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  1. Works fine for us still, maybe you got the api wrong?
  2. You have server mods in there, only clientmods on the client side. onetilemining...tentsleep...
  3. Same as minecraft, resource packs can be added to client, good for folks like the player recently makeing a sphax like pack for WU. just dl and drop into the folder.
  4. Raid card replaced so hopefully no more harddrive deaths...lost a few months to only backup i could get to. But back up and running strong
  5. when setting to enable check the override box too, it should stay on then.
  6. Bank Check Action

    this one.....https://github.com/Sindusk/servertweaks/releases
  7. once you run the verifier it clears the patched file, so no mods will run
  8. once you run the patcher, before you put the mods in the mod folder try to launch. that way you know if its the patched file, or a mod causeing the crash
  9. https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Server_administration_(Wurm_Unlimited) https://steamcommunity.com/app/366220/discussions/2/133259227517358904/
  10. Which class file/s did you tweak, we have same prob on my server. thanx in advance
  11. somethings tring to login twice, in steam library right click on the wurm unlimited and select properties, tab to local files and select verify files. that way you know no mods and anything are interfering. once your ingame again, then repatch if running mods.
  12. Couple of mods added, But big news is weve added Staff. 2 new admin to help with starter questions or server problems.
  13. nvm i had it paying too little,,,,doh
  14. I bought a used server box off ebay and run our servers from home, 200 bux for 12 core and 64gb mem, one time payout