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  1. Full Jackal on display from Blackbird Port on Independence
  2. Blackbird Kitchen on Indy. Built it for Emoo! A few more small touches and it'll be all done. then back to Deli for to continue working on the Palace at San Fazenda, Added a top down pic with the finished Kitchen at Blackbird
  3. Memories of Wurm From the body of the fallen We shall craft an unholy grail From the skull of thy enemy To which We shall pour your blood into. Casting unto it With the will of fire And the force of sand We will make wine. With this we will raise the grail And toast to the legacy The legacy of Mol Rehan The legacy of Fire and Sand. From the unholy grail We pity the bones of our enemy And leave a reminder To the lands of Chaos, Enjoy your victories Drink to your success Relish your battles For like a shadow Looming forever large A memory remains Of lands of sand. Sleep well little ones In your makeshift kingdoms One day with no warning The fire may return. With it your walls will burn The lands left scorched The skies darken with ash. You see an end, Mol Rehan sees a beginning. if you enjoy this I’d be willing to post more poetry. I’ve been writing for the last 5 years and have amassed a rather lengthy portfolio of poems. Some good some just okay I suppose. Anyways I hope you enjoy this one.
  4. I’m at N8-9. Feel free to stop by for a tour. Thanks again for stopping by and the nice comments on the entrance
  5. Hi Malena, I would love to open the gates to San Fazenda for you to explore on one of your streams. feel free to contact me in game (Kriet) and ill add you to the gates so you can pass through at will.
  6. I take an unplanned absence for a short time and I come back to drunk champ trolls laying in my yard.
  7. South entrance to San Fazenda. All buildings within the Forbidden City walls have been built and work will now continue on the docks. looking forward to seeing the vision of a multi level boat house done at some point.
  8. Ahh Sneaky Peaky, I miss that place as much as I miss PRX, HoM and Kratos. I remember leveling up the farm at the top of Sneaky Peaky and planting the whole area. I had bigger plans for it too. I was gonna deed the top of that mountain and develope the whole area lol. I was already fixing the road up there. oh well I've been busy working on San Fazenda on Deli. Just started digging another 12k dirt. Before I am done I will have dug about 180k dirt. Not nearly as much as Nad but still a lot. Just about done with leveling up my Docks and then I get to build lol. Anywho....Nadroj did for get a name on his list, I spent a week out there in the desert turning sand into dirt then digging it up and then turning it back into sand again. Good times. Nice work on the deed tho Nad. I'll be over in the next week or two for more marble so I'll come take a look.
  9. Horsedog

    If nothing happens with this deed in the next few days I will gladly take over and refound horsedog.
  10. I recently posted a screenshot of the gate to my house on Deli at San Fazenda (Which is the cover photo for The Valrei International 031) so I thought I would post a screenshot of whats behind that gate. Enjoy!!
  11. Great Pic and awesome Decorations in that glorious Picture!
  12. Crate Racksssssss this is awesome! And hey! thats my place in that pic! lol
  13. Horsedog

    Perhaps we as a community can come together and support this site. Im willing to put silver in to help preserve it and even spend time on maintaining it as well. seems like a waste to let it crumble...thoughts?
  14. Hello all, Just a quick photo of the gate to my house at San Fazenda on Deli!
  15. Then please explain in detail what the point is? would this even be an issue if it were pine or maple that was being planted?
  16. And I too oppose this replanting...stop making it personal
  17. If someone is not allowed to plant more than 20 tiles from their deed, then planning to replant an entire area not near your main deed would be an equal violation of this ruling. the trees will come back as intended over time. Fair is fair right? And honestly who cares if you dont know the person posting...we all play a sandbox game...that we pay to play, just like the OP does, just like Quas, Mad, Army and myself do.