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  1. lol these guys are such a fail.....asked a nice question, got a asshat answer back, told them off and banned from site with server removed...... toooo funny. Stay Away from these guys.
  2. Ok latest version working great. see above link to our servers map to see.
  3. Added new mods, most are still beta but seem to be working fine. Mob counts still not what they are set to be, but hey wurmlogic at its finest. Signs mod npcs' mods sawmill mod new weapons mod removed smeltpurify as it didnt let regular smelting happen. Highways have expanded greatly do to players working on em too.
  5. In latest ver I can't get it to run the addon. heres what i have in config https://pastebin.com/Kbkcd2xX
  6. Turning is good now, still have the screen closing. I can move it closer to the towns token, so thats not a big deal. Thank you for you hard work.
  7. KK so its on my end, we even have one banker that the manage account screen wont stay onpen more than a second. No errors in the logs. Wont turn for 0 lvl players either, when you first place they try to turn a lil then right back to faceing south.
  8. Problem with the npc's, they all spawn in faceing south, and dont seem to turn to face players like there say they do. Is it only my server, or is it that way for all? I run so many mods it might be something else messing with them. Banker at Spawn is one example if you want to hop on and see. Scallywags server.
  9. Not seen a mod for that, youll have to create one.
  10. Well i want to thank you for the hard work you have done over the years, sorry to see ya that your burned out on modding, hope to see ya on the servers sometimes. Much respect.
  11. Rift Mobs

    this adds rift items and mobs, https://github.com/ausimus/WU-PollSpawner/releases/tag/1.1 the chests are built in turn on in features.
  12. all mods are from this forum, im not going to try to pack em all up, sorry.
  13. double what most set, with ada and glim in there too.