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  1. How to kill your own game tutorial

    Hes mad he spent so much on a dead game. Imagine not playing Wurm 2015 on WU
  2. -1 This seems like more of a suggestion than a bug
  3. Vale Wintersolstice

    Shame, I remember getting this guy to chase me and my alts around back in the day. He was persistent.
  4. Sup thug

    1. Postinglels


      Having that still banned on multiple accs feelĀ 

  5. pc drake set

    What do these go for nowadays?
  6. Life is Feudal MMO

    Pretty good game, the war against the Chinese is very real. Edit:anyone wants a group feel free to message. Must enjoy pvp
  7. Life is Feudal MMO

    Anyone else playing? Guess I finally found my wurm killer.
  8. CLOSE!

    Please send a kit to "Lunn"
  9. Looking for a pc

    Lol no
  10. Sold

    does it come with an easter egg?
  11. Dragon

    grats If you want to kill the dragon, go find the dragon