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  1. I don't care what you people do. 90FS from killing alts or hunting. Bad PvPers are always going to be bad PvPers. PvPing has very little to do with your fight skill and a whole lot to do with not being a tool. I could care less how people grind FS. Personally, grinding FS isn't worth my time, as it's hardly needed if you use your friggin brain in the game half the time. Once most of you nerds figure out that this is a game, it really does become fun to "play" it. ###### people...I swear.
  2. Nothing wrong with this game. I honestly love every bit of it. It's why I've stuck around off and on for so long.
  3. This ###### guy. OMG, this is hilarious. You freedumb people truly deserve the perjorative.
  4. I think you are missing the point Tich. It seems there are some people out there that actually want the option to play with the scat.
  5. I'll +1 this one. But only if we can throw the manure about here in the forums.
  6. This suggestion stinks. Edit: Couldn't be helped.
  7. Allow me to redirect you back a couple of pages to post #23. It would benefit you to actually read the thread before you make a post and look like a fool. And again, let me pose this question to all the people out there with high skill in longbow and staffs. Where is all the outrage for all the people that have yet to train those skills up high, now that they have the added hurdle of decreased accuracy and damage output from these two weapons to slow down their skill gain? I suggest you all be quiet before you have your skill rolled back to compensate for your lack of a life outside of this game.
  8. I'm not totally sure. Why not point us to the documentation on how stacked bonuses work for Christ's sake? cans.wav
  9. You go right on ahead and plant that toothpick into the ground and tell me it's going to do the same damage as a pike
  10. Why aren't people pissed off right now that Archery with a longbow is now nerfed? Consider how many people have gotten their archery skill up high the "easy" way and how all the people that want to grind that skill now have to wade through the ###### of not hitting a damned thing to gain skill. I wonder if I'll ever approach the level of Gary skills in archery now that it'll be a total pain in the ass to grind archery.
  11. Come on Penor, you know damn well there are problems over the entirety of the game, not just with one faction. People need to start being honest.
  12. Where abouts is this deed? I don't believe you one bit. I need proof that you do this off deed somewhere.