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  1. Because the staff determines if a game is too expensive, not the player
  2. sorry bud, worthless in this market. Maybe you get like 5e
  3. You can use this site to track of interested, no need to wait on updates from OP.
  4. WO Steam Discussion

    lol I wasn't talking about me man, I was talking about yall
  5. WO Steam Discussion

    But who will the people on the non-steam cluster sell their stuff too?
  6. WO Steam Discussion

    Wipe all the servers and give 1 pve and 1 pvp/no rules. If I had it my way id opt to just go with one server with a pve zone surrounding the starter and have the rest of the map be a free for all. Return to the way the game was in Beta. RIP Newtown
  7. Switched my Shares

    Boojahideen strikes again
  8. Switched my Shares

    @Damascus Press release from the deal if anyone is interested.,c2859714
  9. This. 10 years ago wurm was certainly ahead of its time but sandbox games have really had a spike. Wurm will always have its niche but the golden era of the 2d game has passed.
  10. Trusted seller, even if he is a chinaman
  11. +1 Some change to truestrike would be nice. If left it will just become this maps sotg Edit: I don't have any tomes, I like the idea but don't want to see them become an unwritten requirement for pvp/roaming edit2: I do not want tomes removed, just some balance
  12. Not really worth playing if your just going to go down in 3 hits
  13. -1 This seems like more of a suggestion than a bug
  14. Shame, I remember getting this guy to chase me and my alts around back in the day. He was persistent.