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  1. The client keep crashing after server restart / client update
  2. How it's going this road project?
  3. During 2 years of levelling, enlarging or improving existing old roads on xanadu i collected a huge amount of dirt without flattening a single hill or digging a single hole around the landscape, dirt wich have been used on other projects, of course this kind of approach slow down progress on both projects so looks like you are slacking...
  4. Today i had again the garbage pixels on wurm only wich looked like fixed a few days ago when i updated the driver so i investigated a bit and i found what was causing it. There is an option on nvidia control panel under 3D settings called "Optimize for Compute Performance" wich for some reasons cause problems to the new client when it's turned on, to the old client or other games is not causing any problem beside a slightly lower frame rate in some heavy scenes, not sure what's wrong with it and the new client, anyway i have to turn it off and restart the pc to take effect and have the new client working fine. The down side is all opencl or cuda apps are slowed down a lot when it's turned off so i have to keep changing the parameters and restart the pc each time i want to play wurm now.
  5. Looks like it's messing up only in windowed mode, full screen work fine. Updated nvidia driver from: 385.28 to: 385.41 now it's working fine!
  6. Was working fine with the old client, now i get a mess of weird pixels, i'm unable to read chat text as well, see attached image, all other games work fine. Win10 Java 64bit jre1.8.0_144 i7 6 cores 32Gb ram Nvidia GTX 970 4Gb
  7. Made a very little bit of hh trails on xan 2 tiles wide already a month ago but just because it's a nice road and deserved it for a long time
  8. It's not really important and it's like that since ages now so we got used to it but if the action queue size it's just a number why is not loaded immediately on startup like all skills do as an example. Sometimes may take longer but maybe it's because of lags i'm not sure. [06:27:30] Welcome back, Keyos! Xanadu - the great mystery. [06:30:32] You may now queue 5 actions.
  9. I can see the old track where we had to stop because of the deed... Lovely, thanks for completing this old project, you are great wurmians!
  10. Wurm online, sorry by mistake i chose wu section, i have not noticed that. I hope this bug will not hit me again when i'll be walking near a very step cliffs
  11. It's like the release_key_event get lost sometimes, so when i move with the WASD keys sometimes one of the movement keps going on also after i released the associated key. This is the second time it happens during the last 2 weeks, i never had this problem before. The first time was while using the unstable client 4.00 when i was riding my cart and turning right with the key D as soon as i released the D key the cart kept turning right, after a few seconds trying to understand what was happening i hit the D key again and when i released it for the second time finally i stopped turning right. Since that eposide i went back to the stable client 3.99z but this morning happened again while i was walking forward with the key W, as soon as i released the W key i kept walking forward and i had to press & release the W key again to stop it.
  12. Nw Xan Impalong

    I'm coming right now, this year i can finally help on ws, but can do bs or mine fresh lumps if needed
  13. how sad, thanks for sharing goodbye Oracle, going to miss that thick fog! condolences to his family