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  1. fifth file from bottom in your picture is patcher.bat. in windows settings you can change folder options...change the line that says "hide file extentions" to see the name better.
  2. you have to set the folder optiond to show the file extentions....or read the file type in the explorer. the files are there in your pic.
  3. removed crafters, just too many glitches and high rates on server made it not needed.
  4. Each server can generate different ids on mods, you'll have to look in your database to get the id's for your server. Open sqlite/wurmitems.db in a SQLite3-editor, then open the ITEMS table and filter out items with the name "guard towers", a SQL query would be something like select distinct NAME,TEMPLATEID from ITEMS where NAME like '%guard tower%'; . I use this easy and free browser.....https://sqlitebrowser.org/
  5. catapult will do damage to a non deeded build iirc
  6. Bumped Exp to 100x as 30x didnt seem to be giving correct speed. added a cpl more mods.
  7. Was puzzled by the fact a Gm could only create scale in default color, took me a long time to get round to it but heres how to make all colors. With wand create scale with enough weight to make what you need...6kg for a full set seems bout right. With wand select Item, setdata on the scale. Set data2 to desired color. Black = 89 Blue = 91 Green = 90 Red = 16 White = 92 Now use scale and Large Anvil to create your Item, It will create with proper color and name. Have Fun and Drink lots of Rum.
  8. Works fine for us still, maybe you got the api wrong?
  9. You have server mods in there, only clientmods on the client side. onetilemining...tentsleep...
  10. Same as minecraft, resource packs can be added to client, good for folks like the player recently makeing a sphax like pack for WU. just dl and drop into the folder.
  11. Raid card replaced so hopefully no more harddrive deaths...lost a few months to only backup i could get to. But back up and running strong
  12. when setting to enable check the override box too, it should stay on then.
  13. Bank Check Action

    this one.....https://github.com/Sindusk/servertweaks/releases
  14. once you run the verifier it clears the patched file, so no mods will run