. Ducks would be fun, but they look nothing like the chickens
  8. Make sure you have the serverpacks enabled. both client and server side. And yes the modloader takes care of putting the graphics in the right place. As long as you got Ago's modloader working properly
  9. So it is good for people to make sure they have a clean graphic.jar aswell then the first time they add this mod. But should be fine from there on.
  10. its worldtime yes, and I just left it where it was from the start this time. Then after using it for like a week or 2 it suddenly started doing this. Last time this happened on a different server I just reset the time to something else, but can't remember what time I put it to. But it did fix it.
  11. I'm just glad it's not just me. but would like to find a fix for it
  12. I didn't have to reinstall my client modloader at all and only had to update the server side one. Really if you know how to do it it only takes a few seconds.