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  1. If nothing happens with this deed in the next few days I will gladly take over and refound horsedog.
  2. I recently posted a screenshot of the gate to my house on Deli at San Fazenda (Which is the cover photo for The Valrei International 031) so I thought I would post a screenshot of whats behind that gate. Enjoy!!
  3. Great Pic and awesome Decorations in that glorious Picture!
  4. Crate Racksssssss this is awesome! And hey! thats my place in that pic! lol
  5. Perhaps we as a community can come together and support this site. Im willing to put silver in to help preserve it and even spend time on maintaining it as well. seems like a waste to let it crumble...thoughts?
  6. Hello all, Just a quick photo of the gate to my house at San Fazenda on Deli!
  7. Then please explain in detail what the point is? would this even be an issue if it were pine or maple that was being planted?
  8. And I too oppose this replanting...stop making it personal
  9. If someone is not allowed to plant more than 20 tiles from their deed, then planning to replant an entire area not near your main deed would be an equal violation of this ruling. the trees will come back as intended over time. Fair is fair right? And honestly who cares if you dont know the person posting...we all play a sandbox game...that we pay to play, just like the OP does, just like Quas, Mad, Army and myself do.
  10. Bump
  11. Bump
  12. Bump for Eggs!
  13. Want to Sell: Eggs 1.5 Silver per 300 (2100 in Stock) Milk 25 Copper per Small Barrel (30 in Stock) Sugar Beets 1.5 Silver per 1k (2k in Stock) Carrots 1.5 Silver per 1k (2k in Stock) Contact me in game or reply here! I am located on west Deli at San Fazenda, but with a large enough purchase im willing to deliver.
  14. Dont think Sanctuary Cove is there anymore. safe to remove that one
  15. Please Add the two deeds marked on this map. Fire and Sand and San Fazenda. Thank you!