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  1. What do you look for in Wurm? Gratsalot Emirates is a coalition of some of the largest deeds on Chaos serving both Crafters & Fighters. Our group contains some of the oldest and newest players to the Wurm community! Features - Large Deeds Like to live in a urban environment, or live outside in a homestead like environment? The GRATSALOT Emirates got you covered with both CAPSALOT Harbor & CAPSALOT. Both deeds offer safety and security,the luxuries of all types of resources and coastal locations. - Crafters & Fighters United Our villages are the perfect balance of both crafters & fighters living in harmony. There is no requirement to PVP, or Craft. - Willing teachers Many in the village are willing to help teach you the ropes, and basic pvp meta - Fearless Villagers Do you want to join a group that charges headfirst into battle? You came to the right place. - Outside Of Wurm We don't just play Wurm, we also play other video games that span into RTS's, FPS's, Etc. - Grats Contact Info: Website: Mayor: Cubeman People who are not mayor but can do mayor like things: Cndo Rolandt (the greatest account in the game) Blodeuwedd Zehive Warning: Village is known to harbor some of Wurm Online's "deplorables" these people while loyal to their own, are known to be brash and very straightforward. You have been warned. Grats
  2. quality is based off of your skill to so even with bsb bricks they would not be exactly 51 ql but you can go with whatever excuse you want
  3. the entire side we raided all the walls were exactly the same quality 51ql
  4. all of the tall stone walls on your deed were exactly 51ql which isnt something that would normally happen with just building them
  5. +1 gona dance into pvp!
  6. it happens when you alt tab out of wurm or if the servers lagging really bad
  7. i think its something to do with the horse update a while back where they save positions. i was on my priest one time and there were 2 rottenpies standing right next to eachother in my house and the day that update was put in was the day it started